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Model ODORSCRUB - Wet Scrubber

by Enduro Composites / Enduro Systems Inc.     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

The ODORSCRUB PTS line of packed tower scrubbers is designed to be a low cost, highly effective system for removing Hydrogen Sulfide and/or Ammonia from municipal wastewater applications. The systems are based on neutralization of the H2S into a caustic solution. Recirculation will increase the concentration of the gas in solution and decrease the ...

Ambio - Odor Control by Corona Discharge (CD)

by Ambio Biofiltration Ltd     based in Rockland, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Corona Discharge (CD) treats odorous air within a room or space, allowing the air to be re-circulated. It is relatively new to North America but has been successfully used in Germany (and elsewhere) for over 10 years for odor control applications; and has a long track record in indoor air controlling yeasts, moulds, and odors.

Mόnashell - Odor Control Biofiltration System

by Anua - Bord na Móna Limited     based in Greensboro, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

The Mónashell odor control biofiltration system is a sustainable, low-maintenance and low-operating cost alternative to traditional carbon or chemical-scrubbing systems and exhibits many advantages over other biofilters.

Odour Control Unit

by Neutralox Umwelttechnik GmbH     based in Hennef, GERMANY

NEUTRALOX Umwelttechnik GmbH focuses on odour control for wastewater treatment plants and related facilities. Our main odor control processes are: Photo-ionization for off-gas treatment, Ionized air for indoor air treatment, Ionized air oxygen generation for off-gas treatment.

Formia - Smart low VOC Removal and Industrial Odor Control

by Formia Smart Flow Europe Ltd     based in Jyväskylä, FINLAND

Smart low VOC Removal and Industrial Odor Control. Formia Smart VOC Oxidizers guarantee an easy and economical plug&play solution for efficient VOC removal and industrial odor control to the required level, with the lowest energy and highest efficiency. Solutions are offered for VOC incineration of hydrocarbons, industrial odor abatement ...

Odor Neutralizer

by BioWorld Products Inc.     based in Visalia, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Absolutely the best product formulations for the purpose of neutralizing virtually any odor.  BioWorld Odor Neutralizer (BON) is a unique liquid formulation that eliminates offensive odors at the source. While many products only mask odors with strong scents, BioWorld odor control  actually neutralizes unpleasant odors making them ...

Advanced Odor Control Technology

by PRD Tech, Inc.     based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA)

In recent years, there is growing public awareness of odors from waste water treatment plants, which mainly stems from the following observed trends: The public is less tolerant of objectionable odors from waste water treatment plants; Many waste water treatment plants have seen residential, commercial, or other developments established near the ...

Industrial Odor Control Systems

by Bakon Engineering Ltd.     based in Izmir, TURKEY

Bakon proposes reliable and economical systems of single-stage or multi-stage wet scrubbers to control industrial odors. Wet scrubbers have been used as odor control equipments in many industries and are very successful with removal of odorous gases. In each stage of a multi-stage wet scrubber, gas flow is scrubbed with different chemical ...

ODOR-ARMOR - Landfill Odor Neutralizers

by Benzaco Scientific, Inc.     based in DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (USA)

ODOR-ARMOR products are true odor neutralizers that absolutely neutralize and eliminate odors. ODOR-ARMOR products eliminate landfill odor without leaving a residual fragrance in the air. If overfed they may impart a slight, pleasant but non-descript scent that can be used to control dosage.

Model OS-1000 - For Controlling Odor

by O3 Technologies Co., Ltd     based in Binjiang District, CHINA

The function for OS-1000 is to control odor, killing bacteria of air in order to make environment fresh and clean. It can be applied to hotel field, vehicle area, hospital, children center, welfare house, food and decoration industry.

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