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EcoHome - Eliminates Unsavoury Home Odours

by Ecodor

EcoHome is ideal for neutralising unpleasant smells in and around the home. e.g. kitchen, toilets, nurseries, refuse containers. It will remove cooking and tobacco or tabacco smoke smells. EcoHome destroys odour molecules in the air naturally, causing the smell to disappear instead of simply masking it. EcoHome does not cause irritation and ...

SCATTER Odor Control Granules

by AIR-SCENT International

Powerfully-effective Scatter Odor Counteractant Granules contain exclusive Metazene odor destroying additive. Scatter brand granules are formulated to handle even the toughest odors from restaurant, institutional, commercial and municipal waste. Scatter offers the perfect solution to odor problems from trash containers, garbage dumpsters and ...

Non Thermal Plasma

by AirScience Technologies Inc.

The Non-Thermal Plasma Multi-Pollutant Control process developed by AirScience, Saskpower and CANMET has demonstrated at the laboratory that SOx, NOx and mercury can be removed from coal-fired flue gases at a fraction of the capital and operating cost of conventional control technologies. The Radical Shower approached used in this proprietary ...

PenePrime - Model No. 500 - Water-Borne Epoxy Primer

by Sauereisen Inc

PenePrime No. 500 is a water-borne epoxy primer to be used in conjunction with the Sauereisen line of coatings, linings and flooring materials. PenePrime is specifically formulated to penetrate deep within concrete substrates. It is recommended to ensure maximum adhesion where conventional primers may not easily penetrate, or where solvent thinned ...

Kemira - H2S-Guard Odour And Corrosion Control

by Kemira Water Solutions, Inc.

Monitors, controls and protects against odour and corrosion. The Kemira H2S-Guard solution presents instant information on current levels of hydrogen sulphide H2S, providing a clear view of the situation in the sewer network and how critical parameters change over time. The H2S-Guard provides automatic dosing of water treatment chemicals.

Smelleze - SMELLEZE Eco Pet Litter Smell Removal Granules: 2 lb

by IMTEK | NoOdor.com

Rabbit, hamster, mice, gerber, cat and other pet area odor problems usually result from ammonia, mercaptans, amines and skatole gases emitted from urine and feces. Most types of pet litter are not very effective at eliminating urine and fecal odors along with wetness and the resulting stench is discomforting to humans. Smelleze Pet Litter ...

Smelleze - SMELLEZE Eco General Purpose Smell Removal Granules: 50 lb

by IMTEK | NoOdor.com

Smelleze General Purpose Deodorizer Granules is a natural product that fights all common household odors while controlling spills. If you are not sure what is causing your odor problem, this is the product to use because of its power to destroy a wide variety of odors. Smelleze will cleanse your home of noxious odors and absorb spills so it smells ...

Smelleze - SMELLEZE Eco Home Smell Removal Granules: 2 lb

by IMTEK | NoOdor.com

Smelleze can be used to eliminate a broad spectrum of noxious industrial, commercial, medical and agricultural odors and pollutants such as acetic acid, formaldehyde, methanol, ozone, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, freon, hydrogen sulfide, gasoline, diesel, VOC's and more.As an added advantage, this non- flammable product may be ...

Ambio - Odor Control by Corona Discharge (CD)

by Ambio Biofiltration Ltd

Corona Discharge (CD) treats odorous air within a room or space, allowing the air to be re-circulated. It is relatively new to North America but has been successfully used in Germany (and elsewhere) for over 10 years for odor control applications; and has a long track record in indoor air controlling yeasts, moulds, and odors.

Odoreze - ODOREZE Eco Compost Odor Eliminator Spray: Makes 64 Gallons

by IMTEK | NoOdor.com

Odoreze Compost Odor Removal Super Concentrate Spray is formulated from a unique blend of natural and eco-friendly ingredients to provide a powerful deodorizing action. It was specially developed to attack and destroy smelly gases like ammonia and hydrogen sulfide produced by anaerobic bacteria in compost operations. It also controls odors after ...

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