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ECSMGE CONFERENCE 2015: Managing the Clogging of Groundwater Wells

by Geoquip Water Solutions  (Sep. 13, 2015)

This is the poster or summary of a paper being presented at the XVI ECSMGE  - European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering - in Edinburgh from 13th to 17th September 2015. Groundwater wells are common to many civil engineering projects and their operational performance can play a crucial role. The wells ...

Groundwater Contamination Plume Remediation - Case Study

by Solinst Canada Ltd.  (Sep. 24, 2015)

19 CMT Multilevel Systems Successfully Installed in Challenging  A facility in Pontypool, Wales, UK was once the location of a plastic forming plant. Over time, chemicals produced through the plastic forming processes were lost into the groundwater beneath the facility, creating a large contaminant plume. Years later it was determined that ...

Optimal groundwater contamination monitoring using pumping wells

by IWA Publishing  (Aug. 1, 2010)

This study presents a new method for selecting monitoring wells for optimal evaluation of groundwater quality. The basic approach of this work is motivated by difficulties in interpolating groundwater quality from information collected for only few sampled wells. The well selection relies on other existing data relevant to contaminant distribution ...

Questions and answers about damaging oilfield wastewater

by Associated Press  (Sep. 7, 2015)

As U.S. oil and gas production increased this past decade, so, too, did spills of salty oilfield wastewater that can foul the land, kill wildlife and threaten freshwater supplies. An Associated Press analysis of 11 states found more than 175 million gallons of wastewater spilled from 2009 to 2014. Questions and answers about this damaging ...

A look at some contaminants regulated in drinking water

by Associated Press  (Sep. 28, 2015)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulates just over 90 contaminants in public drinking water systems. They include manmade chemicals as well as naturally occurring contaminants from rocks and soil. A look at some of the contaminants that fall under federal or state regulations: ARSENIC: Enters drinking water through eroding natural ...

2015 Water and Hydraulic Fracturing Report

by Canadian Water Network  (Oct. 6, 2015)

Over the past decade, the combination of horizontal drilling techniques and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing has led to a technological revolution in oil and gas development. It has given rise to a huge North American expansion of oil and gas development from unconventional (tight) resources. This rapid expansion has spurred evolution in industry ...

One by one, states are giving consumers the right to know about chemicals in products

by Ensia  (Sep. 9, 2015)

From Vermont to Washington, an increasing number of states are requiring companies to report their use of chemicals of concern When evidence started to mount a few years ago around the adverse health effects of bisphenol A, an endocrine-disrupting chemical that’s used in many plastics, the marketplace took note. Companies found themselves ...

Estimating Future Impacts of Groundwater Contamination on Water Supply Wells

by Solinst Canada Ltd.  (Feb. 1, 2001)

In the following sections, we provide discussion and information to supplement the Feature Article. This material could not be included in the article itself due to space limitations of the printed ...

Small Systems Helpdesk -- Profiling Groundwater Wells - an Alternative to Treatment

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)  (Jun. 1, 2004)

This article discusses how data from a groundwater well´s profile can be used to modify the well so that raw water with undesireable chemical qualities is prevented from entering the well. A case study is presented of the town of Goodland, Indiana where the town´s raw water had concentrations of sulfur that caused taste, odor, and other problems ...

Gimmicks & Gadgets - Well/Float Gauge Used to Monitor the Depth to Shallow Groundwater

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)  (Dec. 1, 1988)

A well/float gauge, constructed of PVC pipe, has been developed to enable crop growers to directly read and constantly monitor shallow water table ...

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