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China Resources Gas Group Ltd - Case Study

by Geotech  (Apr. 8, 2016)

Anaerobic fermentation project with waste water in Qidong Jiangsu Province, China.  The purification project was set up in order to connect the biogas to the city’s gas pipeline. The customer’s challenge Biogas upgrading: the Group aims to make use of what would ordinarily be a by-product – waste water.  Gas is ...

Soil resource efficiency in urbanised areas - analytical framework and implications for governance

by European Environment Agency (EEA)  (Apr. 19, 2016)

Soil is a limited and non-renewable resource — implying that its supply is limited — of which a lot of functional demands are made. As well as the use of the soil resource for growing food, which has been done for millennia, the many and diverse services that can be derived from it are in particularly high demand in urbanised spaces, ...

Simon Fraser University Opens Suite of Mass Spectrometers for Natural Products Discovery Research

by Waters Corporation  (May 9, 2016)

As a graduate student at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Roger Linington discovered his future life’s work serendipitously. While studying sponges, it became clear to him that one of the challenges in studying macroorganisms is their limited or slowly replenishing supply. To perform mechanism and mode-of-action studies, he needed a ...

On the Dynamics of Recycling and Natural Resources

by Springer  (Feb. 1, 2006)

We study the dynamic impact of recycling through its effect on the production set of the economy and its relationship with natural resources. The contribution of renewable and recyclable resources for sustainability is studied. Although in the short run recycling may alleviate resource scarcity, in the long run it is not enough to compensate for ...

Rotork valve actuators at hub of automated flood alleviation scheme - Case Study

by Rotork  (Jun. 28, 2015)

Overview An extended scope contract performed by Rotork Site Services has successfully delivered full automation of a flood alleviation scheme protecting the historic town of Cardigan in West Wales. The project involved replacing unreliable actuators from another manufacturer, installing a PLC control cabinet and interfacing with the existing ...

Lowara plays key role in Ashgabat 2017 games

by LOWARA S.r.l.- a Xylem brand  (May 3, 2016)

Ashgabat in Turkmenistan is set to be the home of the fifth Asian Indoor and Martial Arts games in 2017. Construction teams are working hard to meet the fast approaching deadline of this multi-phase project, with phase two and three nearing completion. Totaling over 1,466 square meters, the multi-purpose sports facility, comprising 30 venues, is ...

How the grocery supply chain can save £millions from tackling food waste

by WRAP (the Waste & Resources Action Programme)  (May 17, 2016)

New research from food waste prevention experts, WRAP, estimates that 1.9 million tonnes* of food is wasted in the UK grocery supply chain every year. However, 0.7 million tonnes of material, which could have become waste, is either being redistributed to people (47,000 tonnes; the equivalent of 90 million meals a year) or diverted to animal ...

Sustainable Use and Management of Natural Resources

by European Environment Agency (EEA)  (Jan. 5, 2006)

Background The EU sixth environment action programme (6EAP) expressly calls for 'breaking the linkages between economic growth and resource use'. This report, which contributes to the EEA's five-year report 'The European environment — State and outlook 2005', was prepared in recognition of the importance of the sustainable use and management of ...

A Natural-Resource-Based View of the Firm

Over the next decade, businesses will be challenged to create new concepts of strategy, and it seems likely that the basis for gaining competitive advantage in the coming years will be rooted increasingly in a set of emerging capabilities such as waste minimization, green product design, and technology cooperation in the developing world. ...

House of commons committee on natural resources

by Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA)  (Mar. 23, 2010)

Introduction The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association represents the interests of municipal water and wastewater services in respect of federal or national legislation, policies and programs. More than 24 million Canadians receive drinking water from municipal services and discharge wastewater to those services. The services are provided on ...

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