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PolyBlend® DP SeriesDry/Liquid PolymerFeed Systems Water TechnologiesUnmatched Performance and ReliabilityThe PolyBlend® DP system is without question the finestdry polymer feed system available. It outperforms allother designs in head-to-head trials. The DP system typically reduces polymer consumption 25% or morewhile substantially improving polymer performance interms of sludge dryness, solids capture, water clarity,drainage / retention, or any other measure. PolyBlend®DP systems have an unmatched reputation for reliability.While dry polymer feed systems are notoriously highmaintenance items, the PolyBlend® DP Series requiresthe least maintenance and operates unattended for alonger interval than any other dry polymer feed systemon the market.Reduced Polymer Consumption and Improved SafetyDissolving dry polymer in water for use in a water orwastewater treatment process is one of the most difficult tasks in chemical feed technology. Dry polymer particles are typically 100 times larger thanthe particles of polymer suspended in liquid polymers.Consequently, dry polymer has a greater tendency toagglomerate and requires far more mixing time thanliquid polymer. During the extended mix time, thepolymer is subject to damage from the rotating tankmixer. In most systems, one-quarter of the polymer iswasted in the form of “fisheyes” or broken into useless fragments. In addition, most dry polymer feed systemsare housekeeping nightmares. They are not onlyunsightly, but can be very dangerous as spilled drypolymer can become a safety hazard.The ProcessThe PolyBlend® DP polymer feed system addresses andovercomes all these difficulties with several innovationswhich are patented in the U.S., including the high energydisperser and low energy mix tank. Polymer makes initialcontact with water in the high energy disperser. Thewater pressure is used as the motive force to transportthe wetted polymer to the low energy mix tank. From themix tank, the polymer is sent to a holding tank and fromthere, through the final feed skid to the point of applica-tion. The operation is fully automatic – all the operatorhas to do is supply polymer to the storage hopper.The control system for thePolyBlend® DP system isunmatched in simplicity. A color, touch-screen display enables complete operation of all functions.Troubleshooting is also streamlined with all alarm conditions described on the display. In field trials andstart-ups, operators are quickly and confidently interfacing with the system.Innovative Solutionsfor Dry/Liquid PolymerFeed Applications2A “Jewel” from the Operators’Perspective“The PolyBlend® DP series dry polymer feed system is a ‘jewel’ from the operators’ perspective.The operators learned rapidly and feel very comfortable with the principles of its operation.Polymer batches are replicated very closely, and the operators have not experienced variationsin centrifuge performance due to unadjusted changes in polymer concentration.”Municipal Mechanical Engineer3LOW ENERGY MIX TANK WITH FEED TANKThe low energy mix tank is engineered to continue to mix the activated polymer with a low energy, low shear mixing action.Tank sizes vary based on consumption rates and applicationrequirements. DRY DISPERSER SKIDThe dry disperser skid (DD4) provides the high-energy mix atthe moment of initial polymer wetting. The precise dosingmechanics ensure proper dry polymer to water ratio providingconsistent solution concentrations.FINAL FEED SKIDFinal feed skids are designedaround your needs. Choose thepumps (number, type and size),the controls (manual, flow pacing,loss of flow, etc.), the materials ofconstruction and type of post-dilution.Precise Dosing forHigh-Energy Mixing atMoment of InitialWettingThe PolyBlend® DP Series polymer feed system offers unique high energy mixing atthe moment of initial wetting eliminatingpolymer agglomerations. During the secondstage second stage, the patented hollow-wingmixer continues a low-shear mixing dynamicto further activate the polymer resulting inoptimized polymer activation.Dry Disperser SkidThe dry disperser skid accurately doses dry polymer and water into the high-energy mix chamber providingthe mixing needed to properly activatethe polymer. The disperser skidincludes the dry polymer volumetricfeeder, water control valves, and themotorized wetting system. An optionalemulsion pump is also available for liquid polymer applications.4To create the ideal environment for the first stage ofpolymer dissolution, crucial initial wetting occurs in the disperser. Here, polymer and water are subjected tohigh energy created by mechanical mixing. The drypolymer is accurately metered into the high-energy mixchamber and is properly activated with water. Afterbrief exposure, the solution exits the high energy disperser. The point of initial polymer / water contact isvisible to the operator through a clear, acrylic interface.2From the disperser, the polymer solution flows intothe mix tank. Most polymer mix tanks are not uniform in their mixing energy. Agglomerations formin the portions of the tank that receive the least mixing energy while polymer chains are broken upat the tip of the rotating mixing blade. In contrast,the DP Series tank is specifically designed to be fullyuniform in mixing intensity. The rotating impeller is a“hollow wing”, the length of which is over half thewidth of the tank. The hydraulics of the system makethe impeller act like a pump, continuously movingthe solution vertically as well as horizontally.Moreover, the square tank design further contributesto uniformity of the mixing energy eliminating thepotential for a damaging vortex. The result is noagglomerations and no broken polymer chains. Inother words, no waste. Polymer costs are reducedand performance improved.Disperser ChamberLow Energy Mix Tank5Unmatched Reputationfor Quality, Reliabilityand Performance6ApplicationsPolyBlend® DP systems are utilizedthroughout the world for a diverserange of applications in both themunicipal and industrial markets.Applications include thickening, dewatering and clarification in wastewater treatment; clarification and filtration in water treatment; and amyriad of applications in industrialprocesses including pulp & paper andmining industries.