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Amit Kumar and Gregory Stephanopoulos on turning waste gases into biofuels

by MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (May 2, 2016)

Research conducted by Kumar, along with a team led by Professor Greg Stephanopoulos, looks to the future of emissions reduction and recycling. Original story at MIT News One of the most promising ways to combat carbon emissions is to transform those emissions into ...

OILmiser biodiesel blending systems

by JLM Systems Ltd  (Apr. 12, 2008)

This two day event saw an international mix of government officials, company executives, MRO service personnel and individuals, all interested in the manufacture, supply, distribution and, ultimately, the end use of biodiesel fuels. It was abundantly clear that the science and technology, as well as the infrastructure for the manufacture of ...

Putting the brakes on biodiesel

by Citizens League for Environmental Action Now (CLEAN)  (Nov. 1, 2006)

  Come December 31st, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is set to effectively ban biodiesel in the state’s largest markets. The problem, they say, lies with the fuel’s nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and their contribution to the formation of ground-level ozone in Texas’ eastern counties. According to the TCEQ, biodiesel ...

Mid-infrared analysis of biodiesel

by Wilks - A Spectro Scientific Company  (Jun. 8, 2010)

The biodiesel industry is growing rapidly. and so is the need for analysis 10 ensure quality product and keep biodiesel in good standing. Biodiesellhat has residual glycerin, glycer· ides, or inorganic salts from the production process can cause problems such as Iilter plugging and injector coking in a diesel engine. The biodiesel blend ...

Potential for Biodiesel as a Commercial Enterprise

by BioCycle Magazine  (Oct. 1, 2004)

Untitled Document Oregon agencies are active in supporting an infrastructure to develop ...

Maintaining biodiesel quality standards

by Wilks - A Spectro Scientific Company  (Jun. 8, 2010)

A problem that is sometimes encountered with biodiesel blends is inaccurate blend ratios. This article describes a quick analytical method to assess blend ratios and ensure fuel performance. According to a study1 done by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the chief problem found with biodiesel blends was inaccurate blend ratios. Retail ...

Microtox aquatic toxicity of petrodiesel and biodiesel blends: The role of biodiesel's autoxidation products

by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.  (Sep. 5, 2012)

The authors investigated the acute Microtox toxicity of the water accommodated fraction (WAF) of six commercial soybean biodiesel/petrodiesel blends at different oil loads. We analyzed five fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs), C10–C24 n‐alkanes, four aromatics, methanol, and total organic carbon (TOC) content. At high oil loads, the WAFs' toxicity ...

Making biodiesel blends fuel is simple

by GlobeCore Blending  (Nov. 15, 2013)

Biodiesel is made in the process of transesterification of vegetable oil by methanol, although sometimes ethanol or isopropyl alcohol are used instead. The ration is approximately 200 kg of methanol per 1 ton of oil (plus potassium or sodium hydroxide). Process temperature is approximately 60°С, no pressure increase is required. After ...

Safe environment using biodiesel blend

by GlobeCore Blending  (Nov. 15, 2013)

The biodiesel blend is more environmentally friendly, than standard types of fuel which has a crude oil base. It only radiates the carbon dioxide necessary for growth of plants. It doesn’t contain sulfur and other unfriendly contaminates. It has better burning process, because there is more mass of oxygen and it is biological product which ...

International diesel standart, with biodiesel blending

by GlobeCore Blending  (Nov. 15, 2013)

Rates of use of biological raw materials in a fuel sector are achieved by fast turns. Leading positions in production of bioethanol, absolutely are belonged to Brazil and the USA, development of BioDiesel blend fuel solid grows in the different European Union countries. What is the biofuel? This fuel doesn’t possess a benzol smell and is ...

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