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A Four Channel Gas Detector for Wastewater Treatment Plants

by Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI)  (Aug. 13, 2015)

Common hazardous gases found in wastewater treatment plant facilities are hydrogen sulphide, methane, ammonia, carbon monoxide, chlorine and oxygen deficiency. Some facilities may also use ozone, chlorine dioxide or sodium hypochlorite with the chlorine during the sanitization treatment process. Furthermore, sulphur dioxide is often used to ...

Micro-90 Effective Filter Membrane Cleaner for Wastewater Treatment Operations

by International Products Corporation  (Nov. 15, 2015)

The care and cleaning of filter membranes is essential to the success of many water treatment systems.  International Products Corporation (IPC) manufactures a line of membrane cleaners effective at restoring 100% flux at safe pH ranges.  One of IPC’s customers treats industrial wastewater generated by the engine plant of a major ...

Using respirometry for energy optimization in a nitrifying biological wastewater treatment system

by SURCIS, S.L.  (Apr. 6, 2016)

Many wastewater treatment plants use more than 50% of their total energy budget in the aeration basin and, when nutrient removal is included in the activated sludge process, it is very common that the majority of oxygen uptake goes to the nitrification process. For that reason, in most wastewater treatment plants, energy optimization is focused on ...

Municipal wastewater treatment plant

by NovaTec Consultants Inc.  (Oct. 10, 2012)

Location: Kitimat, B.C. Owner: Kitimaat Village Council Description: Conceptual and detail process design of a 300 m3/d rotating biological contactor treatment plant incorporating primary solids removal, flow equalization, influent pumping, secondary clarification, sludge holding tank, control building, treated effluent pump station, and a ...

Wastewater Treatment Plant

by Sugam Paryavaran Vikalp  (Aug. 1, 2009)

Water is basic to life. It is a precious resource and has become precious commodity now. On going Industrialization, population & urbanization pose pressure on water availability. Utility value of world’s freshwater resources like lakes and rivers are diminishing rapidly due to over exploitation & pollution. Groundwater, an ...

Control of Wastewater Treatment Plants

by IWA Publishing  (Nov. 11, 2015)

Instrumentation, control and automation (ICA) of wastewater treatment systems and sewer networks have attracted much attention since the early 1970s. The developments during the last four decades in on-line instrumentation, computer technology, process understanding and subsequent model development, and control methods have been powerful driving ...

Town of Manhattan Wastewater Treatment Plant

by H2O Innovation  (Jun. 17, 2010)

The Manhattan treatment plant is a 400,000 GPD plant in two trains, containing six 24 x 5.0 Bio-WheelTM. It is able to nitrify and denitrify, with two anoxic basins ahead of the aeration basins. Two conventional flight and scraper clarifiers are used. Three Penn Valley RA S/MLSS pumps are located in a separate pump room. The plant is designed for ...

Class A Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

by Integrated Engineers Inc.  (Mar. 7, 2006)

Settling Time Reduced From Twelve Hours to 30 minutes! This facility receives and treats oily wastewater from industrial clients. The water is treated with an initial oil/water separator, collected in a reaction tank where Floccin-J is used at a dosage of 325 lbs/18,000 gallons, then dewatered using a ...

Industrial wastewater treatment plant study

by Burns & McDonnell  (Sep. 21, 2009)

Client: Lincoln Plating Project Summary  Burns & McDonnell provided a concept study evaluation of an existing industrial wastewater treatment plant for expansion to increase capacity for future process plant growth for Lincoln Plating, Lincoln, Neb. Included in the evaluation was an analysis for the reuse of recoverable industrial wastewater to ...

Light Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

by TenCate - Geotube  (Sep. 9, 2013)

The Challenge Stepan Company is a global manufacturer of specialty and intermediate chemicals used in consumer products and industrial applications. Stepan is a leading merchant producer of surfactants, which arc the key foaming and cleaning ingredients in consumer and industrial cleaning compounds including detergents, shampoos, lotions, ...

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