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New possibilities in recycling end-of-life tyres

by Tana Oy  (Apr. 2, 2015)

There are many innovative ways to give a new life to the end-of-life tyres - in a way which is profitable both to the waste handler and the environment. This introductive article gives a big picture about this relatively new business area. Recycling used tyres is a global challenge. In the United States alone, an average of 250 million tyres are ...

Shredding tyres reduces transportation costs by 75%

by Tana Oy  (Jan. 28, 2015)

Recycling tyres is one of the fastest-growing business opportunities around the world. The EU, along with other countries around the world and many states in the US have banned tyres from landfills. This means that more and more tyres are being recycled for raw material for new applications, such as ground rubber mulch for playgrounds or ...

Company Gumiimpex, starts tire recycling in Croatia after an increase of scrap tires - Case Study

by Granuband Knowledge Center  (Mar. 20, 2015)

During a trade mission in 2005 between the Netherlands and Croatia, director R. Kiric of Gummiipex had a problem with an increasing number of scrap tires. After he visited Granuband recycling in Amsterdam, he became very enthusiastic about the solutions of waste tire recycling The approach of this project went as follow: We had a situation ...

High efficiency waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plant, xinxiang huayin

Company Profile: Waste tyre to oil  pyrolysis plant use the pyrolysis technology which is a recycling technique converting rubber or tyre waste into fuels, monomers, or other valuable materials by thermal and catalytic cracking processes. Huayin renewable energy equipment company has been leading China oil pyrolysis plant field since ...

Tire Recycling System, Tyre Recycle Plant

by Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd  (Jun. 12, 2012)

The production line technology, R & D by Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd, can handling waste tire to fine rubber powder at room temperature. Overcoming the difficulty of the waste tire recycling, initiate to handle waste tire to 40-200 mesh fine rubber powder at room temperature, which indicated that Chinese industrial ...

Waste Tire Recycling Plant for Pyrolysis Tyre to Crude Oil

by CleanTech Solutions Technology, LLC. (CTSTC)  (Mar. 22, 2013)

Key Specifications/Special Features: Heating system: Reactor: uses Q245R boiler plate Thickness: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, can be customized Main engine uses horizontal-type of 360° structure 0.8rpm Separation system: Gas separator and depositing tank Depart the heavy oil ...

Fully automated tire recycling line installed by Granuband Knowledge Center in Israel - Case Study

by Granuband Knowledge Center  (Mar. 20, 2015)

Tyrec ltd. is the leading tire recycling company in Israel. The company was established in 2007 following the Israeli legislation of waste tire recycling. Tyrec ltd is a private company owned by a small group of investors. Total investment to date: 15 million USD. Since its foundation in 2007, Tyrec ltd has processed over 20,000 tons of waste ...

Starting an Dutch EVD project, after not having the finances to set up a tire recycling in Romania - Case Study

by Granuband Knowledge Center  (Mar. 20, 2015)

Pro Auto Industries SA was in 2006 enthusiastic about our approach in Croatia, but they didn't had enough budget to establish  it like in Croatia. We as Granuband Knowledge Center have arranged a Dutch EVD project between both countries. "What a waste! Introducing tire recycling in Romania" The Agency for International Business and ...

From dirty steel tire wire to an high quality of clean steel tire wire - Case Study

by Granuband Knowledge Center  (Mar. 20, 2015)

In 2006 Granuband Knowledge Center designed and invented the exclusive CWS (Clean Wire System). This has been specifically designed to purify the steel wires extracted from a tire granulation line. Do you have dirty steel tire wire with low value ? We can provide you for the solution to make it clean and profitable! We have designed the Clean ...

New Tyre Recycling Business---A new opportunity on blocks

by Divya International  (Mar. 21, 2013)

What is the future of Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plant? To make analysis of future of this industry you need to study the two markets- 1. Raw Material Market i.e. (Scrap Tyre Market) Here is this article by Divya International which clears the raw material availabilty market by analysing current Indian Auto-Industry & Indian Tyre ...

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