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A Biodiesel Filled Future For Your Car - case study

by Green Fuels LTD  (Sep. 15, 2014)

Future vehicles require a level of robustness to the legislated future introduction of bio-diesel. This research aims to understand the future of biodiesels in world markets and the characteristics of these fuels. The Need In recognising that sustainable sources of biodiesel will be dependant upon the particular local circumstances where the raw ...

Making biodiesel from recycled vegetable oil - Northeast Biodiesel of Greenfield - Case Study

by Green Fuels LTD  (Sep. 17, 2014)

Northeast Biodiesel of Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA,  is a community-owned manufacturing plant making biodiesel from recycled vegetable oil.  It is majority owned by Co-op Power, a renewable energy co-operative owned by consumers in Massachusetts, Vermont and New York.  Co-op Power operates within a regional network of autonomous ...

Food service zero waste program case study

by Blue Castle Developments CA LLC - SmartTrash  (Sep. 16, 2014)

Foodservice client that was looking to increase waste diversion but didn't want to increase costs by adding a recycling program. Before RecycleSmart, all materials were being disposed of in a roll off garbage bin. A variety of different material types were being produced at the facility: Cardboard Paper Bags (flour/sugar/other), Plastic Buckets ...


by Centre for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel (CJP)  (Jun. 25, 2014)

Moringa has attracted attention as pressure mounts to find sustainable alternative fuels to help meet countries' renewable energy targets and cut greenhouse gas emissions, without interfering with agricultural production. Researchers at BBA  has honor to establish this untapped resource as alternative source for Bio- Diesel industry of future ...

The Emerging Power of Microgrids

by GLOBE Foundation  (Jul. 3, 2014)

Over many decades, the centralized power grid — a one-way flow of electricity, generated by large, remote power plants and distributed over miles of transmission lines to homes and businesses — succeeded in delivering electricity across continents to billions. But in recent years the system’s shortcomings have become increasingly ...

Biofuel - Energy Supplier of the Future?

by Fritsch GmbH - Milling and Sizing  (May 16, 2014)

Biofuel like biodiesel, plant oil, ethanol, bio methane or the synthetic biomass- to- liquid (BtL)- fuels everyone is talking about them. They are at present the only renewable alternative in the mobility sector and already today make up 6.1 % of the fuel consumption in Germany. However, in the past months and years biofuels had the reputation ...

Emissions Reduction with Diesel Blending

by GlobeCore Blending  (May 8, 2014)

Diesel technologies are develops by huge rates. Modification of cars with diesel engines make a half of the new cars sold in Europe. The black smoke, noisy engine operation and unpleasant smell remained far in the past. Today diesel engines present not only profitability, but also high capacity and worthy dynamic characteristics. Quality of fuel ...

International diesel standart, with biodiesel blending

by GlobeCore Blending  (May 8, 2014)

Rates of use of biological raw materials in a fuel sector are achieved by fast turns. Leading positions in production of bioethanol, absolutely are belonged to Brazil and the USA, development of BioDiesel blend fuel solid grows in the different European Union countries. What is the biofuel? This fuel doesn’t possess a benzol smell and is ...

Emerging Technologies – How will they change our lives?

by GLOBE Foundation  (Apr. 30, 2014)

Forward planning by governmental agencies is often criticized for being too focused on short term political mandate priorities.  A recent report by Policy Horizons Canada, a federal government agency, on emerging technologies is a refreshing change from that norm.  The report explored how emerging technologies will shape the economy and ...

State of Chiapas, Mexico - case study

by Green Fuels LTD  (Sep. 15, 2014)

A Green Fuels bio-refinery is producing biodiesel for the state of Chiapas in Mexico to power the entire public transport system of state capital Tuxtla Gutiérrez and neighbouring Tapachula. The project, called Conejobus, is one of the Chiapas government’s sustainable development initiatives. With 71 buses serving approximately ...

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