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10 Questions (And Answers) That May Change the Way You Aerate

by KLa Systems, Inc.  (Feb. 26, 2015)

Slot Injector: How does the slot-shaped nozzle of the Slot Injector™ aeration system improve performance? The slot shaped nozzle and mixing chamber provide a larger shear surface for mass transfer than a circular jet of identical area. This unique shape results in a high percentage of gas dissolution and superior oxygen transfer rates ...

Are our Water Systems at Risk?

by British Columbia Water & Waste Association (BCWWA)  (Feb. 1, 2015)

Assessing the Financial Sustainability of BC’s Municipal Water and Sewer Systems Reliable water, sewer, and storm water systems are essential to public health, a clean environment, and a strong economy. But British Columbia’s systems may be at risk – aging infrastructure, growth, strengthened regulations, seismic risk, and ...

Photoreactivation and subsequent solar disinfection of Escherichia coli in UV-disinfected municipal wastewater under natural conditions

by IWA Publishing  (Jan. 30, 2015)

Photoreactivation of ultraviolet (UV)-disinfected wastewater of different qualities was experimentally assessed. Photoreactivation ability of secondary effluent and microstrained inflow was analyzed in different samples of 50 mL (Petri dish) and 7,000 mL volume to describe open channel effluent situations of wastewater treatment plants in a more ...

Growth and accumulation of heavy metals in turnip (Brassica rapa) irrigated with different concentrations of treated municipal wastewater

by IWA Publishing  (Jan. 29, 2015)

The present study has been carried out by irrigating turnip plants with different concentrations of treated municipal wastewater in order to see the effect on heavy metals accumulation and growth of plants. The turnip plants were watered with normal water and the results compared with results obtained by using treated municipal wastewater. The ...

Dissolved air flotation separation for pretreatment of membrane bioreactor in domestic wastewater treatment

by IWA Publishing  (Feb. 23, 2015)

Due to requiring higher water quality standards over time, new technologies are being employed for wastewater treatment. Dissolved air flotation (DAF) and membrane bioreactor (MBR) technologies are widely employed as new technologies in wastewater treatment. DAF is used due to its excellent separation capability of suspended solids as well as ...

Stability of alumina, ceria, and silica nanoparticles in municipal wastewater

by IWA Publishing  (Nov. 18, 2014)

Inorganic oxide nanoparticles (NPs) are used in semiconductor manufacturing operations such as wafer chemical–mechanical planarization (CMP). Understanding the stability of NPs in municipal wastewater is essential for the evaluation of the fate of NPs released to municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). This study aimed to evaluate ...

Water and wastewater treatment for Solar industry

by EnviroChemie GmbH Technology for Water  (Jan. 16, 2015)

Solar cells arc manufactured in a complex process thai requires enormous know-how. The objective is to produce panels with a high level of efficiency at low cost. To achieve this, different production processes are used. A fundamental distinction is made between solar cells on the basis of silicon wafers and thin-film cells, in which a special ...

LCA applied to elucidate opportunities for biogas from wastewaters in Colombia

by IWA Publishing  (Jan. 30, 2015)

Biogas produced in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities (BWWF) is a resource wasted in several socio-economic contexts. BWWF-based projects are compared against energy projects using conventional electricity or natural gas (NG), following strict economic considerations that usually tip the balance in favour of conventional ...

Reconstructing the ecological impacts of eight decades of mining, metallurgical and municipal activities on a small boreal lake in northern Canada

by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.  (Jan. 8, 2015)

As a result of long‐term metal mining and metallurgical activities, the sediment of Ross Lake (Flin Flin, MB, Canada) is highly contaminated with metals and other elements. Although it is likely that effluents were discharged into Ross Lake as early as the late 1920 s, lake biophysical data were not collected until 1973, more than four decades ...

Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimisation PLANT A - Case Study

by Combined Environmental Technologies Ltd (Ireland)  (Dec. 16, 2014)

Site Details: PLANT A, Co. Cavan, Ireland. Operator details: Undisclosed Description of Wastewater Treatment Facility: PLANT A is an activated sludge Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility which has inlet works followed by an oxidation ditch, secondary clarifier and a tertiary clarifier. Difficulties encountered on the WWTP ...

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