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5kw Solar Power Plant - Case Study

by Inverter Go  (May 26, 2015)

(1)The Project Proposed Overseas Division Construction Engineering Group is mainly responsible for overseas market development function.In foreign countries, especially developing countries, Many engineering projects are away from downtown or some new area, project management and life electricity sometimes rely on diesel generators ...

How do you bring electricity to 620 million people?

by Ensia  (Jun. 15, 2015)

Sub-Saharan Africa needs a more reliable energy supply. The way it chooses to meet that need will affect the entire planet. In South Africa, major cities are subject to regular power outages as electric utility Eskom periodically shuts down parts of its distribution system to take the pressure off the aging national grid. Whole areas of Cape Town ...

Beyond the Tesla Powerwall: How energy storage is shaping up in Ontario - How energy storage changes everything

by Green Energy Futures  (Jun. 20, 2015)

There are not many entrepreneurs who can command a room like Elon Musk. When he stepped onto a stage in May to unveil the Powerwall the audience oohed and ahhed and dutifully pre-ordered more than 38,000 of Tesla’s new home battery systems. And while Tesla gets the headlines other energy storage ...

Renewable energy progress report

by Europa Press Room  (Jun. 16, 2015)

What is the Renewable energy progress report and what is its purpose? The Renewable Energy Directive states that a progress report should be issued every two years. The purpose of this progress report is to assess Member States' progress in the promotion and use of renewable energy in line with the 2020 targets. In addition, it contains ...

If we quit oil, then what?

by Ensia  (Jun. 22, 2015)

Ditching oil would hugely increase electricity demand. Here’s why that’s a good thing for the environment. The recent oil pipeline spill in Santa Barbara has been an unfortunate case of déjà vu, bringing back collective memories of oil-slicked seabirds and blackened beaches. It came ...

G7 Climate Vision requires Gargantuan Economic Shift

by Associated Press  (Jun. 8, 2015)

When leaders of the Group of Seven wealthy countries pledge to "decarbonize" the global economy, they're talking about a shift so dramatic that one analyst described it as a new Apollo mission. Like putting a man on the moon, it would require overcoming major hurdles related to technology and money and the political will - so far in short supply ...

Getting to 100% Renewable: Dream or Reality?

by The World Bank  (May 29, 2015)

Attending the Future of Energy Summit last month, an annual event hosted by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, I was struck – for the second year running – by the rapid pace of cost reductions and ...

GWT- Green Communities Program Integrating Community Water Treatment with Advanced Renewable Energy - Case Study

by Genesis Water Technologies, Inc  (May 19, 2015)

Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. was featured on the Emerald Planet TV program in April 2015 for the GWT Green Communities Program Initiative integrating community based water & waste water solutions powered by advanced renewable energy with capabilities to power communities. The attached case study is one example of Genesis Water ...

Solar fuels: how planes and cars could be powered by the sun

by GLOBE Foundation  (Jun. 26, 2015)

Solar energy is the world’s most plentiful and ubiquitous energy source, and researchers around the world are pursuing ways to convert sunlight into a useful form. Most people are aware of solar photovoltaics that generate electricity and solar panels that produce hot water. But there is another thrust of solar research: turning sunlight ...

Hidden heroes power green ambitions

by Grundfos Pumps Corporation  (Jun. 12, 2015)

A unique way of thinking sustainability into every part of society has drawn attention to the Danish island of Samsø from all over the world. Innovation and energy optimisation are key elements in achieving the ambitious goal of becoming completely independent from fossil fuels. When you say “Samsø”, the whole world ...

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