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Underground research for sewer optimization - Case Study

by Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment  (Jul. 22, 2014)

Project Underground research for sewer optimization Client The local authority of Bergen in co-operation with Tauw Consultancy Country The Netherlands Background and objective The local authority of Bergen in North Holland wants to limit the management costs of the sewer system. The ...

Cosmetics production with smart wastewater treatment– with the disposal technology from DAS

by DAS Environmental Expert GmbH  (Jul. 2, 2014)

Emil Kiessling GmbH relies on the TFR technology from Dresden (Germany) for wastewater treatment Emil Kiessling GmbH with headquarters in Georgensgmünd, Middle Franconia (Germany), is a successful cosmetics manufacturer. The product range includes natural cosmetics through to sun ...

Pulsar`s Blackbox 136 Level CSO Controller provides an immediate view of sewage overflow events in Ljubljana, Slovenia

by Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd  (May 27, 2014)

Slovenia's largest water distribution and waste water disposal company, Javno podjetje Vodovod-Kanalizacija d.o.o. Ljubljana, invited Pulsar distributor, MIMOS, to help gather information of sewage overflow events along local rivers. By using a combination of MIMOS software, ...

Why instrument hire makes occupational safety sense

by Ashtead Technology Ltd  (May 9, 2014)

Background Decisions concerning the acquisition of occupational safety monitoring instrumentation are often made by operational staff that may not have visibility of the full financial implications of their choices. The following article will examine the factors affecting these decisions and explain why a strategic decision to hire instrumentation ...

Risk assessment of sewer condition using artificial intelligence tools: application to the SANEST sewer system

by IWA Publishing  (Feb. 19, 2014)

Operation, maintenance and rehabilitation comprise the main concerns of wastewater infrastructure asset management. Given the nature of the service provided by a wastewater system and the characteristics of the supporting infrastructure, technical issues are relevant to support asset management decisions. In particular, in densely urbanized areas ...

Innovative use of lamella clarifiers for central stormwater treatment in separate sewer systems

by IWA Publishing  (Apr. 24, 2014)

Lamella settlers have been used in the past few years for the sedimentation of particles in wastewater and stormwater applications. A new and very innovative approach for the treatment of stormwater flows is proposed which extends the portfolio of solutions beyond traditional settling tanks. Surface runoff is stored in a sewer or a basin and ...

Case Study - Sewer Sensors

by Solid Applied Technologies Ltd.  (Sep. 10, 2013)

Sewer Sensors Sewer sensors are offered by Solid Applied Technologies for remote level monitoring. The sesnors are ultrasonic, non-contact with no moving parts. The system is equipped with an external battery pack and can operate at a low-power-mode for long term life. The sensors are equipped with embedded GSM cellular modem and act as M2M ...

Comparison of discrete Fourier transform (DFT) and principal component analysis/DFT as forecasting tools for absorbance time series received by UV-visible probes installed in urban sewer systems

by IWA Publishing  (Mar. 13, 2014)

The objective of this work is to introduce a forecasting method for UV-Vis spectrometry time series that combines principal component analysis (PCA) and discrete Fourier transform (DFT), and to compare the results obtained with those obtained by using DFT. Three time series for three different study sites were used: (i) Salitre wastewater ...

Predicting combined sewer overflows chamber depth using artificial neural networks with rainfall radar data

by IWA Publishing  (Mar. 19, 2014)

Combined sewer overflows (CSOs) represent a common feature in combined urban drainage systems and are used to discharge excess water to the environment during heavy storms. To better understand the performance of CSOs, the UK water industry has installed a large number of monitoring systems that provide data for these assets. This paper presents ...

Performance of sanitary sewer collection system odour control devices operating in diverse conditions

by IWA Publishing  (Dec. 19, 2013)

Controlling odours from sanitary sewer systems is challenging as a result of the expansive nature of these systems. Addition of oxidizing chemicals is often practiced as a mitigation strategy. One alternative is to remove odorous compounds in the gases vented from manholes using adsorptive media. In this study, odour control devices located at ...

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