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Women in waste

by Allen & York Ltd  (Apr. 6, 2009)

The current climate can not be described as prosperous whatever the profession that you are in. It is not a way of ‘living’ but merely a means of ‘surviving’. This has never been more accurate than for the women in waste. The name Jane is defined as one of the many feminine forms of John whereas John is defined as an English masculine name. In the ...

Waste not in Asheville

by BioCycle Magazine  (Apr. 1, 2013)

Asheville, North Carolina, has gained a national reputation as a hub of local and artisanal foods. In fact, the local foods movement in this Southern Appalachian city has become so embedded in the community consciousness that the city has dubbed itself “the world’s first Foodtopian Society.” There are hundreds of unique ...

Using biogas for combined heat and power

by Clarke Energy  (Nov. 30, 2012)

An integral part of the majority of anaerobic digestion facilities across the world is the CHP combined heat and power (CHP) engine. For the first time builder of a biogas plant, it is often neglected as the focus is on reducing the capital costs ...

Thermodynamic analysis of efficient recovery and utilisation of waste heat resources during sintering process

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jul. 16, 2013)

Efficient recycling and utilisation of waste heat resources are among the primary methods in saving energy during sintering process, as waste heat resource recycling and utilisation are essentially energy conversion process. The purpose of this study is to analyse energy conversion and utilisation during the sintering process, and waste heat ...

Energy conservation in aluminium foundries by waste heat recovery from solidifying molten metal

by Inderscience Publishers  (Mar. 28, 2012)

This paper presents a unique attempt to preheat the raw materials by recovering the waste heat from solidifying molten metal in shape castings of aluminium using sand moulds. Finite element analysis of the problem using ANSYS has also been done, results of which show satisfactory agreement with the experimental results. By using this preheating ...

Enhancement of hydrogen production from Kitchen Waste using heat treated anaerobic biogas plant slurry with pH control

by Inderscience Publishers  (Mar. 10, 2009)

Hydrogen is found to be a clean energy source; biohydrogen has been researched in recent years. Anaerobic Digestion of Kitchen Waste (KW) for hydrogen production was performed in lab scale reactors, using heat-treated anaerobically digested biogas plant slurry. The biogas plant slurry was given heat treatment at varying temperatures ranging from ...

A novel cogeneration cycle based on a recompression supercritical carbon dioxide cycle for waste heat recovery in nuclear power plants

by Inderscience Publishers  (May 11, 2012)

In this study, a novel cogeneration cycle based on the recompression S–CO2 Brayton cycle is proposed, analysed and optimised thermodynamically to utilise the waste heat from a nuclear power plant. The cycle was constructed theoretically on the basis of a transcritical CO2 power cycle and a LiBr/H ...

Maximising biogas in anaerobic digestion by using engine waste heat for thermal hydrolysis pre-treatment of sludge

by Cambi AS  (Dec. 18, 2009)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Dublin's Ringsend WWTP was designed to serve a population of approximately 1.2 million pe with a sludge production of 37,000 dry tonnes per year after upgrading to full secondary treatment. Several technical solutions were put forward as part of a Design, Build, Finance and Operate (DBFO) competition, with the chosen solution ...

Oxidation characteristics of A588 steel and its applicability to high-heat-load nuclear waste package designs

by Inderscience Publishers  (Sep. 30, 2008)

The ASTM A588 steel is proposed as the outer wall material for second-generation nuclear waste package designs (Armijo et al., 2006; Kar, 2006). Oxidation weight-gain kinetics was evaluated for the A588 steel by thermal-gravimetric method at a range of temperatures (475°C to 600°C). Isothermal oxidation tests were conducted in dry air. Oxidation ...

Green machine generates power from waste heat at biogas facility in the Czech Republic

by ElectraTherm  (Jan. 5, 2013)

Biogas/Heat-to-Power Application on Two MWM Internal Combustion Engines Site: Brno, Czech Rep. Engine Max Power: 980kWe (currently limited to 900 kWe) Green Machine Gross Power Output Avg:  32-39 kWe Thermal Input to the Green Machine: 375-500kWt Hot Water Input Range: 86 - 92°C Hot Water Flow: 35 m3/hour Ambient Temperature: 0-25°C ...

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