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Development of optimum solar irradiation energy model for Iran

by Inderscience Publishers  (Mar. 19, 2009)

In this article, an optimal model for calculating the total solar irradiation is represented for Iran. Eight irradiation models are analysed based on the meteorology information of 22 synoptic stations. Afterwards, accuracy of these methods is compared using standard error criteria. Hence, Daneshyar and Modified Daneshyar are introduced as the ...

Solar Energy – Proving Advantageous for Your Business

by Vista Solar  (Oct. 10, 2014)

Energy costs constitute a sizeable part of operational costs for any commercial establishment, whether it is a public or a private enterprise. If a firm invests in solar energy, it not only contributes towards decreasing carbon footprint, but also helps create a better world for forthcoming generations. Though, in the initial years, an investment ...

Start a business by riding the solar energy revolution

by Solargies  (Oct. 4, 2008)

We are at the dawn of a solar revolution in the United States. Every aspect of the solar industry is experiencing explosive growth. Triple digit expansion in solar photovoltaic cell manufacturing, to the need for solar sales associates, to the huge demand for solar system installers. Opportunities abound everywhere. Upgrading the U.S. home to ...

Mobile systems provide solar energy in northern climates

by USEPA - Technology Innovation and Field Services Division (TIFSD)  (Jul. 1, 2008)

The Department of Transportation for Alberta, Canada, is examining innovative strategies to resolve environmental issues in remote areas of the province. Portable units for harnessing solar energy have been demonstrated over the past five years as a viable method for generating the electricity needed to drive remediation systems at several sites ...

New documentary showcases the promise of solar energy

by Ensia  (Mar. 21, 2016)

What do an unemployed American worker, a Tea Party activist and a Chinese entrepreneur have in common? They’re all part of a new documentary film highlighting the growth of solar energy around the world. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Shalini Kantayya and featuring stories from the U.S. ...

Solar energy dissipation and temperature control by water and plants

by Inderscience Publishers  (Feb. 25, 2011)

Ecosystems use solar energy for self-organisation and cool themselves by exporting entropy to the atmosphere as heat. These energy transformations are achieved through evapotranspiration, with plants as 'heat valves'. In this study, the dissipative process is demonstrated at sites in the Czech Republic and Belgium, using landscape temperature data ...

How Does Solar Energy Transformed into Electricity?

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (Jun. 23, 2014)

Many years ago, solar energy was never been the subject of all talks. Basically because the solar energy was never given that importance in people’s day to day life before. They just ignore and did not give attention on its importance. They fail to realize the importance of it. Now, as the period of modernized society where new technologies ...

Chinese Solar Energy Market Analysis to 2014

by ReportsnReports / SandlerResearch  (Nov. 6, 2014)

This  latest market research report titled Solar Energy in China 2014 states that the market is expected to witness rapid growth owing to favorable policy environment in the country. With the country facing a continuous shortfall in the supply of conventional sources required to meet the increasing demand for energy in recent years, the focus ...

Drinking Water Plant with Solar Energy Supply

by Sistema Azud, S.A.  (Mar. 7, 2013)

AZUD DW DU1 ECO guarantees supply of high quality drinking water, which saves lives and prevents epidemics outbreaks. It gives an immediate solution, economic, ecological, and autonomous, without installation or maintenance costs. It provides an on-site water treatment, with no need of water and electric supply infrastructure. This self-energy ...

Transparent conductors for solar energy and energy efficiency: a broad-brush picture

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jun. 25, 2009)

Transparent conductors (TCs) have numerous and diverse applications for solar energy applications and for energy efficiency. The largest of these applications, in terms of area, are based on the fact that the TCs have low infrared emittance and can be used to improve the thermal properties of modern fenestration. Depending on whether the TCs are ...

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