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Model 1101 & 1102 - Decontamination Gel

by Southern Scientific Ltd.     based in Henfield, UNITED KINGDOM

For decontamination of surfaces contaminated by radioactivity. One component, water based, broad application, peelable decontamination hydrogel that lifts, binds and encapsulates contaminants.Decontamination 1101 Gel is a safe, user and material friendly, neutral-pH, low odor polymer hydrogel for radiological decontamination of radioisotopes as ...

Enz-Odor - Model 2 - Industrial Odor Control Formula

by AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc.     based in Marina del Rey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Formula Type: Liquid - Product Description: 8 strains of gram-positive Bacillus in a liquid formula digests food fats and grease and eliminates odors from fatty acids and hydrogen sulfide in wet wells, grease traps, sump pumps and waste loading zone. Optional pleasant wild hyacinth fragrance for home use in drains. Total count 200 million CFU/ml. ...

Model C/F 4104 - General Waste, Hydrogen Sulfide & Mercaptan Degrader

by AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc.     based in Marina del Rey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Formula Type: Dry - Product Description: Dry blend controls hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan odors while degrading general wastes. Single strain of gram-negative aerobic bacteria, Starkeya novella (formerly known as Thiobacillus novellus). Degrades lignosulfonate, acetic, butyric, hexanoic, propionic and lactic fatty acids. Use this product alone or ...

Reliant - Model Sewper Rx - Sludge Digester

by Reliant Water Technologies     based in New Orleans, LOUISIANA (USA)

Sewper Rx is a polymicrobial blend of bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients, scientifically formulated for the biodegradation of organic compounds found in all types of wastewater systems. These bacteria have been subjected to a process known as ‘anhydrobiotic engineering’ which causes them to change their behavior, allowing them to adapt ...

Citrex - Stripping & Cold Tank Compound

by Inland Technology     based in Tacoma, WASHINGTON (USA)

Citrex - An environmentally responsible stripping and cold tank compound. Physical Properties:Significant Citrus odor Solvent – Stripping Compound144F FlashpointNon-Hazardous per RCRANo Chlorinated or Benzene contentAggressive cleaning for greases, rubbers, stripping of paints and other materialsVery low vapor pressure for VOC emission controls

Noxious Gas Laden Winds Study

by Logic Beach Inc     based in La Mesa, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Background - Wind carried pollutant emissions from processing plants and feedlots are of continued concern. A first step in rectifying a pollution source is characterization of the source. Problem - A section of a large Mid-Western town was periodically overcome with noxious odors resulting in many complaints to the local regulatory Air Pollution ...

RQ Box - Odor Monitoring Systems - Network of Electronic Nses

by Alpha MOS Environment     based in TOULOUSE, FRANCE

When facing olfactory pollution, unpleasant odor monitoring is a prerequisite for efficient odor control strategy. RQ Box continuously monitors odor nuisances and pollutant gas emissions. Besides odor, RQ Box also quantifies multiple gases: ammonia, sulfurs (hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans) and VOCs. Emissions are quantified by electronic noses also ...

Model VENT-A-SORB - Air Filter

by Enduro Composites / Enduro Systems Inc.     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

Enduro's VENT-A-SORB is designed to treat nuisance gases from venting applications. The VENT-A-SORB has a treatment capacity of up to 20 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of continuous service.The VENT-A-SORB can handle a variety of air contaminants such as:Hydrogen Sulfide,Mercaptans,Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs),Other nuisance or odorous ...

Ambio - Odor Control by Corona Discharge (CD)

by Ambio Biofiltration Ltd     based in Rockland, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Corona Discharge (CD) treats odorous air within a room or space, allowing the air to be re-circulated. It is relatively new to North America but has been successfully used in Germany (and elsewhere) for over 10 years for odor control applications; and has a long track record in indoor air controlling yeasts, moulds, and odors.

Tipping Bucket

by SGS Aqua Technologies GmbH     based in Winterberg, GERMANY

Tipping buckets are mainly used for the cleaning of storm water/ CSOtanks. During spread times solids settle atthe bottom of these tanks due to the low hydraulic flow velocity inside the tank. These solids and contaminants have to be removed from the tanks after storm events for odor control, reasons of hygiene and to avoid vermin infestations. ...

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