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Reducing Mercury Impacts in Small-Scale Gold Mining

by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)  (Jul. 25, 2014)

Despite knowing full well the dangers of mercury, millions of small-scale gold miners across the globe continue to use the metal to separate gold from ore - usually because they have little other choice. The mercury is mixed into ore and combines with the gold in a compound that can easily be scooped out and squeezed into a small bar of amalgam. ...

Ultrafiltration reclaims oily process water; reducing operating costs and environmental impact

by PRAB, Inc  (Aug. 1, 2014)

Challenge An industry-leading manufacturer of industrial-grade fastening systems discovers a better way to recycle  washwater - reducing fresh water consumption by 130,000 gallons annually and reclaim machining oil by using PRAB’s Ultrafiltration System. Even as demand for its product continued to increase, the manufacturer took the ...

Questions and answers on the Commission Communication `Towards a Circular Economy` and the Waste Targets Review

by European Commission, Environment DG  (Jul. 2, 2014)

What is a circular economy? A circular economy preserves the value added in products for as long as possible and virtually eliminates waste. It retains the resources within the economy when a product has reached the end of its life, so that they remain in productive use and create further value. It may involve: Increasing the time products ...

Why Rare Earth Recycling is Rare (and What can We Do About it)

by Ensia  (Apr. 8, 2014)

Earbuds, touch screens, CFLs with a warm glow, rechargeable batteries and power windows: Most of us take these things for granted. When we do, we also take for granted a group of elements called rare earth metals, whose special electronic and magnetic properties make them a key component of many 21st century technologies. These 17 elements are ...

Hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide

by Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH / CTP Air Pollution Control  (Aug. 30, 2014)

Example: Aluminium recycling Similar tasks: Recycling of copper, lead, cink The waste gas in metal recycling usually contains particles (abraded metal, mineral dust), inorganic, acid substances (HF, HCI, SOx) and dioxins (PCDD/F) as well as a whole range of organic substances (unburned hydrocarbons) and carbon monoxide. Particularly, in the ...

Oil and metal recovery from mill scale and grinding swarf for the metal industry - case study

by econ industries GmbH  (Feb. 6, 2014)

A combination of rising prices for resources and the improvement in technology make treatment of mill scale and grinding swarf an extremely environmentally friendly and economical solution. The first VacuDry® plant for the recovery of oil solvents and metals from sludges began operating in autumn 2012. Our client is a medium-sized company ...

Evaluation of chitosan flakes as adsorbent for palladium and platinum recovery from binary dilute solutions

by Inderscience Publishers  (May 27, 2014)

In the recent years, special attention has been paid to the competitive recovery or separation of metals from industrial wastewaters or solid wastes that contain more than one chemical component. Platinum group metals (PGMs), particularly palladium and platinum, are used together in many fields such as industrial catalyst production. The recovery ...

Characterisation of waste fluorescent lamps to investigate their potential recovery in Turkey

by Inderscience Publishers  (May 27, 2014)

The investigations in this study were performed on two types of waste linear (tubular) T8 and T12 lamps, which are mostly used in Turkey. Total average value of the mercury mass for the T8 and T12 lamps were calculated to be about 6 mg and 12 mg per lamp, respectively. SEM–EDX elemental analysis showed that approximately 52% of hosphor powders of ...

ReCyclone® EH Case Study: ZnO Reactor - ZnO Nanoparticles recovery

by Advanced Cyclone Systems, S. A.  (Mar. 4, 2014)

FOREWORD In 2009, ACS was approached by Innovnano, one important micro and nanoparticles of metal oxides manufacturer in Portugal to increase the yield of one manufacturing facility. Innovnano is a subsidiary of CUF, centenary in the chemical industry. CUF is the largest Portuguese chemical group, with production facilities in Portugal and Spain. ...

Titanium Scrap Metal Processing

by Separation Technologists, Inc.  (Mar. 1, 2013)

Background A world-class processor of titanium scrap had a wash system whose cleaning solution was becoming contaminated with both free floating unemulsified tramp oil and emulsified water soluble oil that was being washed off of titanium turnings. As the level of oil contamination increased over time in the wash solution, cleaning effectiveness ...

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