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Less fines improves productivity in waste wood shredding - Case Study

by Tana Oy  (Nov. 10, 2014)

A customer in France was shredding waste wood with two Doppstadts. After processing the wood twice, up to 20% of the total outcome was worthless fine wood dust. With TANA Shark the problem with the dust was eliminated and productivity of the process was improved respectively. Steady burning process in a heating unit requires pure wood ...

Ordinances To Amend Soils Boost Compost Demand

by BioCycle Magazine  (Oct. 19, 2014)

Municipalities everywhere are realizing that some of the environmental issues they are grappling with locally may be mitigated by healthier soils. In the late 1990s, when Puget Sound Chinook salmon was listed as threatened, Washington State officials scrambled to find ways to improve water quality in the Puget Sound and protect spawning streams. ...

Zero impact separate waste collection with donkeys and recycling food waste with Big Hanna composter in Italy!

by Susteco AB  (Oct. 28, 2014)

Montalto Ligure, a small village with about 365 inhabitants, situated in the Riviera Ligur's hinterland (North East Italy), an almost untouched place (difficult to reach and cross by 'normal' means of transport) said 'Enough!' to compactors and dumpsters.  ...

A precise experimental study of various affecting operational parameters in electrocoagulation–flotation process of high-load compost leachate in a batch reactor

by IWA Publishing  (Oct. 29, 2014)

The present study treated compost leachate, a high load organic and inorganic wastewater, using a batch electrocoagulation–flotation (ECF) process. ECF is an effective, fast, reliable, feasible, and economic technique for wastewater treatment. The interactive effects of operational factors such as influent chemical oxygen demand (COD), ...

Compost Tumblers - the most effective method of composting

by Biofinch Ltd.  (Jul. 21, 2014)

There are many different methods of composting, and there are a number of products now available to those who compost. The compost bin to buy depends on the needs of the garden or home. With that said, compost tumblers provide an efficient, low maintenance, and reliable method of composting. One of the many misconceptions about composting is that ...

Benefits of composting at home

by Biofinch Ltd.  (Jul. 21, 2014)

There are a lot of ways that we can take part in helping save the environment. Ways include water management, smart shopping, fuel efficiency and recycling. However, the most environmentally valuable action that we can all take part is composting. Through composting, we are helping out in reducing the overflow of worldwide waste considering that ...

Aerobic Composting 101

by Biofinch Ltd.  (Jul. 21, 2014)

If you have recently purchased a compost tumbler bin, let me be the first to say congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step toward aerobic composting. What is aerobic composting, you ask, and why is it so great? In this article, we’ll explain how aerobic composting works and what you need to do to get started. There are two ...

State Of Composting In The U.S.

by BioCycle Magazine  (Jul. 1, 2014)

The benefits of composting are well documented. Compost is a valuable soil conditioner. It adds needed organic matter, sequesters carbon, improves plant growth, conserves water, reduces reliance on chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and helps prevent nutrient runoff and erosion. Composting also reduces the volume of materials that might ...

Why home composting is so great!

by Biofinch Ltd.  (Jul. 21, 2014)

Have you heard of composting, but just aren’t sure what it means? Not sure why how compost can benefit you? If you haven’t started composting at home yet, now is the time! Home composting is more than just a growing trend among gardeners, it’s a great way to recycle your kitchen scraps and yard refuse into something you can ...

Compost Tumbler to make Bio-Degradable substance

by Biofinch Ltd.  (Jul. 21, 2014)

It’s better to use the garbage in a proper way rather than waste it in vain. Generally, people litter the unpleasant materials and make the place dirty. Now they can use the garbage to prepare effective and useful products for plants. This garbage includes food items, papers, different packets, lavage, home appliances, wooden items, etc. ...

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