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by Coto Consulting, Inc.     based in Coto De Caza, CALIFORNIA (USA)

EMS Assessments for ISO 14001 certification, 2nd party compliance audits - air, water and hazardous waste, Attorney and litigation support.

Catalyst Processing

by Torftech Group     based in Thatcham, UNITED KINGDOM

The ability of the TORBED reactors to: Carry out precise calcination and heat/mass transfer processes has allowed the development of unique process plants. Control strong exothermic reactions. Allows the regeneration and recovery of catalysts and zeolites to be carried out faster and with greater precision than before.

Baghouse Maintenance Service

by BWF America Inc.     based in Florence, KENTUCKY (USA)

Baghouse (dust collector) maintenance is usually a hot, dirty, difficult and sometimes dangerous job. An improperly operating collector can be a production bottleneck, a hazard and/or an environmental problem for its owners. Many companies today have neither the staff, the expertise nor the time to devote to proper dust collector maintenance. BWF ...

Return on Investment

by Verisae     based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA)

Reducing the Cost of Carbon Measurement, Reporting, and Reduction. National and international carbon emissions regulations will increasingly add to the financial risk profiles for organizations with high carbon exposure. To enhance transparency and increase the ability to direct organizational change, Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA) tools must ...

Mining and Mercury Services

by EnviroGulf Consulting     based in Fortitude Valley, AUSTRALIA

Mercury is found in the environment both in inorganic and organic forms. The latter are more toxic and in many organisms 60 to 95% of the mercury is organically bound. The toxicology of mercury and its compounds has attracted long-term attention since the Minimata Bay pollution incident in Japan. Considerable effort was devoted up to the mid-1970s ...

Electrostatic Precipitator

by FLSmidth Airtech A/S     based in Valby, DENMARK

Upgrading a precipitator can be an economically attractive possibility if:. . the mechanical or electrical equipment are worn out. the production is increased. the emission requirements are made more rigorous. there has been a change of fuel or raw material.

Carbon Management Strategy

by The CarbonNeutral Company     based in London, UNITED KINGDOM

The knowledge and experience of our team is essential to our success.  Our team of business professionals are committed to using their expertise to listen to clients, understand their needs and deliver innovative solutions that will generate business value. 

Mevadhashma - Electrostatic Precipitator

by MEVADHASHMA     based in Coimbatore, INDIA

Mevadhashma Offers complete Electrostatic Precipitator Parts to its clients. The process of Electrostatic precipitation helps in removing particles from exhaust gas stream of an industrial process. As often the procedure involve combustion, this safeguard against emission of particles to the atmosphere.Mevadhashma works with industries to ...


by Transport and Environment (T&E)     based in Brussels, BELGIUM

Aviation is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector and the most climate-intensive form of transport. Aviation emissions have more than doubled in the last twenty years and the sector accounts for 4.9% of total worldwide emissions contributing to climate change. Aviation has always received special treatment, ...

Carbon Accounting

by Innovative Waste Consulting Services (IWCS)     based in Gainesville, FLORIDA (USA)

In recent years, legislative and voluntary actions have placed an increased importance of understanding and managing one’s carbon footprint, and IWCS has provided assistance to many clients in understanding the ins and outs of carbon accounting and identifying opportunities to reduce emissions.

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