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EHS Software with No Tricks, Just Treats

by EHS Insight  (Oct. 29, 2015)

Switching over to another environmental, health and safety (EHS) software provider doesn’t have to be scary. The process shouldn’t involve any ghouls or goblins. In fact, it should be straightforward for both you and your team. In this Halloween themed post, we’ll layout a few points you’ll want to consider when shopping ...

Gallery: 4 Signs You Should Invest in EHS Software

by EHS Insight  (Nov. 17, 2015)

These challenges may be preventing you from making better environmental, health and safety decisions. ...

The evolution of EHS software systems: why integrated platforms are replacing point solutions

by Rivo Software Ltd.  (Oct. 29, 2015)

“No man is an island, entire of itself.” These famous words written by John Donne in 1624 ring completely true in the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) software arena today.   The EHS business function is finally catching up with the rest of the enterprise in terms of adopting integrated software solutions that ...

5 Steps to Aligning your EHS Project with the IT Department

by Intelex Technologies Inc.  (Oct. 27, 2015)

For many organizations today, technology is playing an increasingly large role in driving environmental, health, safety (EHS) and quality compliance and processes. Across every industry, a higher percentage of the budget is being allocated towards EHS software. Analyst firm Verdantix forecasts that organizations will spend over ...

Measuring gases in AD and landfill – Which is the right product for your application?

by Geotech  (Sep. 25, 2015)

With over 30 years' experience in the landfill and biogas sector, Geotech is synonymous with gas analysis, supplying monitoring equipment to over half of the UK biogas and landfill market, with a further 4000 portable gas analysers sold throughout the world.  Geotech's product portfolio is tailored to satisfy a multitude of environmental ...

What Keeps EHS Pros Up At Night?

by EHS Insight  (Nov. 5, 2015)

Environmental, health and safety (EHS) professionals often take on the responsibility of ensuring an entire company is operating at the optimum safety for its workers. This can mean a whole lot of paperwork and stress as part of the daily routine. ...

What does technology do to our relationship with the environment?

by Ensia  (Nov. 17, 2015)

As more apps and other online tools connect users with the outdoors, we walk a fine line between enhancing and degrading nature-based experiences. Around 7:30 on a 60-degree morning in early November, Cornell University ornithologist Marshall Iliff parked in the upper lot of Millennium Park, outside of Boston, and started walking. Over the next ...

Environmental Software Increases Effiency

by IHS  (Mar. 1, 2002)

ESP (Environmental Software Providers) celebrates its 10th anniversary this month. The software company’s products enable efficient emissions tracking and environmental compliance, as well as helping companies navigate the newly emerging emissionsallowance-trading arena. ESP’s opsEnvironmental™ suite is now in use to manage compliance at over a ...

Canarina DESCAR software · environmental monitoring · commands 10

by Canarina Environmental Software  (Dec. 2, 2011)

All the points of the XZ-Plane will be to a yr height. The yr value is chosen by the user before the calculation. We will be able to make many calculations considering different plane heights. The different plane heights will be determined by the user (yr values). In this way, the physical form of the pollutant plume can be studied. Example: ...

Canarina DESCAR software · environmental science · commands 13

by Canarina Environmental Software  (Dec. 2, 2011)

Open.- This command is to open an existing file. The program files exist as separate files with .ems filename extension.   Save the current work with the Save command before clicking the Open ...

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