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Shredder Types - Two shaft shredder

by Harden Industries Ltd.  (Jan. 17, 2013)

Shredder can be equipped with different types of cutting systems: single-shaft, two-shaft, three-shaft and four-shaft cutting systems. These shredders are all slow-speed systems, in contrast to hammer mills which ...

Detox Environmental Selects UNTHA-America Shredders

by UNTHA shredding technology  (Jul. 17, 2012)

Shampoos, toothpaste, paint, cough medicine--disposing of these items can be a messy job, but for Detox Environmental of Bowmanville, Ontario, it’s all in a day’s work. Detox Environmental is a waste management firm specializing in hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal, recycling, industrial services, emergency response, and ...

FACTA law effects & paper shredders

by Ameri-Shred Corp.  (Oct. 28, 2009)

FACTA stands for 'Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act', a law that became effective in June 2005. The FACTA law requires companies that have one or more employees to provide them with proper document disposal equipment. In other words, according to the FACTA Law, important personal or business related documents have to be discarded in a safe ...

The Features of Shear-type Shredder

by Harden Industries Ltd.  (Dec. 1, 2012)

Shear-type Shredder is a kind of size-reduction equipment. ...

Tana’s shredder treatment doubled the value of recycled material

by Tana Oy  (Sep. 15, 2010)

The purpose of Tana’s customer’s business is to minimize the amount of waste deposited in landfills, help keeping the environment clean and save non-renewable natural resources. The customer was looking for a shredder that could shred most of the waste fractions they received: industrial and commercial waste, construction and ...

Shredding of highly flammable hazardous waste

by SatrindTech S.r.l.  (Mar. 27, 2009)

Satrind S.p.A. has a consolidated experience in engineering plants with nitrogen blanketing protection system for shredding of highly explosive hazardous waste in previously sealed into proper containers (such as metal or plastic drums, IBC tanks, etc.) and sludge material. During treatment of hazardous wastes, vapors or flammable gases are ...

Thermal Energy Utilization in Waste Tire Recycling

by Harden Industries Ltd.  (Feb. 27, 2013)

Thermal energy utilization is one of waste tire recycling methods. Thermal energy utilization is used waste tires as alternative fuel. Is a high calorific value waste tire material, per kg higher calorific value than the wood of 69%, higher than that of bituminous coal 10%, 4% higher than Coke. But  the pollution is seriously ...

Tire Derived Fuel (TDF)

by Harden Industries Ltd.  (Jan. 23, 2013)

Tire derived fuel (TDF) is a fuel derived from waste tires of all kinds. TDF is a major use for scrap or waste ...

Oil palm fiber

by Harden Industries Ltd.  (Feb. 25, 2013)

Oil palm fiber is produced from empty fruit bunch that are considered as waste after the extraction oil palm fruits. During the manufacturing process of palm fiber , EFB( empty fruit bunches) are shredded, separated, refined and dried. The manufacturing process does not involved chemical process or exposure. Hence the palm fibre is clean ...

Why waste management

by MERCODOR GmbH Sondermaschinenbau KG  (May 1, 2013)

Since 1973 we are a part of environmentally friendly and economical shredding systems for all types of waste. Since 1973 MERCODOR GmbH Sondermaschinenbau KG (Special Products), Frankfurt/Main, The company’s shredding systems are used for the reduction of waste volume in various commercial and industrial applications, including hotels, ...

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