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Model MS-212A - UV-A Radiometer

by EKO Instruments Co. Ltd.     based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Precision UV-A Radiometer MS-212A is designed to measure an amount of UV-A radiation with high reliability of NIST traceable. The combination of well-designed filter and GaAsP photodiode contribute the high performance to measure UV-A between 315 and 400nm, which accounts for 4 to 5% of the total radiation, in various solar-altitude and spectrum ...

WEATHERPAK - Model TRx - Professional Weather Station

by Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc.     based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA)

The WEATHERPAK TRx professional weather station incorporates all of the features which make the WEATHERPAK the number one choice of Professional Responders.

Control Valves For HVAC Systems

by SAMSON AG     based in Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY

SAMSON offers a comprehensive selection of modular control valves for HVAC applications which are supplied with an electric, electro-hydraulic or pneumatic actuator. These actuators work with absolute dependability over any control range. Typetested control valves with fail-safe features assure dependable opening or closing of the valve in case of ...

WEATHERPAK - Tactical Portable Weather Stations

by Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc.     based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA)

WEATHERPAK is one of the the most portable and durable meteorological instruments available to Responders. This weather station tracks weather on the move or instantly when arriving at a designated site. The WEATHERPAK weather station weighs only 12 lbs. It can be deployed by one person in under 60 seconds, with literally no tools. It incorporates ...

Double Membrane-Gas Storage On Tanks

by SATTLER AG     based in Graz, AUSTRIA

Tank covering with integrated gas storage for high pressures and large volumes. Outer shell protecting against climatic conditions – spherical or cylindrical is external loads such as wind, snow and climatic conditions. With the help of clamping rails the outer and inner membranes are clamped to the tank in such a way that they are leak-proof and ...

Hi-Flow Patented Oil Removal System

by CETCO Oilfield Services Company     based in Covington, LOUISIANA (USA)

New to the industrial market: CETCO introduces Hi-Flow, a patented process for removing free or partially soluble oils from wastewater. Originally designed for treating high rates of produced water in the oilfield industry, this new smaller version of our Hi-Flow system is now available for applications in the industrial sector. The same physical ...

USB-ISS-VIS & USB-ISS-UV Integrated Sampling Systems

by Ocean Optics     based in Dunedin, FLORIDA (USA)

The USB-ISS-UV-VIS and USB-ISS-VIS Integrated Sampling Systems are snap-on, direct-attach cuvette holder and light source combinations created specifically for the USB4000 Spectrometer and the USB2000+ Spectrometer (and their predecessor, the USB2000 Spectrometer). Both sampling systems receive power and control signals through a connector on the ...

Mesh Mist Eliminators / Chevrons

by Branch Environmental Corp.     based in Somerville, NEW JERSEY (USA)

These types of mist eliminators work well on most common application. They are used inside of our Scrubbers as the last step in assuring that no mist escapes.

Turbostripper - A Fluidized Bed Air Stripper

by Specialty Systems Integrators, Inc.     based in Plymouth, MINNESOTA (USA)

SSI is one of the few remediation specialists in the world to effectively employ fluidized air stripping technology.  The Turbo Stripper’s™ patented technology efficiently strips VOC’s from contaminated groundwater.

Off-Gas Treatment Systems

by Specialty Systems Integrators, Inc.     based in Plymouth, MINNESOTA (USA)

Thermal and catalytic oxidizers are used to treat the VOC's in vapor streams from soil vapor extraction (SVE) and (MPE) systems.  SSI uses FALCO catalytic oxidizer. The FALCO oxidizers have an efficient heat exchanger. A bypass valve allows for adjustment of heat recovery. Low heat recovery enables operation at high vapor concentration. The ...

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