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Update on Federal Air and GHG Regulations Affecting Landfills

by Waste Advantage Magazine  (Mar. 31, 2014)

EPA’s recent regulatory changes are expected to alter the way landfills are regulated for the foreseeable future with a potential to add additional compliance costs for the industry.  The air quality and greenhouse gas (GHG) regulatory framework at the federal level is currently in a state of flux with respect to landfills. The ...

Europe’s objective: recycle more waste and send less to landfills

by European Environment Agency (EEA)  (Mar. 24, 2014)

Is waste a problem or a resource? Waste is both, depending on what we do with it. It is a problem because it can affect people’s health and the environment. For example, landfills are an important source of methane emissions, which is a powerful greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. Run off from landfills can contaminate ground ...

Landfill gas explosive for global warming

by Beyond land fillings  (Nov. 27, 2013)

In response to EPA’s 1991 landfill rules that pushed the industry to larger facilities, landfill operator’s today pile and compact trash on the ground into giant mounds in the shape of a four sided pyramid. As originally contemplated, these mounds of trash were encased in liners to keep the wastes dry so contaminants would not be ...

What are the treatment options for landfill leachate?

by Environmental Services by Daniel L. Theobald  (Jul. 30, 2013)

New contributor to Water/Waste Processing aims to answer readers’ most pressing questions It’s said the United States has 1,654 landfills, handling more than 250-million tons of trash each year. One Washington landfill covers a 2,545-acre area, has a 120-million-ton capacity and a 40-year expected trash-receiving life. The facility, ...

Completion reporting for a closed landfill site

by ESI Ltd - Environment Specialists  (Oct. 8, 2011)

Client: Waste Management Industry Location: UK Services: Landfill completion reporting for a closed site, including desk study and risk assessment Issues: Landfill completion criteria, potential risk to groundwater, environment or human health. Summary: ESI undertook a desk study and risk ...

Relationship of land use and elevated ionic strength in Appalachian watersheds

by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.  (Nov. 12, 2012)

Coal mining activities have been implicated as sources that increase stream‐specific conductance in Central Appalachia. The present study characterized potential sources of elevated ionic strength for small subwatersheds within the Coal, Upper Kanawha, Gauley, and New Rivers in West Virginia. From a large monitoring data set developed by the ...

Southwest landfill case study

by BioprocessH2O  (Jan. 21, 2014)

The Problem: A landfill located in Texas was experiencing high concentrations of ammonia in the leachate from their domestic landfill. Compliance standards were becoming more stringent at the same time ammonia and BOD levels in the leachate stream were increasing in concentration. The Solution: After on‐site testing ...

Monitoring And Analysis of Landfill Gases

by Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd  (Dec. 14, 2009)

CoGDEM is the trade association representing manufacturers and service providers who are active in the field of gas detection instrumentation and environmental monitoring apparatus. Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd was one of the founding members of CoGDEM, and in this article their Product Manager of Fixed Systems, Andy Avenell, gives an update ...

Seropédica landfill

by Hofstetter Umwelttechnik AG  (Nov. 1, 2012)

The Seropédica landfill is located on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Since the closure of the 130-hectare big Gramacho landfill, Seropédica now receives over 6,000 tons of waste per day. Seropédica is the most modern solid waste treatment center in Brazil and Hofstetter has been awarded the biogas treatment process, as well ...

Landfill leachate treatment

by EVALED  (Jun. 4, 2013)

The Client The client is part of a group operating at an International level in many sectors and is highly experienced in many aspects of environmental services. The company provides the Region with many different services including street cleaning, waste collection and transport, graveyard services, public gardens maintenance, building and ...

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