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Nitrification Insurance

by Cleveland Biotech Ltd.  (Apr. 1, 2011)

A market leader in biomass engineering has launched a 24-hour biological safeguard system to protect organisations operating treatment plants against discharging illegal levels of ammonia. North East-based Cleveland Biotech (CB) has seen an increase in enquiries for its Amnite NS5000 product from companies which are obliged to prove to ...

Nitrification Potential Curves: A New Strategy for Nitrification Prevention

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)  (Aug. 1, 2005)

Chloramination has replaced free chlorine as a secondary disinfectant at many utilities because of regulations limiting trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs) in the distribution system. Chloramine use is advantageous because it forms substantially lower concentrations of THMs and HAAs than free chlorine. However, the potential for ...

Controlling Nitrification in Chloraminated Systems

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)  (Jul. 1, 1996)

Of US water systems that chloraminate, an estimated two thirds experience some degree of nitrification in the distribution system. Measures utilities use to control nitrification were investigated through field sampling, evaluation of utility data, laboratory tests, and case studies of systems that have evaluated or attempted to control ...

Nitrification: Causes, Prevention, and Control

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)  (Dec. 1, 2001)

This article discusses how nitrification in drinking water distribution systems is a concern for water systems that use chloramines as a secondary disinfectant. If left uncontrolled, nitrification can lead to serious water quality degradation, high heterotrophic plate count (HPC) in the distribution system, and undetectable disinfectant residual, ...

Nitrification case study

by Cleveland Biotech Ltd.  (May 29, 2014)

The Bay View effluent treatment plant is one of the largest wastewater treatment facilities in North West Ohio, USA. The facility is located near the mouth of the Maumee River and provides treatment for an area of about 100 square miles. About 84 square miles of this area is located within Toledo city. The population that it serves is ...

Case of Study – Low nitrification

by SURCIS, S.L.  (Jul. 15, 2011)

BM Respirometer The respirometer utilized for the study was a BM-T, provided with external thermostatic unit (bath) This “batch system” respirometer consists of: a single reactor vessel, divided into two interconnected compartments with closed recirculation loop between the two. Both compartments are kept completely mixed by means of ...

Battling nitrification with blacklights

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)  (Apr. 21, 2010)

THE LOS ANGELES DEPARTMENT of Water and Power suspended a bank of fluorescent blacklights in the head-space of Mount Washington Tank 2 in July 2009. The idea was to test whether standard overhead light fixtures could supply enough near-ultraviolet (UVA) radiation to prevent nitrification onset in covered storage facilities containing chloraminated ...

Nitrification and Nitrosation on the Surface of GAC

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)  (Aug. 1, 1986)

The attached-growth nitrification process was investigated to determine whether it can induce nitrosamine formation when the precursor secondary amine is adsorbed on the surface of activated carbon and the ammonia concentration is fairly low (2mg NH4-N/L). Most reports of nitrification concern wastewater treatment in which concentrations of ...

Nitrification in a Distribution System

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)  (Jul. 1, 1993)

Symptoms indicative of nitrification occurred in the Ann Arbor, Michigan, system during the late summer of 1990. The episode was characterized by decreases in monochloramine residual and increases in heterotrophic plate count (HPC) bacteria and nitrite. The cause of the nitrification was most probably a high dosage of ammonia combined with ...

Nitrogen balance and transformation in the nitrification process of coking wastewater and the influence on nitrification kinetics

by IWA Publishing  (Apr. 10, 2014)

This paper describes the total nitrogen balance, and the direction and degree of nitrogen transformation during the nitrification process of coking wastewater. According to the actual nitrification process, the conventional nitrification kinetic equation was amended. After 48 h of nitrification, the total nitrogen content remained almost the ...

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