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IPMS Technical Specification (PDF 236 KB)

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Database layer IPMS Technical Specification Overview IPMS is a totally web based process monitoring, reportingand analysis tool that lets users derive Key PerformanceIndicators, Benchmarks and Cost & Performanceinformation from any numerical data stream in real time.IPMS comprises three main layers: ? Database layer ? IPMS Server layer ? Multiple data aggregation intervals from 1minute through to daily. ? Ability to define costs, conversions, targets,hig? Abiallo? Evefrorea? AbisimBen? Rawas tarRawsto? AbianyCancalcalIPMS SThe IPMS comprises interface bapplicationscomprises IPMS runs on a Microsoft SQL Server7 or 2000 databaseand includes over 250 stored procedures for managingthe set up and data retrieval process. User access toobjects within the database is managed on a row by rowbasis providing considerable flexibility in the featuresusers can both see and change. Key features of thedatabase include: ? IPMS web and PC client layer This specification sets out the core capabilities of eachlayer and describes some of the main features. For moredetailed information please contact the Meniscus salesteam at algorithms,available wKey featureh/low alarm limits and units to any Meter. lity to create Batches for any Site and tocate Meters to the Batch. nt handling to enable users to exclude datam any calculation due to data spikes,ding errors or meter resets. lity to add Meters to Categories to greatlyplify reporting. Example Categories include:chmarks, KPI’s and Utilities. data table used to store the original datareceived by IPMS. Costs, conversions,gets, calculations and Meter types act on the data to derive Calculated data which isred separately. lity to define your own calculations using type of Meter and any aggregation interval. create calculations based on otherculations with no limit to the number of suchculations. erver Layer Server layer is a C++ application thatthe core calculation engine, acts as theetween the database and the various client via a number of COM objects anda number of libraries that determine the mathematical and Boolean functions? 4 levels of data hierarchy: Company – Site –Process – Area. ? Multiple Meter types to handle any data type:Incrementing, Absolute, Decrementing, Level,Calculation, Real Time Calculation and Stock. ithin the calculation engine. s of IPMS Server include: ? Calculation engine o Recursive descent compiler with lexical andsemantic analysis to interpret thecalculations. All calculations are re-compiled at run time. o Comprehensive interpolation andIPMS Web Site The IPMS web site – accessed directly fromhttp://ipmsinterface inis written in? AbiInc? A rdowuseand? AbiandAllotypbenchmarks within a main benchmark group. Blotts BaTel: +44? Ability to enter data via reading forms and tokick off calculations (does not apply to realtime calculations). ? Access to a wide range of Crystal Reports™ toprovide comprehensive management reports. ? Process Traffic Lights monitoring exceptionsand target breaches in three main Categories –Compliance, Process performance and Cost. ? Administration features for users with thecorrect level of access. Create/update users,create groups of users, assign and revokeIPMS This is PC andas the web sifor usefeature? ? ? Data eData ca? ? provides theto IPMS for the majority of users. Web site C#. Key features of the site include: lity to set up all aspects of the database.ludes adding deletion and editing. ange of analysis graphs allowing uses to drilln into data and to see graphs of metersd in calculations. Includes multiple trend regression graphs. lity to create your own benchmark graphs to assign meters to the users to view benchmarks for differentes of batch. Ability to create “sub”aggregation data handling that enablescalculations to use data with differenttimbases whilst maintaining data integrity. o Allows the use of most standardmathematical, as well as a limited numberof boolean, statistical and date/timeoperands. ? Manages incoming connections andimplements remote procedure calls. Managesthread pooling. ? Manages a number of interface definition filesfor interfacing between different languages –C++ and Visual Basic. IPMS Client Layer IPMS provides a number of client interfaces – the twomain ones are described in more depth. Meniscus Systems Ltd rn, Brooks Road, Raunds, Northants, NN9 6NS (0) 1933 625900 Fax: +44 (0) 1933 625800Email: object level access. PC client a Visual Basic application that runs on the users provides similar functionality for setting up sitesIPMS web site. This tool is much quicker that thete for adding/editing the database and is idealrs responsible for managing the system. Keys over the web site are: Ability to make a large number of changesbefore uploading them over the internet. Ability to copy an entire Site’s structure. Makesit an ideal tool for replicating Sites. Greater ability to view the underlying raw andcalculated data. ntry n be entered into IPMS via a number of routes:Direct data entry into the web site or into ahandheld Psion Workabout Bulk data import from our ftp site, e-mail orspreadsheet attachments.

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