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Rt-Alumina BOND/CFC - Fused Silica Plot Columns

by Restek Corporation

Improved inertness for chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)-type compounds. Highly selective alumina-based column, separates most CFCs. High retention and capacity for CFCs.

BOD Glass Door Incubator 180L

by DelAgua Group

The CFC-free thermostatically controled incubators are designed to ensure continous temperature control in a wide range of applications such as 20°C BOD determination, 4°C storage of waste water samples, 25°C enzyme activity (TTC test) and 37°C colony count. The maintenance-free cabinets are suitable for reliable temperature control over the range ...

ATN - Degasser for Domestic Fridges and Airconditioning Units

by ATN Engineering

ATN environmental systems developed a high pressure system(plant) for fast, easy and environmental save degassing an de-oiling of old refrigerators and AC units containing CFC/ODS gasses. ATN's patented drill head and special developed equipment will remove nearly 100% of oil and gasses.

OxiTop Box – Thermostat Box With Forced Air Circulation for 20 (±0,5 °C)

by WTW GmbH - a xylem brand

OxiTop® Box with hinged, non-corrosive, clear-view cover accommodates a maximum of either 12 OxiTop® simultaneous measurements or 20 Karlsruhe bottles. The chamber is equipped with a connection for an IS 6 or IS 12 stirrer. A special compartment is provided for 6 methylene blue samples. A cross ventilation fan ensures uniform temperature ...

Skylight - Boiler

by Eraslan Solar Energy Systems Corporate

Skylight boiler works by forced circulation principle. Forced circulation controlled by the pump, only works when there is a need. İt is appropriate for the usage for the places where the hot water should be pressurized such as villas, bungalows and houses which have more than one bath.

XP-702 II ZF - Dual Portable Detector

by DOD Technologies Inc

The XP-702 II Z can be selected to detect both combustibles and CFC substitutes all in the same unit. Flexible, quick (as low as 3 seconds) and detects low levels (10 ppm City gas, LPG, etc & 30 ppm CFC's). Ideal for indoor / outdoor inspection of gas piping, new installations of air conditioners and heating units.

Foundations, Footers, and Slabs

by BuildingGreen, LLC

Conventional foundations, footers, and slabs use a lot of concrete, which is energy-intensive and polluting to produce—up to a ton of CO2 is released in producing a ton of cement. Admixture components such as calcium chloride (an accelerator), gypsum (a retarder), and sulfonated melamine formaldehyde (SMF, a plasticizer) also affect the ...

HCFC - Refrigerants

by Linde AG

HCFC (Hydrochlorofluorocarbon) refrigerants are the second generation of fluorine based refrigerants, the original replacements for CFCs. These products include R22, R-123, R-401A, R-401B, R-402A, R-402B, R-409A and R-416A. They are categorised to have low ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and high GWP (Global Warming Potential).

White Goods – Major Appliances Shredder

by ARTECH Reduction Technology

White goods are large appliances such as fridges, freezers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, water heaters, stoves washers, dryers and dishwashers. From an environmental impact standpoint they pose two challenges; the ones containing CFCs, HCFCs or Freon must have the refrigerant removed and the overall large size of these appliances would take up ...

H-10G Manual Balance Refrigerant

by Bacharach, Inc.

The H-10G detects all CFC, HFC and HCFC Refrigerants Manual zero balance control Unique sensor balance system Pinpoints both small and large leaks AC powered Switchable sensitivity 25 years of proven experience Certified to SAEJ1627 CE Mark

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