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Phoenix - Model 986 AAS Series - Hydride Generator

by Sedico Ltd.     based in Nicosia, CYPRUS

The hydride atomic absorption method is used to determine trace elements such as arsenic, selenium, antimony, bismuth, lead, tin, tellurium and germanium. The cold atomic absorption is used to determine mercury in the sample.

Pulsar Nova - Model 43 & 44 - Sound Level Meters

by Pulsar Instruments plc     Distributor in Limassol, CYPRUS

Pulsar Models 43 & 44 are ideal instruments if you are a safety professional looking to meet any occupational noise or industrial hygiene regulations. This model is robust, simple to use and will offer you the highest level of performance with all the data that you need to achieve compliance.

Microdust - Model Pro - Remote Noise Monitoring System / Remote Dust Emissions Monitoring System

by Casella     Distributor in Nicosia, CYPRUS

Microdust Pro is a rugged, hand-held, data logging instrument for the real-time detection of airborne dusts, fumes and aerosols. A quick, easy to use instrument, giving the user additional qualitative data which cannot be gained by gravimetric air sampling methods alone. This extremely versatile instrument can also be used with a range of ...

Model PG-30 F1 - Pressure Blower Group

by PEDRO GIL, S.L.     Distributor in CYPRUS

PRESSURE BLOWERS Groups up to 1 bar(g), airflow from 60 m³/h up to 10.000 m³/h, More compact & Integrated. Easy Installation. Better Accessibility, and easy maintenance. Front Panel control (Alerts, Operating Conditions). Side by Side installation.

Model PG35-F1 / PG38-F1 - Vacuum Blowers Groups

by PEDRO GIL, S.L.     Distributor in CYPRUS

BLOWERS GROUP PG35-F1 max. Vacuum 500 mbar (g), flow from 100 m³/h up to 9.000 m³/h. BLOWERS GROUP PG38-F1 max. Vacuum 900 mbar (g), flow from 100 m³/h up to 9.000 m³/h. More compact and Integrated. Easy Installation. DRY Vacuum no contamination to process. Better Accessibility and easy Maintenance. Front Panel control (Alerts, ...

Pulsar - Model 30 - Noise Level Meters

by Pulsar Instruments plc     Distributor in Limassol, CYPRUS

The Model 30 is a very accurate, reliable, ‘hand held’ precision instrument that is especially suited to Noise at work and Industrial Hygiene applications. Enclosed in a tough and robust metal case the Model 30 is an instrument that delivers long term performance. Simplicity of use combined with the popular ‘Analyser’ ...

TUFF - Personal Sampling Pumps

by Casella     Distributor in Nicosia, CYPRUS

The TUFF personal sampling pumps cover a range of applications for the monitoring of dusts, fumes gases and vapours. Ergonomically designed to suit harsh environments the TUFF offers reliability and longevity in the field.

Apex - Personal Sampling Pump

by Casella     Distributor in Nicosia, CYPRUS

The APEX personal sampling pump can be used in a range of applications from personal dust and solvent monitoring to indoor air quality monitoring.

ProPak Sample Bags

by Teledyne Isco     Distributor in CYPRUS

These convenient, single-use sample bags bring a new dimension of productivity to your water and wastewater sampling. Using the patented Isco ProPak® sample bag will reduce your sampling costs by eliminating the expense of washing and storing conventional bottles while, at the same time, eliminating worries about contamination from previous ...

Side Channel Blowers

by Mapro International S.p.A.     Distributor in CYPRUS

Side channel blowers with flow rates up to 1,250 m³/h and pressures up to 600 mbar rel.

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