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Innovative energy from waste project gets £1.9m injection

by Advanced Plasma Power (APP)  (Nov. 29, 2013)

A pioneering project to turn waste into energy has today been fired up by £1.9million of funding from Ofgem’s Gas Network Innovation Competition. The Swindon-based demonstration project – managed by National Grid, Advanced Plasma Power and Progressive Energy - will use waste as a feedstock to produce low carbon methane, or ...

Manure Spills: Prevention, Detection, Control Options, and the Role of Anaerobic Digesters

by BIOFerm™ Energy Systems  (Aug. 27, 2014)

Manure Spills: Prevention, Detection, Control Options, and the Role of Anaerobic Digesters FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE By Steven Sell, Biologist & Application Engineer Wednesdays August 27, 2014 ...

Optimization of Anaerobic Digestion & Bio-Organic Catalyst Compositions (BOCs)

by EcoJump LLC  (Aug. 19, 2014)

Abstract: Anaerobic digestion offers excellent opportunities to convert organic waste streams into environmentally safe bio-solids and generation of renewable energy through the bio-methane produced by the microbiological populations processing the wastes. Bio-organic catalyst compositions (BOCs) offer improvements in enhancing anaerobic ...

Renewable Energy - A Key Solution to End Global Warming

by Vista Solar  (Jul. 7, 2014)

Scientists have spent years trying to find the causes of global warming leading to significant changes in the world’s climate. Their research shows that several factors have contributed to the rise of earth’s temperature and altering of natural cycles and actions. One key reason is excessive emission of greenhouse gases like, methane ...

Biomass Briquettes: the Renewable Energy for the Tribals

by Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools  (Jul. 28, 2014)

The tribals are actual owners of the land but post independence era and due to faulty land reforms they have lost a significant amount of land and the customary right to live in their own area. The renewable energy policy in India can give them a new leash of life. For years the tribals in India have dependent on the Nature for their living. It ...

Utilisation of waste coal dust of steel industry for power generation

by Inderscience Publishers  (Jan. 22, 2014)

The present paper describes the generation of waste coal-dust from steel industry and its utilisation for generation of power in power plant. The main objective of the work is to utilise the heat energy of coal dust into useful work and propose a combination of coal and coal dust supplying system to the boiler. The work started with the ...

What is Biomass Pellets Energy

Biomass pellets energy means the energy made from biomass. What is biomass? Biomass refers to all the organic matters that store energy from photosynthesis. Therefore biomass in most cases means plants instead of animal. What is the chemical composition of biomass? Biomass is carbon based, so it contains ...

Biomass Pellet Plant Project Report

by GEMCO Pellet Mill  (Aug. 7, 2014)

This biomass pellet plant project report published by GEMCO Energy aims at discussing biomass pellet market and biomass pellet plant technology, and gives an overview to biomass pellets ...

Turning waste into power

by Hurll Nu-Way  (Aug. 5, 2013)

Economic, social and environmental factors dictate the necessity to manage waste to a new level. Wastewater plants, landfills, farms and food plants are all the owners of biomass that can be digested to produce biogas and turned into power. Biogas can be burned directly in boilers for heat recovery and used for manufacturing, heating or cooling; ...

Centralised treatment of oil sludge and other industrial waste - case study

by econ industries GmbH  (Feb. 6, 2014)

Centralised treatment of various sources of industrial waste has been established in many European countries over the last decade. Many facilities are still equipped with non state of the art technology and therefore cannot fulfil the broad field of applications with regard to industrial waste remediation, econ's international client decided to be ...

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