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Turning waste into power

by Hurll Nu-Way  (Aug. 5, 2013)

Economic, social and environmental factors dictate the necessity to manage waste to a new level. Wastewater plants, landfills, farms and food plants are all the owners of biomass that can be digested to produce biogas and turned into power. Biogas can be burned directly in boilers for heat recovery and used for manufacturing, heating or cooling; ...

Olive mill waste water treatment

by EVALED  (Jun. 4, 2013)

The production of olive oil generates two kind of waste waters: RINSING WATERS: the quantity is subject to change. It can be re-circulated, after the settling to remove the solids, or discharged directly. SLUDGE: vegetation water with additional water, whose quantity is subject to change. In case of traditional oil mills, the hot additional water ...

Women in waste

by Allen & York Ltd  (Apr. 6, 2009)

The current climate can not be described as prosperous whatever the profession that you are in. It is not a way of ‘living’ but merely a means of ‘surviving’. This has never been more accurate than for the women in waste. The name Jane is defined as one of the many feminine forms of John whereas John is defined as an English masculine name. In the ...

Efficient Waste Water Treatment

by J.V. Niebergall CDH  (Dec. 10, 2006)

Clean drinking water is an essential need of mankind. Often surface water like rivers or lakes is used as drinking water source. To prevent these resources from pollution the effective treatment of waste water is a must. For example in China 75% of discharged waste water is coming from pulp and paper, textile and dyeing industries. To run a waste ...

Winning With Zero Waste

by BioCycle Magazine  (Jun. 1, 2014)

In the business of professional and collegiate sports, with top priority on championships, player injuries, and filling stadium seats, attending a meeting with Martin Tull, Executive Director of the Green Sports Alliance (Alliance), seems like a walk in the ballpark. “When we speak to potential members, we often say, ‘Would you like to ...

Mixed waste composting trends

by BioCycle Magazine  (Dec. 8, 2008)

It's been about 25 years since vendors started marketing systems to process mixed municipal solid waste via composting in the U.S. Today, there are 13 plants, most fulfilling their niche in the communities they serve - whether managing MSW in high tourism areas, or processing residual organics from materials recovery facilities. Table 1 provides ...

Management of Hazardous Wastes

by The World Bank  (Jan. 1, 1997)

' Management of hazardous waste is a growing concern in many countries. The long-term impacts and costs of improper disposal can be very high and the emphasis must be on prevention. A comprehensive management system should include (i) policies, institutions and effective regulations and (ii) adequate and acceptable disposal facilities (either ...

Emission of volatile organic compounds from solid waste disposal sites

by SAGE Publications  (Dec. 20, 2008)

The emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from a solid waste disposal site for municipal solid wastes was quantified. The VOCs contained in the landfill gas taken at the site were benzene, toluene, xylenes, ethyl benzenes, and trimethyl benzenes, while the concentrations of chlorinated compounds were very low. The concentration of benzene ...

Solid waste gasification pollution abatement

by Catalytic Products International (CPI)  (Jun. 9, 2011)

Catalytic Products International has partnered with a Gasification System Designer in the design and supply of a unique thermal oxidizer for use with a closed loop batch pyrolysis gasification system. The gasifier is engineered to create a clean combustible syngas from a broad spectrum of dissimilar carbonbased solids, liquids, and other ...

Innovative energy from waste project gets £1.9m injection

by Advanced Plasma Power (APP)  (Nov. 29, 2013)

A pioneering project to turn waste into energy has today been fired up by £1.9million of funding from Ofgem’s Gas Network Innovation Competition. The Swindon-based demonstration project – managed by National Grid, Advanced Plasma Power and Progressive Energy - will use waste as a feedstock to produce low carbon methane, or ...

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