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Q&A: will shale revolutionise gas?

by Biolargo, Inc.  (Dec. 24, 2010)

"If shale gas fails to deliver on current expectations, then in 10 years or so, gas supplies could face serious constraints." So says Paul Stevens, a senior fellow at the international affairs think tank, Chatham House. He's penned a report that raises serious doubts about whether shale gas will indeed deliver. So what is shale gas, why is it ...

A shale gas revolution?

by MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (Jan. 3, 2012)

MIT report shows prosperous shale gas market could hurt future R&D, if we let it. By Vicki Ekstrom, Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, MIT Shale gas - a resource that has grown significantly in just the last few years to one-quarter of the domestic gas supply - is cheaper and involves fewer emissions than ...

A Guide to Shale Gas

by Energy Institute (EI)  (Feb. 10, 2015)

The Shale gas Collection addresses the scientific and technological aspects of shale gas and its development. It provides a factual, balanced explanation of the major issues to be considered in the debate about the role of shale gas in meeting future UK energy needs. Explore records by topic using the landscape below, or download our publication: ...

SGBI opinion article: shale gas

by CNG Services Limited  (Feb. 1, 2011)

Government perceives electric vehicles to be a panacea that will solve problems surrounding air quality and CO2 emissions simultaneously. The EV has two main selling points: reduced CO2 emissions and high efficiency. However, these are only valid at a superficial level and the argument disintegrates under any level of scrutiny. In terms of CO2 ...

Does shale gas mean cheap gas?

by ENER-G  (Sep. 11, 2014)

What is the true impact of shale gas extraction in the UK? Swathes of the British population are against fracking (the process of releasing natural gas trapped within shale rock formations) due to its perceived visual impact and environmental concerns. Two out of three of the main political parties apparently support further exploration and ...

Shale gas extraction - frac water treatment

by EVALED  (Jun. 4, 2013)

The client The Client is a company which makes part of a Group based in the Eastern Europe and specialized in drilling activities and well services for the exploration/extraction industry. The Client’s needs Shale is a sedimentary rock that is predominantly comprised of consolidated clay-sized particles. Shale gas is produced from ...

Shale Gas spawns investment in related sectors

by Biolargo, Inc.  (Jul. 19, 2012)

In a book recently released by the RTI Press, Shale Gas: the Promise and the Peril (, author Vikram Rao details the economic rewards from shale gas development. He also underlines the environmental risks ...

Enhancing Your Shale Oil & Gas Strategies

by Marcus Evans  (Aug. 25, 2011)

Five Minutes With Tisha Conoly Schuller, President & Chief Executive Officer of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association Name: Tisha Conoly Schuller Job Title: President & Chief Executive Officer Company: Colorado Oil & Gas Association Background: As President, Ms. Schuller is responsible for leading ...

Shale gas - Information on hydraulic fracturing (`fracking`)

by IWA Publishing  (Jun. 13, 2013)

Shale gas is natural gas – mainly methane – trapped within the micropores of shale formations or adsorbed onto the shale (sedimentary rock). In Europe, known deposits exist in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the Baltic States and Scandinavia. In Switzerland, deposits are suspected to lie in the Permo-Carboniferous ...

Barnett Shale Fault Detection

by Geophysics International  (May 19, 2016)

OBJECTIVE OF THE PETRO-SONDE SURVEY: To delineate faults within Barnett Shale Barnett Shale deposits within the Ft. Worth Basin produce primarily gas from fracture porosity. Strata in the Johnson county area dip and thicken to the northeast in response to the Central Texas uplift bordering the Ft. Worth Basin to the southwest. Faulting is common ...

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