A greater focus on heating controls will give us a better Green Deal

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At Honeywell, we recognise that there are three main ways to reduce energy consumption:

Reduce waste: avoid heating and lighting areas that don't need to be heated and lit
Reduce demand: avoid overheating occupied areas
Increase efficiency: control heat sources more effectively

And it's the last point that many people really miss, bacause controls are essential in order to make any of these measurements effective. Whether considering insulation, high-efficiency boilers, LED lamps or microgeneration, controls such as a simple thermostat are required to get the best out of them. If the correct controls are not in place, the potential benefit of the measure will not be achieved but the same installation cost will be incurred.

We believe that the Green Deal has to encourage the adoption of controls or services that ensure the correct fitting of controls in conjunction with any waste reduction, demand reduction and energy efficiency measure considered.

Controls are proven, cost effective technology and have been recognised for some years under other elements of government policy. They can be installed in homes and businesses in a short time and with little intrusion.

In the home, simple to use controls can make a central heating system, which on average accounts for 60 per cent of domestic energy use, far more efficient than it otherwise would be. Wireless controls in particular can significantly reduce installation time and disruption.

In buildings, wired or wireless controls can similarly be installed to reduce heating and lighting demand. And by linking these control systems further, behavioural energy demand can be reduced. It's simple stuff but very effective.

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