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Winners, Losers, and the Nuclear-Waste Dilemma

by Springer  (Jun. 1, 2006)

This paper explores how property-right assignment affects social efficiency when a public program has both “public good” and “public bad” components. We show that when willingness to accept a public bad exceeds the willingness to pay, the net benefit is unambiguously lower when the property right supports the status quo institutional structure. ...

Public risk perception of nuclear waste

by Inderscience Publishers  (Mar. 23, 2009)

Nuclear waste has emerged as a very salient issue in the nuclear power debate. In the present study, a broad range of risk perception and attitude dimensions concerned with nuclear waste was investigated. It was found that most respondents from the general public were not willing to accept a local high-level nuclear waste repository in their home ...

Societal risk communication and nuclear waste disposal

by Inderscience Publishers  (Feb. 10, 2004)

How to deal with health and environmental protection is one of the most difficult and challenging modern policy issues. Accurate and balanced public understanding and perception of risk is essential for the development of technologies and the protection of public health and environment. Misconceived views of various environmental risks could ...

Book Review: Nuclear Waste. Law, Policy and Pragmatism

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jul. 31, 2006)

Nuclear Waste. Law, Policy and Pragmatism, by Peter Riley. Ashgate, 2004. 300pp. ISBN 0-7546-2318-1Keywords: book ...

Opinion: Nuclear Waste Management and New Build

Keywords: nuclear power, Generic Design Assessment, CO2 emissions, radiological protection, thermal oxide reprocessing, Radioactive Substances Act, Ionising Radiations Regulations, decommissioning and remediation of nuclear sites INTRODUCTION The history of designing, constructing and commissioning new nuclear power stations in the UK is not, it ...

Nuclear waste storage and environmental intergenerational externalities

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jan. 7, 2015)

This article analyses the long–term consequences of nuclear waste storage within a general equilibrium framework. The objective is to determine the conditions for which the storage of waste, and thus the transfer of externalities towards the future, can be optimal. These conditions could explain the implementation of intergenerational ...

Management of spent nuclear fuel and its waste

by European Commission, Joint Research Centre  (Sep. 30, 2014)

The spent nuclear fuel from the operation of nuclear power plants needs to be managed in a safe, responsible and effective way. Several possibilities exist to deal with the spent fuel. Within the so-called “open fuel cycle”, it is disposed of without further use. When “closing the fuel cycle”, the energetic component in the ...

Nuclear 2.0 a revival with bugs

by European Energy Review (EER)  (May 18, 2009)

Nuclear power is undergoing a revival. Over the past years, governments all over the world have given the green light for new nuclear power plants, or have adopted legislation enabling new plants to be built. However, the financial crisis is causing delays, the waste storage problem remains unsolved and safety continues to be an ...

The UK nuclear option

by Inderscience Publishers  (Dec. 19, 2005)

The UK faces the need to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. A decision has yet to be made to replace its currently retiring nuclear reactors with modern reactors, yet time is pressing if the UK is to meet its emission target and ensure security of its future energy supply.Keywords: nuclear power, nuclear energy, nuclear waste, nuclear economics, ...

Sitting on a nuclear bombshell

by European Energy Review (EER)  (Apr. 27, 2009)

The images resemble production stills from a cheap Hollywood thriller. Some 125,000 rusty yellow and brown barrels are dumped carelessly into taverns deep below the ground, covered with dirt or salt, and left there to wait out time. The barrels contain nuclear waste, and they are located inside Asse, a research repository for lowand mid-level ...

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