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Quantitative Analysis of Fluorine (9F) by EDXRF

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc  (Nov. 1, 2013)

  Fluorine compounds possess a wide range of properties, including flame retardance, water repellency, anti-fouling property, and heat resistance, and are therefore used in a wide range of fields from articles for everyday use to semiconductors. However, since the 1980s, the problems of global warming and ozone depletion in addition to the ...

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Seafood by EDXRF

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc  (Mar. 31, 2014)

X- ray fluorescence analysis, in addition to its effectiveness in analysis of inorganic materials such as metals and ceramics, is also effective for the detection and quantitative analysis of minerals and heavy metals in foods. Not only can samples be analyzed directly without conducting time-consuming pretreatment, sensitive and accurate ...

Product Line Strategy, Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analyzers - Global , 2010

by Xenemetrix Ltd.  (Oct. 11, 2010)

Frost & Sullivan’s Global Research Platform Frost & Sullivan is entering its 50th year in business with a global research organization of 1,800 analysts and consultants who monitor more than 300 industries and 250,000 companies. The Company’s research philosophy originates with the CEO’s ...

EDXRF Analysis of Sulfur and Other Elements in Oil

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc  (Jun. 4, 2012)

The concentrations of sulfur substances in fuel oil, which greatly contribute to air pollution and acid rain, are regulated by law in many countries, and these regulations are becoming stricter with the growing concern about their impact on the environment and the consequences for society. Here, using the easy-to-operate EDX-720 energy dispersive ...

Quantification of Ultra Low Sulfur in Diesel by Xray Fluorescence

by Eastern Applied Research, Inc.  (Jul. 21, 2011)

ASTM International has developed a number of testing methods for determination of sulfur content that focus on a variety of analyzer technologies but ASTM Method D4294 is the one that focuses on the use of energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF); which offers a relatively low cost analysis method that achieves fast results with ...

Adsorption of fluoride from aqueous solution using low cost adsorbent

by IWA Publishing  (Apr. 3, 2013)

High fluoride levels beyond the recommended value of 1.5 mg/L have been detected in several groundwater wells in Northern Ghana. This occurrence has led to the capping of many high yielding wells that hitherto have been major sources of drinking water for the populace in these arid areas. Most of the fluoride removal technologies applied in the ...

Coarse particulate matter apportionment around a steel smelter plant

by Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA)  (May 4, 2009)

The results from a study carried out in the urban area of Genoa, Italy, where a large steel smelter recently shut down are presented. We had the opportunity to sample particulate matter (PM) before and after plant closure and, therefore, to measure the changes in concentration and composition of PM10 (atmospheric PM with aerodynamic diameter  10  ...

Enhesa helpline support – Continuing to grow

by Enhesa - Global EHS & Product Compliance Assurance  (Nov. 15, 2011)

The Enhesa Helpline Support Service continues to experience increased popularity with existing and new Enhesa clients.  The Enhesa Helpline provides clients with a pre-paid number of consulting hours,  to provide a rapid response to address specific EHS regulatory questions.   Enhesa Helpline is able to respond ...

Plant diversity in relation to anthropogenic trace metals in soils of selected sites in Nigeria's Guinea Savanna

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jul. 14, 2008)

Studies on the contributions of anthropogenic activities to trace metal contamination in the soils of the West African sub-region, and their effects on the biodiversity of the area, are scanty. The effect of the trace metal content of soil, contributed by some anthropogenic activities (cultivation, vehicular traffic and industrial activity), on ...

EDXRF Analysis of Lead, Cadmium, Silver, Copper in Lead-Free Solder Materials

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc  (Nov. 17, 2011)

X-ray fluorescence analysis can be used to quickly and easily analyze samples in solid, powder, and liquid states nondestructively, and is therefore widely used as a screening technique for compliance with the RoHS/ELV directives. A large amount of lead-free solder is used for surface-mount circuit boards. Here we evaluated the sensitivity of ...

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