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24 hours per day real-time groundwater data during dewatering and stress handling

by Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment  (Oct. 2, 2014)

Project Widening of motorway A9 Gaasperdammerweg – Amsterdam Client Van Kessel Bronbemaling Principals ...

Soil Fracturing

by Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable  (Jan. 1, 1997)

Introduction Fracturing is an enhancement technology designed to increase the efficiency of other in situ technologies in difficult soil conditions. The fracturing extends and enlarges existing fissures and introduces new fractures, primarily in the horizontal direction. When fracturing has been completed, the formation is then subjected to vapor ...

Contaminated soil remediation - Inverurie

by Soilutions Ltd  (Oct. 23, 2012)

Remove Contaminated Soil from Residential Gardens & Re-Landscape Client: MTM Construction Consultant: WA Fairhurst and Partners Challenge: Advise on the removal of contaminated material from a residential area built on a former town gas site. Reinstate existing landscaping. Applied ...

Evaluating Leaks in a Soil Gas Sampling Train

by Eurofins Air Toxics Inc  (Sep. 16, 2013)

ABSTRACT The current advisory for active soil gas investigations in California requires leak tests to be conducted at eveiy soil gas probe while taking a sample. A leak may allow ambient ak into the sample train thus diluting the soil gas and underestimating the results. Also, the leak check compound itself may have impurities thereby ...

Groundwater Plume, Source and Risk Identification Using Passive Soil Gas

by Beacon Environmental Services, Inc.  (May 19, 2008)

Abstract The results from sixty passive soil gas (PSG) samplers placed at a grain silo and mixed-use industrial facility with a known chlorinated solvent release aided with the rapid investigation time-schedule. The samplers were used to determine potential sources, plume extent and vapor risks in areas beyond the previous discrete soil sampling ...

Impact of Sampling Media on Soil Gas Measurements

by Eurofins Air Toxics Inc  (Sep. 1, 2006)

Abstract To evaluate the vapor intrusion pathway for a building and to assess the associated human health risks, soil gas samples near the building site and under the building foundation may be collected. In order to meet risk assessment goals, the analytical laboratory is often required to report compounds of concern for these soil gas samples ...

Soil Vapor Extraction (In Situ)

by Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable  (Jan. 1, 1997)

Introduction Soil vapor extraction (SVE) is an in situ unsaturated (vadose) zone soil remediation technology in which a vacuum is applied to the soil to induce the controlled flow of air and remove volatile and some semivolatile contaminants from the soil. The gas leaving the soil may be treated to recover or destroy the contaminants, depending on ...

Soil Vapor Extraction (Ex Situ)

by Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable  (Oct. 1, 1997)

Introduction: Ex situ soil vapor extraction (SVE) is a full-scale technology in which soil is excavated and placed over a network of aboveground piping to which a vacuum is applied to encourage volatilization of organics. Soil piles are generally covered with a geomembrane to prevent volatile emissions and to prevent the soil from becoming ...

Hydrocarbon contaminated soil remediation - Fife

by Soilutions Ltd  (Oct. 23, 2012)

Removal of Contaminated Soils from Residential Gardens & Re-Landscape Cient: Local Authority, Central Belt of Scotland Consultant: RPS Plc. Challenge: Remove contaminated material from the garden areas of houses built upon a former town gas site. Reinstate existing landscaping. Applied ...

Deadly Hexavalent Chromium in Soil

by ABCOV Companies  (Aug. 1, 2014)

Merging technologies will change over Hexavalent Chromium in soil to Trivalent Chromium, effectively stopping Hexavalent Chromium from becoming dangerously airborne or becoming even more deadly by migrating into the water table. There are three valences of Chromium: 1) Chromium—safe to humans, 2) Trivalent Chromium—safe and an ...

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