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Monitoring the holy ground of FC Basel - Case Study

by Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment  (Sep. 4, 2014)

The grass on athletic grounds, particularly in large stadiums, is not only an important concern for sports but also one of the largest cost drivers. Therefore, the monitoring and care of the grounds takes on special significance. PlantCare has installed a soil moisture monitoring system as part of the redesign of the entire playing field at St. ...

Wastewater Level Measurement Techniques

by Greyline Instruments Inc.  (Sep. 2, 2014)

Level monitoring and control is a fundamental requirement in any wastewater treatment process. You will find level instrumentation installed at even the simplest treatment plants for pump control, chemical storage tanks and process level controls or alarms. Operators have only limited or emergency control over treatment plant influent, so level ...

Reliable protection against legionella - Case Study

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH  (Sep. 1, 2014)

Legionella bacteria pose a life-threatening risk, particularly to older people. This is why one care home operator in Spain opted for effective water disinfection with chlorine dioxide systems Bello Zon. Serious threat Combating legionella is extremely important, not just in swimming pools but also in hospitals and care homes. This is because ...

Manure Spills: Prevention, Detection, Control Options, & the Role of Anaerobic Digesters

by BIOFerm™ Energy Systems  (Aug. 27, 2014)

An internet search for manure-related spills can lead to an exhausting list of news articles and images of catastrophic environmental damage. In Wisconsin alone, the ...

Performance characteristics of a Thin-film aluminum oxide humidity sensor case study

by Moisture Control & Measurement Ltd  (Jun. 10, 2014)

Summary A laboratory study was made of the performance of a miniature-size, thin-film aluminum oxide humidily sensor over a range of ambient temperatures from 0°C to 40°C and encompassing humidities from 40 to 78,000 parts per million by volume (ppm-v). Hysteresis and temperature effects of the sensors were obtained from tests performed at ...

Emerging Technologies – How will they change our lives?

by GLOBE Foundation  (Apr. 30, 2014)

Forward planning by governmental agencies is often criticized for being too focused on short term political mandate priorities.  A recent report by Policy Horizons Canada, a federal government agency, on emerging technologies is a refreshing change from that norm.  The report explored how emerging technologies will shape the economy and ...

Fixed Versus Portable Gas Detection – Which Is Better?

by Active Environmental Solutions  (Sep. 16, 2014)

Did you know that workers are needlessly injured every year as a result of leaking toxic or combustible substances? Such incidents are known to involve a wide range of hazardous gases (including ammonia, carbon monoxide, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, hydrocarbon vapors and so on). The sad reality is that most of these accidents are avoidable if only ...

Manure Spills: Prevention, Detection, Control Options, and the Role of Anaerobic Digesters

by BIOFerm™ Energy Systems  (Aug. 27, 2014)

Manure Spills: Prevention, Detection, Control Options, and the Role of Anaerobic Digesters FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE By Steven Sell, Biologist & Application Engineer Wednesdays August 27, 2014 ...

What is Temperature Mapping and Validation Study Service : UAE

by Vacker LLC  (Dec. 25, 2013)

What is Temperature Mapping and validation In this video we are trying to explain what is temperature mapping and validation study for ware houses, cold rooms, chiller rooms, refrigerators, reefer, freezers, vehicles etc. Also we explain the procedures for carrying out the same. Vacker Group carries out Temperature Mapping and Validation Study ...

Bright future of solar lighting

by Greenshine New Energy LLC  (Sep. 16, 2014)

Hybrid solar powered lighting (HSL) isn't anything like solar light based power that changes over daylight into power. Through the utilization of optical strands, HSL catches daylight, diverting it and funneling daylight into a building. At the point when there is practically no daylight, these installations use power with the goal that consistent ...

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