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Biogas monitoring for upgraded biomethane

by Geotech  (Feb. 11, 2015)

By working with a range of partners worldwide, Geotech is involved in a range of projects at the cutting edge of biogas production and processing.  The recent landmark deal agreed between Marks & Spencer (M&S) and Future Biogas, a major biogas plant operator, is for the purchase of biomethane certificates. The deal sees M&S ...

Locking up noise in Lancaster Castle – Invictus Noise Monitor & Noise-Hub2 Case Study

by Cirrus Environmental  (Feb. 18, 2015)

It’s pretty unusual for any noise consultant to be asked to monitor noise levels at a dance music event held within a medieval castle but it’s even more unusual when the revellers are all housed in a converted prison wing inside those ancient walls. That was exactly the challenge that faced noise consultant Chris Selkirk of ...

Emissions analyser helps manage power station

by Quantitech Ltd  (Feb. 20, 2015)

A multiparameter emissions monitor at Thetford power station is being used to demonstrate to the Environment Agency that the plant is performing within the conditions of its environmental permit. However, the data from the analyser, which was supplied by Milton Keynes based Quantitech, also performs a vitally important role in helping to manage ...

The importance of maintaining your fixed gas analyser

by Geotech  (Feb. 25, 2015)

Plant technicians rigorously check for contaminates within the digester and ensure that the performance is optimised but maintaining the gas analyser monitoring the whole process is often overlooked.  Many analysers are used in harsh and potentially explosive environments and so it is of paramount importance that the operation runs smoothly ...

PlumeStop Pilot Study: Former Dry Cleaner – Marina, CA, USA; Rapid Solvent Treatment to Non-detect – Degradation Lines of Evidence

by REGENESIS  (Feb. 4, 2015)

Approach A beta-test pilot evaluation of PlumeStop™ performance was conduced on chlorinated solvent groundwater contamination at a former dry cleaner site. PlumeStop was applied in conjunction with the slow-release electron donor, HRC® and the microbial bioaugmentation dechlorinator inoculum, BDI® for the treatment of residual PCE ...

High-Resolution Site Characterization with Multilevel Systems

by Solinst Canada Ltd.  (Feb. 3, 2015)

Within the last few years, the U.S. EPA added a new focus area on high-resolution site characterization (HRSC) to their Contaminated Site Clean-Up Information (CLU-IN) website. The U.S. EPA’s definition of HRSC is: “High-resolution site characterization (HRSC) strategies and techniques use scale-appropriate ...

Levelogger Edge Data Verified in Harsh Conditions of Antarctic Tidal Study

by Solinst Canada Ltd.  (Jan. 14, 2015)

From April 2013, through December 2013, a Levelogger Edge was used in an Antarctic Tidal Study to monitor sea level fluctuations in the Davis Sea, Antarctica. A unique monitoring setup was implemented for the successful installation of the Levelogger Edge in these extreme climatic ...

2015 World Energy Issues Monitor - Energy price volatility: the new normal

by World Energy Council  (Jan. 20, 2015)

Energy is among the top strategic issues shaping the global agenda in 2015. The uncertainty and impact of energy and commodity price volatility has now established itself as the number-one issue for energy leaders worldwide. Emerging risks and the resulting need to redefine energy infrastructure resilience, changing market designs, evolving ...

CR:245/SP Semi-Permanent Noise Monitor Semi-Permanent Noise Monitoring System example application case study

by Cirrus Environmental  (Jan. 1, 2015)

Project Summary An industrial site in a remote location needed to monitor, measure and control boundary noise levels over the lifetime of a lengthy decomissioning and demolition project. Weather protection and reliability were top of the list for this application due to the remote location. A number of semi-permanent noise monitors were installed ...

Trinity River Authority verifies condition of C303 Pipeline case study

by Pure Technologies  (Nov. 18, 2014)

Service: Assess and Address Client: Trinity River Authority of Texas Project Date: November 2012 - ongoing Location: Trinity River, TX Type of Pipeline: Water Transmission Main Diameter: 30-inch (750mm) and 54-inch (1350mm) Pipe Material: ...

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