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Sharpening Your Way to Better Groundwater Models

by Waterloo Hydrogeologic  (May 4, 2015)

There is a well-known fable about a wood cutter who was hired by a timber merchant to cut down trees. This well sought-after job paid well and had excellent working conditions. The wood cutter wanted to succeed in his new job so the first day he worked hard and cut down 18 trees. Determined to do even better on the second day, the wood cutter ...

What Effect Does E-Waste Have On Groundwater?

by Electronic Recyclers International, Inc (ERI)  (May 4, 2015)

Groundwater is one of the most precious resources on Earth. Its yields supply water to nearly every community in the country, and without it, most of us would be driven to drastic measures to accommodate drought conditions. In fact, that very situation is happening in communities across the nation. As groundwater is increasingly negatively ...

Waterloo Emitters used for Bioremediation Study in High Temperature Saline Groundwater

by Solinst Canada Ltd.  (May 1, 2015)

A study was undertaken to determine the success for aerobic bioremediation of aromatic hydrocarbons (BTEX) and MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether) in high temperature, saline groundwater conditions. The study included laboratory microcosm experiments, as well as a field trial in Saudi Arabia, in which Solinst Waterloo ...

Diver-NETZ Reduced operational costs by 97% - Case Study

by Van Essen Instruments  (Apr. 30, 2015)

Near-real-time monitoring increased efficiency, reduced costs, and delivered critical insight into groundwater resources Challenge Reduce municipal groundwater monitoring costs, improve data quality, and achieve greater insight into groundwater resources. Solution Upgrade existing monitoring network with Diver-NETZ* wireless groundwater ...

EDGE Data Management Workflow and the Caltex NGP - Case Study

by EarthSoft, Inc  (Apr. 28, 2015)

Introduction Caltex National Gauging Program: bi-annual groundwater gauging at 701 Caltex properties across Australia for 3 years Driven by State regulatory compliance and contamination risk management Extremely large quantity of data required an innovative approach to data collection, standardisation and reporting Caltex operating EQuISfor ...

Case Study - Multilevel well system improved understanding of groundwater conditions in deep aquifers

by Westbay Instruments  (Apr. 30, 2015)

Westbay System delivered detailed data in less time and at a reduced cost CHALLENGE Characterizing the plume in a shallow  aquifer is simple, but investigating deeper  aquifers poses several challenges. SOLUTION MACTEC evaluated various monitoring  technologies and determined that  Westbay System modular ...

Electrochemical degradation of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in groundwater

by IWA Publishing  (May 18, 2015)

Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) represent hazardous pollutants and are frequently detected in the environment, e.g. in contaminated groundwater. PFASs are persistent to biodegradation and conventional oxidation processes such as ozonation. In this study electrochemical degradation of PFASs on boron-doped diamond (BDD) ...

A Natural Modeling Approach to Pumping Wells in Visual MODFLOW Flex

by Waterloo Hydrogeologic  (Feb. 24, 2015)

The Waterloo Hydrogeologic software development team is constantly making improvements based on the feedback and suggestions from our worldwide users. Recently, our focus has been on redesigning the pumping wells boundary condition in Visual MODFLOW Flex. We chose to emulate the behavior from Visual MODFLOW Classic which provides a natural ...

Monitoring groundwater resources for Municipalities - Case Study

by Nova Metrix LLC.  (Apr. 30, 2015)

Background The City of Tucson is located in the Sonoran Desert in southwest United States (U.S.), approximately 100 km north of the Mexico-U.S. border. Tucson Water operates more than 215 groundwater wells, covering more than 300 square miles, providing more than 37 billion gallons (140 million m3) of potable water to its 730,000 inhabitants each ...

Gasoline Contaminants in Groundwater - Case Study

by EN Rx  (Apr. 16, 2015)

Site Overview Active gas station in Sebring, FL FDEP Site Number: 8629375 Contamination Gasoline contaminants in ground water Two site features that have long been a detriment to chemical oxidant treatments at sites have recently been overcome by EN Rx. These are free product treatment ...

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