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CFC draw-off systems

by ATN Engineering

The ATN III draw-off machine is intended to drain hermetically-closed cooling systems as found in domestic cooling apparatus and the like. These machines not only drain the chlorofluorocarbon that is so damaging to our environment, but also remove the oil from the cooling system during the same action. Since this takes place within a very short ...

Rt-Alumina BOND/CFC - Fused Silica Plot Columns

by Restek Corporation

Improved inertness for chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)-type compounds. Highly selective alumina-based column, separates most CFCs. High retention and capacity for CFCs.

AUT - Drying Tower for Recycling Process

by AUT Anlagen- und Umwelttechnologie GmbH

As part of the recycling process of cooling units, the insulating foam is ground down during the mechanical treatment step. In this process, the chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) contained in cooling units with a polyurethane insulation are released. Since the CFC does not always manage to degas entirely during the recycling process, the drying tower ...

BOD Glass Door Incubator 180L

by DelAgua Group

The CFC-free thermostatically controled incubators are designed to ensure continous temperature control in a wide range of applications such as 20°C BOD determination, 4°C storage of waste water samples, 25°C enzyme activity (TTC test) and 37°C colony count. The maintenance-free cabinets are suitable for reliable temperature control over the range ...

Stage1 Refrigerator Recycling The ATN Way

by ATN Engineering

ATN developed a fast, easy and safe way to recycle refrigerators. Our system/plant can degas and drain oil from refrigerator compressors up to 200 units an hour. Stage 1 is the first step in the recycling of refrigerators. The compressors of old refrigerators containing CFC and other gasses (ODS) and oil that have to be taken out. The empty ...

Degasser For Domestic Refrigerators

by ATN Engineering

ATN Engineering: Protecting the environment is key when degassing and de-oiling old and obsolete refrigerators. To avoid any possible contamination of the environment by CFC and ODS gasses or oil.  ATN Engineering developed  unique, environmental save and highly efficient degassing and de-oiling systems to assure a safe and efficient ...

Degasser For Domestic Fridges And Airconditioning Units

by ATN Engineering

ATN environmental systems developed a high pressure system(plant) for fast, easy and environmental save degassing an de-oiling of old refrigerators and AC units containing CFC/ODS gasses. ATN's patented drill head and special developed equipment will remove nearly 100% of oil and gasses.

GsBP-PLOT - Al2O3 KCL - GC Columns

by General Separation Technologies, Inc. (GS-Tek)

Immobilized, rinse-able with water or methanol. Wide range of column dimensions and stationary phase film thicknesses, high plate number. Good separations of olefins C2 to C5, least activity for propadiene. Significant moisture effect on acetylene/propadiene retention time shifting. Ideal column for light hydrocarbons C1 to C5 separations, CFCs.

GsBP-PLOT GasPro - GC Columns

by General Separation Technologies, Inc. (GS-Tek)

Immobilized, rinse-able with methanol, acetone and pentane. 0.32mm ID column only. High plate number. Good separations of volatile sulfurs, CO2, solvents, and light hydrocarbons C1 to C5. Ideal column for sulfur analysis, CFCs and light hydrocarbons.

GsBP-PLOT - Q - GC Columns

by General Separation Technologies, Inc. (GS-Tek)

Excellent immobilized, rinse-able with volatile solvents. Complete dimensions and film thicknesses. Highest temperature limit and lowest column bleed. Good separations of volatile sulfurs, CO2 and oxygenate solvent vapors from light hydrocarbons C1 to C4. Good column for natural gas, refinery gas, chemical weapon gas, CFCs, sulfurs, amines.

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