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HybridICE® filter: ice separation in freeze desalination of mine waste waters

by IWA Publishing  (May 7, 2014)

Freeze desalination is an alternative method for the treatment of mine waste waters. HybridICE® technology is a freeze desalination process which generates ice slurry in surface scraper heat exchangers that use R404a as the primary refrigerant. Ice separation from the slurry takes place in the HybridICE filter, a cylindrical unit with a ...

Meeting regulations and improving quality case study

by Sequoia Global, Inc.  (Sep. 5, 2014)

A UK-based waste oil collector was using emulsifiers and heat to drop water out of waste lube oils and fuels. The processed oil with 0.5-1.0% water was being filtered in a centrifuge. The company installed Sequoia’s efficient water evaporation equipment which produces oil with less than 0.1% water. As a result, the centrifuge works more ...

From factory to farm – industry opportunities for surplus food

by SugaRich  (May 19, 2014)

Food waste management is a common topic in the industry, as manufacturers and retailers strive to improve their environmental compliance and, ultimately, their profitability. But in line with the increasingly popular concept of the circular economy, specialist surplus food recycler SugaRich is working with producers and stores, large and small, to ...

Leveraging Standards in the Energy Resurgence

by ASTM International  (Aug. 29, 2014)

An Interview with Fred Walas, P.E., Fuels Technology Manager, Marathon Petroleum Company Marathon Petroleum’s Fred Walas talks about today’s energy developments, sustainability at his company’s refineries and the crucial role of standards in fuel production and quality control. As the energy spectrum shifts in the United States, ...

Innovative energy from waste project gets £1.9m injection

by Advanced Plasma Power (APP)  (Nov. 29, 2013)

A pioneering project to turn waste into energy has today been fired up by £1.9million of funding from Ofgem’s Gas Network Innovation Competition. The Swindon-based demonstration project – managed by National Grid, Advanced Plasma Power and Progressive Energy - will use waste as a feedstock to produce low carbon methane, or ...

Biogas in Asia

by Geotech  (Jul. 22, 2014)

The development of biogas production and monitoring has had many twists and turns, from its early days in Germany to the heady days of support through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).   The fall in the price of carbon credits, which rewarded reduction in emissions of methane (CH4) - a potent greenhouse gas - and use of methane from ...

Renewable Energy - A Key Solution to End Global Warming

by Vista Solar  (Jul. 7, 2014)

Scientists have spent years trying to find the causes of global warming leading to significant changes in the world’s climate. Their research shows that several factors have contributed to the rise of earth’s temperature and altering of natural cycles and actions. One key reason is excessive emission of greenhouse gases like, methane ...

Manure Spills: Prevention, Detection, Control Options, and the Role of Anaerobic Digesters

by BIOFerm™ Energy Systems  (Aug. 27, 2014)

Manure Spills: Prevention, Detection, Control Options, and the Role of Anaerobic Digesters FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE By Steven Sell, Biologist & Application Engineer Wednesdays August 27, 2014 ...

Utilisation of waste coal dust of steel industry for power generation

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jan. 22, 2014)

The present paper describes the generation of waste coal-dust from steel industry and its utilisation for generation of power in power plant. The main objective of the work is to utilise the heat energy of coal dust into useful work and propose a combination of coal and coal dust supplying system to the boiler. The work started with the ...

Projects on Woody Biomass to Benefit Industry Within a Few Years

by Bio4Energy  (Sep. 26, 2014)

Making the stuff of bio-based plastics, identifying new value chains in "forest" biorefinery, finding the perfect method for quick drying sludge or pinning down the best kind of pine for making bio-based products. These are the topics of four research projects whose instigators, all Bio4Energy researchers based in northern ...

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