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EU sets new van carbon emission targets despite lobbying

by Envido Ltd  (Feb. 16, 2011)

New EU standards regime will impose penalties on non-compliant manufacturers. The European Parliament voted through carbon emissions targets for vans yesterday as part of a new standards regime that will impose penalties on non-compliant manufacturers. The new carbon emission targets involve that 70% of van manufacturers' fleet must meet a limit ...

Cambridge academics push for higher carbon emission targets

by Envido Ltd  (Aug. 3, 2010)

Cambridge academics push for higher carbon emission targets in climate change negotiations in Bonn this week, reports ...

Models and muddles: the cost of meeting emission targets

by Inderscience Publishers  (Sep. 18, 2009)

In 1990, the Australian Government adopted an interim target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, subject to it not adversely affecting Australia's trade competitiveness in the absence of similar action by other competitor countries. Since then, a series of reports have attempted to assess the economic effects on Australia of reducing ...

Target structural reliability in life cycle consideration

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jul. 24, 2007)

The concept of minimising life cycle cost can be rationally applied to determine a target reliability of structures. However, there has been a recent legal requirement to reduce CO2 emissions, therefore, the minimisation of life cycle CO2 emission could be an alternative approach in structural design. This paper explains the general formulae for ...

Greenhouse gas emission trends and projections in Europe 2012 - Tracking progress towards Kyoto and 2020 targets

by European Environment Agency (EEA)  (Oct. 24, 2012)

At the end of 2011, almost all European countries were on track towards their Kyoto targets for 2008–2012. The EU-15 also remained on track to achieve its Kyoto target. Italy, however, was not on track. Spain plans to acquire a large quantity of Kyoto units through the KP's flexible mechanisms to achieve its target. With emission caps ...

The European emission trading scheme and renewable energy policies: credible targets for incredible results?

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jul. 11, 2011)

This paper discusses the merits and limits of the recent European energy policy aimed at reducing carbon emissions, devoting particular attention to the European trading system of carbon permits and to the measures that the European Union has adopted to promote renewable energy sources. From the comparison of past goals and present results, it is ...

UK, France and Germany call for 30% EU carbon emission target in 2020

by Envido Ltd  (Jul. 16, 2010)

UK, France and Germany call for an increase of EU carbon emission target to 30% in 2020, reports ...

Shooting a Moving Target - Permitting Fugitive Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emissions

by Trinity Consultants  (Jul. 26, 2004)

Untitled Document ABSTRACT Fugitive emissions from components at chemical processing facilities often appear as allowable emission limits in construction ...

EU parliament approves new energy efficiency targets

by Envido Ltd  (Dec. 16, 2010)

MEPs have passed a resolution about energy efficiency targets that could save UK businesses more than £1bn a year. The European Parliament has demanded that Europe improve its energy efficiency by 20% over the next decade and place a renewed emphasis on greener buildings. MEPs passed yesterday the resolution which, according to recent Carbon ...

EU emissions trading scheme

by Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA)  (Feb. 1, 2008)

The next couple of years will be crucial for the future of trading greenhouse gases (GHGs). Europe is reviewing the way its trading system operates to address the lessons it has learned to date and increasingly others are designing and implementing trading programs. New Zealand has recently published its proposals, Australia is looking at how it ...

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