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Management of spent nuclear fuel and its waste

by European Commission, Joint Research Centre  (Sep. 30, 2014)

The spent nuclear fuel from the operation of nuclear power plants needs to be managed in a safe, responsible and effective way. Several possibilities exist to deal with the spent fuel. Within the so-called “open fuel cycle”, it is disposed of without further use. When “closing the fuel cycle”, the energetic component in the ...

Questions and answers on the amended Nuclear Safety Directive

by Europa Press Room  (Jul. 8, 2014)

What is new in the directive? The amended Nuclear Safety Directive strengthens the nuclear safety framework of the EU. The amendment reinforces the provisions of the existing directive. It: strengthens the role and independence of national regulatory authorities; introduces a high-level EU-wide safety objective, emphasizing accident prevention ...

Research output in radioactive waste management based on non–conventional literature

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jun. 23, 2014)

This paper identifies the research paradigms in the area of radioactive waste management based on the technical reports retrieved from the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) from 1970 to 2012. The aim is to determine the volume of research output, the countries involved in the research; collaboration network has been studied at the ...

Nuclear energy: societal and knowledge management aspects

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jan. 30, 2014)

Multidisciplinary complexity and special characteristics of nuclear energy management lead to varied public perception of associated risks. Arguments on how nuclear power plants might contribute to sustainability or threaten it are discussed. Energy produced from nuclear power reactors may contribute to the economic development of the country they ...

An ontological approach to knowledge management for sustainable nuclear decommissioning

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jan. 30, 2014)

Nuclear decommissioning design and operational knowledge may remain relevant over many decades. Designing sustainable operations today requires meaningful simulation of future events, which in turn relies on the accurate representation of all relevant current knowledge. In decommissioning, human agents may be as important for maintaining ...

Radioactive waste management in Italy

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jan. 9, 2014)

After a short review of radioactive waste origins and inventories in Italy, the paper deals with the current major challenges that Italy has to cope with to pursue its radioactive waste sustainable management and safe disposal. Site restoration by Sogin of dismissed nuclear installations is part of the waste management challenge. The importance of ...

U.S. Nuclear Power in Decline

by Earth Policy Institute  (Sep. 10, 2013)

Nuclear power generation in the United States is falling. After increasing rapidly since the 1970s, electricity generation at U.S. nuclear plants began to grow more slowly in the early 2000s. It then plateaued between 2007 and 2010—before falling more than 4 percent over the last two years. Projections for 2013 show a further 1 percent drop. ...

Nuclear industry: the need for outreaching. The point of view of the stakeholders: the workers

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jan. 9, 2014)

Starting from a description of the current situation, which sees Italy outside the nuclear producers, the paper describes the different realities that are still working on nuclear energy and its different facets, illustrating Italian enterprises' and trade unions' role in a future perspective.Keywords: nuclear energy, nuclear power, Italy, nuclear ...

Matrix Gemini LIMS at work in the Nuclear Industry

by Autoscribe UK Ltd  (May 24, 2013)

Bradwell nuclear power station is located on the Dengie peninsula at the mouth of the River Blackwater in Essex. Construction of Bradwell power station began in December 1957 and electricity generation started in 1962. It had two Magnox reactors producing 242 Megawatts of electricity. It could supply enough electricity to meet the combined needs ...

Sogin: best practice in supplier qualification

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jan. 9, 2014)

The purchasing and procurement policy of the Italian Sogin company, which is engaged in the reclamation of nuclear sites and management of radioactive waste, helps to ensure safety and quality during all work stages so as to protect workers, citizens and the environment.Keywords: Sogin, Nucleco, nuclear decommissioning, radioactive waste, waste ...

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