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SALD - Model 7500nano - Nano Particle Size Analyzer

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc     based in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA)

High-sensitivity Measurement of Nano Particle Size Distribution. A powerful new tool for research and development in nanotechnology and life sciences, and for measuring fine bubbles.

Model 0.1-1um - Polydisperse Particle Standards

by Whitehouse Scientific Ltd     based in Chester, UNITED KINGDOM

This standard has been introduced by popular demand resulting from an increased interest in the properties and performance of Nanoparticles or sub-micron powders. The soda-lime glass microspheres are supplied as dry powders in a 5ml pipetting bottle. To analyse, simply add water and place in an ultra-sonic bath for a few minutes, shake well and ...

LUMiSizer - High-end Dispersion Analyser

by L.U.M Gessellschaft     based in Berlin, GERMANY

The High-end Dispersion Analyser LUMiSizer® is your complete dispersion lab, all in one instrument. The quick characterization of any demixing phenomena, consolidation and the calculation of the velocity distribution in the centrifugal field as well as of particle size distribution make the LUMiSizer the instrument of choice for research, ...

FlowCAM - Model ES - Imaging Particle Analysis System

by Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.     based in Scarborough, MAINE (USA)

Imaging Particle Analysis System for On-Line Analysis of Particulates in Process Fluids.Using FlowCAM® technology, it is possible to engineer systems to measure particle size and shape in an 'on-line' configuration. Our FlowCAM ES is a patent-pending, engineered system that is custom-designed for these on-line applications.

DIK-2001 - Aggregate Analyzer

by Daiki Rika Kogyo Co., Ltd.     based in Saitama, JAPAN

Aggregate analyzer is an instrument to gather standardize size particles without disturbing soil aggregate as much as possible. Set soil samples in 5 standard mesh sieves, it sorts them per each sieve in the analysing water tank by rotating and stroking constantly with up and down movement.


by UniTec Srl     based in Ferrara, ITALY

UNITEC EUROHEAD is based on the well known and proof-of-concept principle of aerosol inertial impaction. All the cut-size particle sampling heads operate on the same principle. EUROHEAD is composed by 8 impactor-nozzles

Model LSPM10 - Airborne Particulate Continuous Monitor and Sampler

by UniTec Srl     based in Ferrara, ITALY

Model LSPM10 is an instrument designed for the continuous monitoring of particulate, using the principle of orthogonal nephelometry. A constant flow controlled pump draws ambient air through the size selective sampling head of choice (PM10 or PM2.5) into the instrument, where particle concentration is derived by measuring the light scattered from ...

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