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Building the new environmentalism

by Ensia  (Dec. 11, 2014)

We must build a new economy. And to do that, we must build a new politics. Forty-four years after the first Earth Day, we must ask a basic question: What is an environmental issue? Air and water pollution, yes. But what if the right answer is that an environmental issue is anything that determines environmental outcomes? Then the definition ...

Noise at Work Regulations: 10 Years On

by Cirrus Environmental  (Apr. 7, 2015)

Doesn’t time fly? It’s already been 10 years since Control of Noise at Work Regulations were introduced in the UK. But have you been following the legislation correctly? Here’s an overview of what the Noise at Work Regulations mean and some common mistakes you should be avoiding. Considering that legislation to limit ...

Lacks and possible improvements in European Union law concerning GMOs

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jan. 7, 2015)

Because of the complexity of many environmental problems, we need their holistic assessment. That is why, in such a matter, a multidisciplinary approach is necessary. It has also been the guiding line for this present study on the European regulation of the GMOs, crossing the different points of view of a lawyer and a biologist. According to the ...

Rethinking the role of business in solving environmental threats

by Ceres  (Nov. 1, 2013)

In 2012, when the Obama Administration sought to raise average fuel economy standards, something unexpected happened. The "Big Three" automakers -- General Motors, Chrysler and Ford - backed the effort. For decades, every attempt to raise fuel economy standards had been met with stiff opposition from automakers who argued it was too costly, too ...

Enhancing Your Role as a Standards Professional - Part 1: The Elevator Speech

by ASTM International  (Mar. 5, 2015)

You know your participation in standards development is critical to your company, but does your company recognize this? Do you have the support and resources you need? Here’s how to develop a quick summary of what you do and what you need that top-level executives will hear and understand. For years, standards professionals and ...

Environmental enforcement trends in brazil

by Enhesa - Global EHS & Product Compliance Assurance  (Mar. 14, 2012)

Environmental enforcement trends in brazil Brazil does not have a strong reputation for the enforcement of its laws. Lesley K. McAllister stated that “The paradox of environmental enforcement in Brazil is that environmental laws are strong but environmental agencies are weak.” (McAllister paraphrasing Aragão and Bunker, 1998, ...

Indonesia: SLP Environmental Consultants offer ISO and ASTM Standard Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) Services in Indonesia.

by SLP Environmental Co., Ltd - An ASEAN Environmental Consultancy  (Oct. 4, 2012)

Indonesia is the largest economy in South East Asia with a 2011 GDP estimated at $1.21 trillion and an ADB GDP growth forecast of 6.4% for 2012. The Indonesian economy proved remarkably resilient in the face of the 2008 global financial crisis and was one of the few G20 members to actually post growth in 2009. Indonesia regained its investment ...

Forgotten asbestos mine sickens Indian villagers

by Associated Press  (Dec. 22, 2014)

Asbestos waste spills in a gray gash down the flank of a lush green hill above tribal villages that are home to thousands in eastern India. Three decades after the mines were abandoned, nothing has been done to remove the enormous, hazardous piles of broken rocks and powdery dust left behind. In Roro Village and nearby settlements, people who ...

Green Leaves - SLP Environmental Newsletter, Vol.1, Issue 8, September 2012

by SLP Environmental Co., Ltd - An ASEAN Environmental Consultancy  (Sep. 3, 2012)

Welcome to our eighth issue of ‘Green Leaves’, SLP Environmental’s regular e-newsletter providing a mixture of news, topical features and project updates. In this issue we take a look at Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand: One Year after the Great Flood. We also present some of our ...

Environmental forensics: courting science?

by Hargis + Associates Inc  (Apr. 14, 2010)

Forensics and hydrology are two terms that may not seem to go together well. To the uninitiated, this combination may evoke images of the crime scene investigation that ensues when some patsy goes into the drink wearing cement overshoes. Rather, the term environmental forensics, essentially the parent discipline of forensic hydrology, has found ...

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