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Safety, Profitability and the Data-Driven Business

by Intelex Technologies Inc.  (May 5, 2016)

What is the value of safety? When discussing safety there is the intangible value that impacts everything from employee engagement to brand equity. But are there any tangible financial opportunities as well? What can an organization gain by becoming safer? There are the obvious answers. Workers going home safe and having the confidence that they ...

Lufft snow height sensor SHM30 reveals secrets about Antarctica

by G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH  (May 4, 2016)

Neumayer III polar research station equipped with Lufft snow height sensor SHM30, photo: AWI Bremerhaven Neumayer Station III, short Neumayer III of the German Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) is the biggest as well as most important research station of the central Antarctica. It was ...

How 4 Tech Companies Are Making a Difference with Sustainability & Energy Efficiency Programs

by Antea Group - USA  (May 12, 2016)

Across the nation, companies large and small are realizing both the environmental and operational benefits of sustainability and energy efficiency programs. We’d like to take some time to recognize inspiring technology companies that are successfully using these programs to reduce their environmental impact and make the world a better place. ...

Tapioca farming in Thailand - Case Study

by Geotech  (Apr. 8, 2016)

The group has five factories located throughout Thailand; on a typical day, they produce 2,800 tons of tapioca between them.  The crop is processed within 24 hours with their state of the art production process and turned into tapioca starch or fibre for use in the paper industry, plywood, textiles, glue and the food and beverage industry. ...

Wind turbine controlling of the future

by G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH  (May 12, 2016)

Higher, more robust, more reliable: Parallel to the growing requirements for wind turbines, the requirements for monitoring sensors grow as well. But how can wind sensor manufacturers fulfil these wishes? And how should a future wind sensors look like? After analysing the current conditions and trends on the wind energy market, our CEO Klaus ...

The geography of carbon pricing

by MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (May 18, 2016)

Study looks at why some states could be impacted more than others if a price is put on carbon. Original story at MIT News How much will your cost of living rise if a price is put on carbon? According to a ...

How the grocery supply chain can save £millions from tackling food waste

by WRAP (the Waste & Resources Action Programme)  (May 17, 2016)

New research from food waste prevention experts, WRAP, estimates that 1.9 million tonnes* of food is wasted in the UK grocery supply chain every year. However, 0.7 million tonnes of material, which could have become waste, is either being redistributed to people (47,000 tonnes; the equivalent of 90 million meals a year) or diverted to animal ...

Read about Confined Space in Construction and Atmospheric Testing Right Here!

by Argus-Hazco  (May 19, 2016)

In 1993, 29 CFR 1910.146 went into effect as the first federal legislation governing entry into permit-required confined spaces in general industry. Because some industries, such as the construction industry, were covered by specific Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety regulations, they were exempt from the confined space ...

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Coming To An Island Near You

by Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTEC)  (May 24, 2016)

Ocean Thermal Energy (OTE) Corporation may be landlocked in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but that isn’t stopping them from looking to the ocean for 24/7 electricity. Their primary technology is Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), which uses the temperature differentials in the ocean to produce steam. The steam, in turn, activates a turbine, ...

The direct and indirect impacts of EU policies on land

by European Environment Agency (EEA)  (May 4, 2016)

The 2011 Roadmap to a resource efficient Europe states, in its milestone of actions to address land as a resource, that 'By 2020, EU policies take into account their direct and indirect impact on land use in the EU and globally …' (EC, 2011d). This report presents a methodology for the assessment of European Union (EU) policies in terms of ...

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