“The mixing technology, combined with precise controls, offers optimum polymeractivation and performance.”Paper Plant Chief EngineerPolyBlend® Systemsare the Best PolymerActivation SystemsAvailable 7Automatic, LargeVolume OperationProvides PeakPerformanceDP1000 / DP2000For large water or wastewater applications, the PolyBlend® DP1000and DP2000 systems are engineered to exceed polymer performanceexpectations. The DP1000 andDP2000 systems consist of the DD4dry polymer disperser and specifiedmix or hold tanks to meet applicationrequirements. Both systems are fullyintegrated and controlled throughthe latest interface technology allowing complete operation of allsystem parameters and functions.The DP2000 operates ina flip-flop sequencewhere each tank operates as both a mixtank and a hold tank.The DP1000 systemincludes a mix tankand requires anoptional transfer pumpand hold tank for normal operation.The DP1000 system is availablewith 750 to 2000 USgallons (2839 to 7571liters) tanks and provides a dry polymerfeed rate up to 83 lbs/hr (37.6kg/hr) at a 0.5% concentration. The DP2000 tanks are also availablefrom 750 to 2000 US gallons (2839to 7571 liters) and feeds polymer upto 83 lbs/hr (37.6 kg/hr) dry polymerbased on a 0.5% concentration.8DP800The PolyBlend® DP800 polymer feedsystem in an integrated chemicalfeed package capable of automaticallypreparing a homogeneous dry or liquid polymer solution for waterand wastewater applications. Anoptional pump is required for liquid polymers. The DP800includes the DD4 dry disperser, astainless steel mix tank, and agravity-fed stainless steel holdtank. The integrated controls offer unsurpassed features andenable complete operation of all functions. The DP800 tanks hold 360 USgallons (1362.7 liters) each andfeeds polymer up to 22.5 lbs/hr(10.2 kg/hr) dry polymer basedon a 0.75% concentration.“The PolyBlend® DP Series outperforms all other designs inhead–to–head trials.“Coal Mining EngineerThe PolyBlend® System isEngineered To Handle theToughest Jobs9Peak PolymerPerformance at anEconomical PriceDP500The PolyBlend® DP500 dry polymerfeed system is an integrated equipment package capable of automatically preparing a homogeneous polymer solution fromdry or liquid polymers. An optionalpump is required for liquid polymers.The DP500 includes the DD4 dry polymer disperser, a fiberglass mixtank, and a gravity-fed fiberglasshold tank. The color, touch-screencontrol interface enables complete operations of all functions includingdosage rates, solution concentration,and alarm conditions. The DP500 tanks are 160 US gallons(605.7 liters) each and feeds polymer up to 15 lbs/hr (6.8 kg/hr)dry polymer based on a 0.75% solution and 1.5 batches per hour.DP 110The DP110 is specifically designed toprovide uniform mixing. Dry polymerand water are mixed in the vortex created by the rotating tank impeller.The unique mixing process providesmaximum polymer preparation andactivation. The system is designed forpolymer solution concentrations up to0.3% by weight with a maximum drypolymer feed rate up to 1.9 lbs/hr(0.86 kgs/hr).The DP110 is controlled through an easy-to-use microprocessor-basedtouch screen operator interface. TheLCD display enables complete operationof all functions including dosage rates,solution concentration, run and flowtotalizers and alarm conditions.The DP110 can be supplied with a number of polymer solution transferpump options and controls options.10Choices to Meet Your CriteriaDry PolymerStandard models make down from 6-94 lbs/hr (2.72-42.6 kg/hr) depending on solution concentration and mixing time required.Emulsion/Dispersion PolymerDiaphragm Metering Pump22 gph (83.2 lh)35 gph (132.5 lh)Progressive Cavity Metering Pump10 gph (37.9 lh) 50 gph (189.2 lh)Batch Tanks (Single or Tandem)160 US Gallon – (606 liter)360 US Gallon – (1363 liter)750 US Gallon – (2839 liter)1000 US Gallon – (3785 liter)1500 US Gallon – (5678 liter)2000 US Gallon – (7570 liter)Water Supply20 gpm (75.7 lpm) at 40 psi (2.76 bar) minimum30 gpm(113.6 lpm) at 40 psi (2.76 bar) minimumAir SupplyPlant System orIntegral CompressorVoltage208/1/60 VAC/phase/Hz240/1/60 VAC/phase/Hz380/3/50 VAC/phase/Hz480/3/60 VAC/phase/Hz575/3/60 VAC/phase/HzTest Drive a PolyBlend®Dry Polymer System atYour FacilityContact us to arrange a demonstration and see for yourself why PolyBlend® DPsystems are the best dry polymer activation system available.Dry Polymer Handling2.5 ft3 (.07 m3) Hopper5 ft3 (.14 m3) Hopper20 ft3 (.57 m3) HopperBulk Bag FrameBulk Bag Frame with HoistBag Dump HopperOther CombinationsOptionsLow Powder Level IndicationWater Pressure Reducing ValveAccessoriesFinal Feed PumpsFinal Feed Post-DilutionLarge Hold TanksTransfer Pumps Engineered Polymer Systems to Meet Your Design Criteria11PolyBlend is a trademark of Siemens, its subsidiaries or affiliates.Protected by U.S. Patents 4522502, 4778280, 5061456, 5284626,4642222, 4925019, 5164429, 5284627, 4688945, 5018871, 5252635,5316031, 5338779.The information provided in this brochure contains merely generaldescriptions or characteristics of performance which in actual case of usedo not always apply as described or which may change as a result of further development of the products. An obligation to provide therespective characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the termsof contract.For further informationplease contact:SiemensWater Technologies P.O. Box 389Bradley, IL 60915 U.S.A.800.809.0971 phone815.939.9845 fax+44.(0).1732.771777 phone+44.(0).1732.771800 faxwww.siemens.com/watere-mail: stranco.water@siemens.com©2007 Siemens Water Technologies Corp.E10001-WTCFD-A8-V1-4A00 Dispo.No. 216 16 K.No. 3936ST-PBDP-BR-0407Subject to change without prior notice.

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