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Interview with Ronald Ebelhar, 2015 Chairman of the ASTM Board

by ASTM International  (Jan. 8, 2015)

Ron Ebelhar has provided leadership in civil engineering projects and ASTM technical committee work since the 1970s. This year, he brings his experience to his elected position as chairman of the ASTM board of directors. You have worked on dozens of engineering projects since getting your degrees in civil engineering. What are some of the most ...

Environment Canada to publish summaries of risk assessments for new chemicals

by Bloomberg BNA  (Aug. 19, 2013)

OTTAWA--Environment Canada this fall will begin publishing summaries of risk assessments it conducts on certain chemical substances when they are first proposed for domestic use. The initiative by the department's New Substances Program has the support of industry and nongovernmental organizations, but industry remains concerned about the ...

Strategic environmental assessment: one concept, multiple definitions

by Inderscience Publishers  (Feb. 11, 2014)

The literature indicates that there are numerous definitions of strategic environmental assessment (SEA), but none of which has achieved full recognition on the part of researchers and practitioners. This study aims to compile a set of definitions that represents the amplitude of the subject matter to, on this basis, assess the conceptual ...

A New Strategy to Improve Water Quality—One Targeted Watershed at a Time

by World Resources Institute WRI  (Jan. 7, 2014)

Water quality in the United States remains a major environmental and policy challenge. Water pollution is also a growing and serious problem across much of the world. Tackling water quality problems, particularly from diffuse sources such as agricultural farm fields, is a substantial challenge and much can be learned from the U.S. experience. ...

Site assessments and remediation case study

by EFI Global, Inc.  (Jun. 25, 2014)

Service(s) performed: Phase I site assessment/soil investigation/soil remediation project for a golf course Summary: Prior to the sale of the golf course property, our experts were engaged to conduct a Phase I Site Assessment. Due to poor management practices, the facility was found to have multiple releases of fuel and waste oil, which were ...

Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessment

by Troy Risk, Inc.  (Sep. 22, 2012)

Troy Risk was approached by Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (KIBI) to complete a combination Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Phase II Subsurface Investigation, on a multi-lot parcel that would be KIBI’s new headquarters building. Troy Risk performed the Phase I / Phase II on a not-for-profit basis in support of the merit of ...

Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA Enhances Management System Audits and Risk Assessments for Integration with Incident Reporting

by IHS  (Jun. 1, 2013)

A decade ago, Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA (TPRI) established itself as a global leader in risk management. The Houston-based company deployed market-leading environmental, health and safety (EHS) incident management and reporting software – IHS IMPACT ERM – at all 17 Total Petrochemicals facilities worldwide to drive ...

Environmental Assessments – An Important Component of CSR Programs

by SGS  (Feb. 21, 2013)

Companies and industries strongly engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have taken significant steps in their sourcing policies to reduce unethical and inhuman working conditions by controlling their subcontractors along the supply chain. Until now, the primary focus has been on working conditions, but CSR also encompasses environmental ...

Intraurban variability of Ambient PM Arsenic and other air toxics metals case study

by Cooper Environmental Services, LLC  (Oct. 31, 2014)

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) and Washington University participated in a project to collect and analyze air toxics metals data. It was funded through a Community Air Toxics Grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). The study grew out of the southside St. Louis Community Air Project (CAP) which identified ...

Evaluating cost when selecting performance reference compounds (PRCs) for the environmental deployment of polyethylene passive samplers

by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.  (Sep. 19, 2014)

A challenge in environmental passive sampling is determining when equilibrium is achieved between the sampler, target contaminants, and environmental phases. A common approach is the use of performance reference compounds (PRCs) to estimate target contaminant sampling rates and indicate degree of sampler equilibrium. One logistical issue ...

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