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The Measurement and Prediction of Conditions within Indoor Microenvironments

by SAGE Publications  (Jan. 1, 2006)

Biocontaminants, such as dust mites and microfungi, can live in building habitats with a spatial scale of only a few millimetres. With the recent development of very small size microchip-based sensors, it is now practicable to measure the humidity at different locations within these microenvironments. In the laboratory study described here, ...

Surface roughness vision measurement in different ambient light conditions

by Inderscience Publishers  (Aug. 19, 2010)

Machine vision method was used to measure the surface roughness for different Φ38 mm grinding axes in different ambient light conditions. To analyse the effect of ambient light, a method based on the grey-level co-occurrence matrix was applied at the first step. Then, a new calculation method was proposed to minimise the effect of ambient ...

Laboratory Measurement of Small Strain Shear Modulus Under K0 Conditions

by ASTM International  (Jun. 1, 1990)

A new device to measure the small strain shear modulus (Gmax) under a no lateral strain condition has been developed. The techniques for measuring Gmax are discussed, with emphasis on bender element techniques. The performance of the bender elements are compared with results from simultaneous resonant column tests. An in-depth description of the ...

Scale, assessment components and reference conditions: Issues for cumulative effects assessment in Canadian watersheds

by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.  (Jun. 25, 2012)

Recent years have witnessed an increase in the use of watershed‐based cumulative effects assessment (WCEA) in Canada; however, several challenges remain regarding its effective implementation and execution. Fundamental to WCEA is the establishment of linkages between environmental stressors and particular and measurable components of the aquatic ...

New Condition Monitoring and Analysis System VDAU-6000

by Brüel & Kjær Vibro GmbH  (Apr. 13, 2011)

Brüel & Kjær Vibro announces the world-wide release of the new VDAU-6000. This state-of-the-art condition monitoring system provides an economical alternative to rack-based systems for condition monitoring of rotating machinery, in particular auxiliary machines and balance-of-plant applications. The high density 16-channel parallel ...

Defining cell culture conditions to improve human norovirus infectivity assays

by IWA Publishing  (Jan. 11, 2013)

Significant difficulties remain for determining whether human noroviruses (hNoV) recovered from water, food, and environmental samples are infectious. Three-dimensional (3-D) tissue culture of human intestinal cells has shown promise in developing an infectivity assay, but reproducibility, even within a single laboratory, remains problematic. ...

Wastewater Level Measurement Techniques

by Greyline Instruments Inc.  (Sep. 2, 2014)

Level monitoring and control is a fundamental requirement in any wastewater treatment process. You will find level instrumentation installed at even the simplest treatment plants for pump control, chemical storage tanks and process level controls or alarms. Operators have only limited or emergency control over treatment plant influent, so level ...

Water quality measurement extreme

by OTT Hydromet  (May 6, 2010)

Background The characteristics of the Rio Tinto in the south-west of Spain, near Sevilla, are his ruby colour and the extremely sour pH-value between 0 and 2 pH-units. The river carries a mixture between poisonous heavy metals like copper, nickel, arsenic, iron and cadmium, dissolved in high-percent sulphuric acid. It’s not proved where these ...

Automated Measurement of Slurry Surface Settlement

by ASTM International  (Jun. 1, 1990)

An automated float method for measuring slurry surface settlement is described. The system consists of a Perspex float which is denser than water but lighter than the slurry into which it penetrates slightly and floats on the slurry/water interface. Settlement of this float is then automatically tracked using an LVDT. Comparison with direct ...

AquaLab Analyzer provides real-time phosphorus measurement in Everglades

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.  (Aug. 22, 2007)

When it comes to ecosystem sustainability, Florida is no backwater. The South Florida Water Management District, which includes the unique Everglades habitat, had a major challenge. The EPA and various governmental authorities have defined limits for many water quality parameters to support a water body’s designated use. Any physical, chemical or ...

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