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RADMAX - Ultra Low NOx Radiant Burners

by Maxon Corporation- a Honeywell Company     Office in Pune, INDIA

RADMAX Radiant Low NOx Burners are designed to deliver uniform, high intensity radiant energy for moisture removal in textile and paper ovens, powder coating, and paint drying, as well as many pre-heat, plastic forming, annealing and heat treating operations. With innovative ceramic or metal foam tiles, the RADMAX low NOx burner produces low to ...

Blast Load Feeders

by General Kinematics     Office in Ram Murthy Nagar, INDIA

General Kinematics® vibrating blast load feeders offer un-paralleled flexibility in system design and efficiency. Vibrating blast load feeders can be designed to index forward, backward, up, down and side to side, as well as convey material in multiple directions. Optional automated gates, weigh cells, and other options allow you to precisely ...

UltraRAE - Model 3000 - Portable Wireless Advanced VOC Monitor

by RAE Systems by Honeywell     Distributor in INDIA

The UltraRAE 3000 is the most advanced compound-specific monitor on the market and one of the few monitors that deliver accurate measurement of benzene from 50 ppb to 200 ppm and other VOCs up to 10,000 ppm. A 60-second response for a benzene measurement snapshot and a unique 15-minute benzene STEL measurement provide excellent versatility for ...

LO-NOX - Line Burner

by Maxon Corporation- a Honeywell Company     Office in Pune, INDIA

The MAXON LO-NOX Line Burner provides direct-fired, in-the-duct, process air heating with greatly reduced generation of NOx. Direct fired LO-NOX ensures maximum efficiency for sensitive food drying and baking applications. It burns cleanly and efficiently with most low pressure gaseous fuels. The modular burner design ensures excellent temperature ...

Questor - Model Q250 - Incinerator

by Questor Technology Inc.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Design Basis of Q250. Maximum throughput: 250,000 scf/d of methane equivalent gas, Fuel requirement: (varies depending upon waste gas composition), Design operating temperature: 600 to 1200 oC. 

FCC - Catalyst Stripper Packing

by Koch-Glitsch Inc     Office in Baroda, INDIA

Repeated upgrading of the FCCU for higher capacity, heavier feeds, and improved yields has left many catalyst strippers with capacity and stripping efficiency constraints.

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