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Mogden thames water case study

by Monsal Limited  (Mar. 27, 2014)

Plant inputs : 90,000 Tonnes dry solids/annum 5,466m3 combined sludges/day Primary sludge 60% Secondary sludge 40% Digestion plant : 16 x 4,250m3 Mesophilic digesters (68,000m3 loial capacily) Complete refurbishment technology package 16 New Monsal digester heat exchanger systems 16 New Monsal SGM digester mixing systems Complete upgrade • ...

Resilience of civil infrastructure systems: literature review for improved asset management

by Inderscience Publishers  (Dec. 10, 2013)

Infrastructure resilience has drawn significant attention in recent years, partly because the occurrence of low–probability and high–consequence disruptive events like Hurricane Katrina, the Indonesian tsunami, terrorism attack in New York, and others. Since civil infrastructure systems support society welfare and viability, continuous ...

A utility-tailored methodology for integrated asset management of urban water infrastructure

by IWA Publishing  (Nov. 20, 2013)

This paper presents the integrated methodology for infrastructure asset management (IAM) developed in AWARE-P, an R&D project aimed at producing adequate and effective support tools for assisting urban water utilities in decision making and rehabilitation planning (www.aware-p.org). The proposed methodology addresses all three planning and ...

Rehabilitating Aging Infrastructure

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)  (Feb. 1, 2009)

This article presents Wilmington, Delaware´s program for water distribution system improvement. Wilmington´s Department of Public Works developed and implemented an integrated multiyear program in 2003 to replace and rehabilitate its water distribution network. The program uses a multi-objective project investment optimization model based on data ...

Is the service life of water distribution pipelines linked to their failure rate?

by IWA Publishing  (Apr. 3, 2013)

This paper aims to enable the relevant use of water main service lifetime and failure data to build a medium or long term infrastructure management plan. Firstly, how to estimate the service lifetime distribution of water mains using observations of decommissioning times which are possibly left-truncated and predominantly right-censored, is ...

Mali infrastructure : a continental perspective

by IWA Publishing  (Jan. 9, 2013)

In recent years Mali's economy has grown steadily at a rate of more than 5 percent per year, driven by developments in gold mining, cereal harvests, and telecommunications. Mali's landlocked condition, together with its very uneven distribution of both population and economic activities between the arid north and the much richer south, challenge ...

A framework for considering externalities in urban water asset management

by IWA Publishing  (Dec. 1, 2011)

Urban communities rely on a complex network of infrastructure assets to connect them to water resources. There is considerable capital investment required to maintain, upgrade and extend this infrastructure. As the remit of a water utility is broader than just financial considerations, infrastructure investment decisions must be made in light of ...

Land, water, and forests : assets for climate resilient development in Africa

by IWA Publishing  (Jan. 9, 2013)

Africa is a continent rich in natural resources. Its land, water, and forests underpin the sustained productivity of food crops and livestock on which millions of Africans depend directly for their livelihood and survival. These resources are major assets on which most countries depend for economic growth and sustainable development. In the face ...

Advanced criticality assessment method for sewer pipeline assets

by IWA Publishing  (Mar. 18, 2013)

For effective management of water and wastewater infrastructure, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA) has long emphasized the significant role of risk in prioritizing and optimizing asset management decisions. High risk assets are defined as assets with a high probability of failure (e.g. soon to fail, old, poor condition) ...

The future evolution of IT in water infrastructure management

by Innovyze  (Apr. 16, 2007)

The water industry has been slow to take advantage of information technology (IT), but it is catching up quickly. In many parts of the world, water managers now depend entirely on IT to manage their water supply and wastewater services. IT has become a core part of the business. Computing environments have evolved from individual mainframe ...

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