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TSA - Trasimeno Servizi Ambientali SpA Borgo Giglione (PG), Italy case study

by IDRAFLOT  (Feb. 4, 2015)

The Client TSA is part of the Gesenu Group (operating at an International level in many sectors) and is highly experienced in many aspects of environmental services. The company has delivered a numbers of solutions in Perugia over the last 20 years, including street cleaning, waste collection and transport, graveyard services, public gardens ...

CSDU Granges, France case study

by IDRAFLOT  (Feb. 4, 2015)

The Client The landfill, opened in 1980 and managed by Veolia Propreté, receives about 110,000 tons/year of waste, producing 38 m3/day of leachate. The Challenge The client's main needs, which are typical of all companies operating in this sector, were the reduction in volume of the leachate to be disposed of, ensuring that any streams ...

Exergy or the entropic drive: waste heat and free heat

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jul. 16, 2013)

The dissipation of exergy is conventionally held to be the inference of the entropy growth. In this conventional perspective, the universe is running down towards equilibrium or heat death. Recent cosmological findings of 1998–2000 give empirical evidence that the universe is instead moving away from equilibrium while its entropy increases. We can ...

Vacuum evaporation treatment of digestate: full exploitation of cogeneration heat to process the whole digestate production

by IWA Publishing  (Aug. 7, 2014)

Vacuum evaporation represents an interesting and innovative solution for managing animal waste surpluses in areas with high livestock density. To reduce operational costs, a key factor is the availability of an inexpensive source of heat, such as that coming from an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant. The aim of this study was to test vacuum ...

Biological nitrate removal using waste-derived extracts as sole carbon source

by Inderscience Publishers  (Sep. 2, 2014)

Waste-derived multicomponent extracts were investigated as carbon source for biological nitrate removal. Aerobic and anaerobic sludge from a municipal wastewater treatment plant and leachate from an anaerobic digester treating food waste were studied. Alkaline-heat treatment was used for sludge solubilisation. More than 90% carbon was recovered ...

Winning With Zero Waste

by BioCycle Magazine  (Jun. 1, 2014)

In the business of professional and collegiate sports, with top priority on championships, player injuries, and filling stadium seats, attending a meeting with Martin Tull, Executive Director of the Green Sports Alliance (Alliance), seems like a walk in the ballpark. “When we speak to potential members, we often say, ‘Would you like to ...

Waste Gas in Metal Recycling: Hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide - Case Study

by Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH / CTP Air Pollution Control  (Aug. 30, 2014)

Example: Aluminium recycling Similar tasks: Recycling of copper, lead, cink The waste gas in metal recycling usually contains particles (abraded metal, mineral dust), inorganic, acid substances (HF, HCI, SOx) and dioxins (PCDD/F) as well as a whole range of organic substances (unburned hydrocarbons) and carbon monoxide. Particularly, in the ...

Evaluation of non-thermal effects by microwave irradiation in hydrolysis of waste-activated sludge

by IWA Publishing  (Aug. 13, 2014)

The activation energy (Ea) for waste-activated sludge (WAS) hydrolysis was compared between microwave irradiation (MW) and conventional heating (CH) methods to evaluate the non-thermal effect of MW. The microwave-assisted hydrolysis of WAS was assumed to follow the first-order kinetics on the basis of volatile suspended solids (VSS) conversion ...

Zero Waste World - When the economy goes in circles, everybody wins.

by Ensia  (Aug. 18, 2014)

“Don’t let fashion go to waste,” says H&M, the global clothing retailer that booked $20 billion in revenues last year. So I brought a bag of old T-shirts, sweaters and khaki pants to an H&M store in Washington, D.C., where it took them, no questions asked, and gave me a coupon for 15 percent off my next purchase. H&M ...

Separation of glass ceramics and leaded glass with X-ray fluorescence technology case study

by Redwave a Division of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH  (Feb. 4, 2015)

Customer For more than 100 years the German company Reiling has been working in the field of recycling. In its founding year, Reiling began simple commodity trading but developed during the 50's into one of the glass recycling specialists in Germany. The formerly small business, now in its fourth generation, has grown into a substantial group of ...

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