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Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

by The Stella Group, Ltd     based in WASHINGTON (USA)

Greenhouse gases trap heat and make the planet warmer. Human activities are responsible for almost all of the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere over the last 150 years.The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in the United States is from burning fossil fuels for electricity, heat, and transportation.

Meridionale - Delivery and Mixing of Industrial Gases

by Meridionale Impianti s.p.a (MI)     based in Caponago, ITALY

Meridionale Impianti offers a complete range of large volume and capacity Gas distribution and mixing systems that simplify the production processes and reduce to a minimum interventions required in the exchange of sources.

EnviCat - Purification of Industrial Gases

by Clariant International Ltd.     based in Munich, GERMANY

Clariant’s EnviCat catalysts and Actisorb adsorbents address the high quality demands of technical gases, reducing the level of substances such as hydrocarbons, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide or sulphur compounds to minimal levels of a few ppm or even ppb. Building on decades of research and practical application, Clariant has developed ...

Model 1EHA-1-GT/75 - Lube Booster Hydrogen Compressors

by Abc Compressors     based in Eibar, SPAIN

ABC delivered two non lube booster hydrogen compressors.

Model 6EHA-6-TER-LT - Compressor

by Abc Compressors     based in Eibar, SPAIN

The compressor compresses air from atmosphere to 150 bar in 6 stages. It was designed in closed cooperation with an important industrial gas producer company.

Model 4EHP-4-L-GT - Compressor

by Abc Compressors     based in Eibar, SPAIN

This compressor takes the hydrogen gas from a caprolaktame dehydration separation reactor and maintains an stable pressure on the process. Thermostatic valves, last generation valves, rings and packings, nitrogen purge panel for the packings, nitrogen compressor purge, and an intensive instrumentation and control are examples of the features ...

Model 2EHA-2-GT - Booster Nitrogen Compressor

by Abc Compressors     based in Eibar, SPAIN

Booster nitrogen compressors delivered to Petrochina refinery in Dushanzi province. After 20 years of operation, it is still working successfully without failure and with the satisfaction of the customer.

Sierra - Model FlatTrak™ 780S - Inline Mass Flow Meter with Flow Condition

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Flat-Trak Model 780S offers improved measurement capabilities in installations where long straight pipe runs are not available. The meter incorporates Sierra’s unique dual-plate flow conditioning element to eliminate velocity profile distortions as well as swirl and temperature stratification in the gas stream. This product reduces ...

Sierra SteelMass - Model 640S - Flow Meter

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Accurate monitoring of peak, low flow and total gas mass flow rates is a critical part of many industrial process control systems. If you need a portable analog or digital air flow meter that easily inserts into industrial ducts and pipes (up to 72 inches), choose Sierra Instruments SteelMass 640S.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

by The BOC Group plc     based in Worsley, UNITED KINGDOM

A colourless and odourless gas that can cause the nose to sting in high concentrations. Toxic in high concentrations. An asphyxiant (does not support life). Slightly corrosive in the presence of moisture. Heavier than air, carbon dioxide will collect in ducts, drains and low-lying areas. Highly soluble in water at moderate temperatures. At ...

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