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Solar Thermal Action Plan for Europe

by European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF)  (Jan. 1, 2007)

 Ten years ago, the European Commission published its White Paper on Renewables, proposing a Community Strategy and Action Plan. Since then, European Directives to promote renewables in the electricity sector and in the transport sector have been successful in kicking off substantial growth in these two sectors. However, the renewable heating ...

Case study - Solar thermal In Louisiana

by ElectraTherm  (Nov. 21, 2014)

Solar Thermal/ORC Application in the USA Site Location: Crowley, LA, United States Thermal Power Available: Up to 650 kWt Green Machine Gross Power Output Avg: 15-50 kWe Hot Water Input Range: 65-120°C Water Cooling Tower: Up to 600 kWt ElectraTherm partnered with its gulf coast distributor, Gulf Coast Green Energy, to commission a Green ...

Solar thermal power coming to a boil

by Earth Policy Institute  (Jul. 22, 2008)

After emerging in 2006 from 15 years of hibernation, the solar thermal power industry experienced a surge in 2007, with 100 megawatts of new capacity coming online worldwide. During the 1990s, cheap fossil fuels, combined with a loss of state and federal incentives, put a damper on solar thermal power development. However, recent increases in ...

Solar thermal power plants for the Spanish electricity market

by Inderscience Publishers  (Aug. 7, 2007)

Solar thermal power plants are at present the cheapest technology for solar electricity production. At good sites Levelised Electricity Costs (LEC) of 11 Ct/kWh have been achieved in commercially operated power plants. Economy of scale and further technical improvements will reduce the LEC for future projects. On the 27th of March 2004 in Spain ...

Concentrated solar thermal power a good fit for Jordan

by FCBI Energy  (Mar. 11, 2013)

Jordanian officials to discuss role solar can play in their developing energy mix at MENASOL 2013 (14-15 May, Dubai). According to the CSP Today Global Tracker, the use of CSP in Jordan is currently under investigation, “while the country is busy implementing reliable low-cost supply of energy using large, conventional and centrally-located ...

Solar exergy maps for photovoltaic/thermal systems

by Inderscience Publishers  (Apr. 9, 2014)

In this paper, the thermal and electrical exergies and the exergy destructions are calculated for a photovoltaic thermal (PV/T) system based on solar exergy rates for some Indian climates namely Bangalore, Jodhpur, Mumbai, New Delhi and Srinagar for a year and for different US climates namely Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Portland, San ...

Solar Thermal System: Benefits Vs Problems?

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (May 26, 2014)

Solar thermal systems are the latest green renewable technology that derives energy from the sun to produce heat. This heat is then transferred to warm water for utilization or regulates temperatures within households, offices and even industries. Varying qualities of equipment results in variation of performance in terms of efficiency and ...

Provisional figures for the EU solar thermal market 2007

by European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF)  (Dec. 21, 2007)

After four years of very dynamic growth, the European solar thermal (ST) market registers a 10% decrease in sales in 2007. Many factors contributed to a 33% decline of Germany’s market. ESTIF urges policy makers to implement solar obligations to speed-up the market penetration of solar thermal. “We have seen very positive trends in some ...

Solar tunnel drier with thermal storage for drying of copra

by Inderscience Publishers  (Mar. 28, 2012)

A natural convection solar tunnel drier integrated with rock bed as sensible heat storage material was developed to test its performance for copra drying. The experiments were carried out with and without the integration of heat storage material. The temperature gradient inside the tunnel drier is about 10–25°C during the clear day and 7–12°C ...

Solar Water Distillation System, Solar Thermal Energy Conversion System

by FutureNet Group, Inc.  (Apr. 1, 2007)

Innovation in Water and Energy Access to Water and Energy is a Human Right and Fundamental Freedom to share the “gift of life”. The US. Patent and Trademark Office have awarded two Patents US 6,494,995 B1 for Solar Water Distillation System and US 7,127,894 B2 for Solar Thermal Energy Conversion System to the Inventor Mr.Hammam Battah, ...

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