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How Recycling Plastic Helps To Save The Environment And Natural Resources

by Challenger Handling Limited  (Jul. 8, 2015)

We all have recycling boxes that sit next to our wheelie bins and often there is a public recycling point in a car-park nearby.  Some of us have become recycling experts and recycle almost 100% of their household waste, while the vast majority of us are just beginning to get involved in recycling.  Budget cuts have resulted in household ...

The search for sustainable plastics

by Ensia  (Jul. 29, 2015)

As petroleum-based polymers foul our oceans and litter our lives, researchers seek more environmentally friendly ways to meet demand for durable, versatile materials. The fate of the world’s oceans may rest inside a stainless steel tank not quite the size of a small beer keg. Inside, genetically modified bacteria turn corn syrup into a ...

London underground water recycling

by Aquaco Water Recycling Limited  (Jun. 14, 2011)

Cockfosters Tube Washing Facility This system was used to wash tube trains for the London Underground. Aquaco provided them with a 10,000 litre and an 18,000 litre system including dual pump set, two ground filters and a UV disinfection ...

Talking about Water Recycling

by IWA Publishing  (Mar. 19, 2012)

Introduction Community understanding of water and environmental issues is increasing. In some cases water recycling projects have been controversial but also there have been many successful projects with strong public support. Considerable experience has been gained about the issues affecting community acceptance of water ...

Water Recycling Home Page

by IWA Publishing  (Mar. 19, 2012)

Recycled Water as a Valuable Resource In many parts of the World, freshwater supplies are limited. Rainfall and river flows are often seasonal and intermittent. Growing water needs are causing increased competition for available supplies. In some regions, the amount of water available is being reduced by global warming and climate change. Until ...

Recycled Water Quality

by IWA Publishing  (Apr. 2, 2012)

Matching recycled water quality to beneficial uses requires an understanding of health and environmental requirements. Measures to achieve appropriate recycled water quality are determined firstly by treatment. The degree of treatment depends in part on the source and the hydraulic and biochemical characters of the wastewater. Overall ...

Case Study - Water Resuse/Recycle

by Applied Water Solutions, Inc.  (Mar. 17, 2010)

A leading electronics company faced increasing water costs of both influent and effluent. They contracted Applied Water Solutions for a pilot study using some of the most advanced methods of water purification on effluent from a clean out of place (COP) system. The pilot provided proof of principle of the selected process to recycle some of the DI ...

Grey water recycling for Taylor Wimpey

by Aquaco Water Recycling Limited  (Jun. 14, 2011)

Taylor Wimpey opt for Grey Water recycling The national developer and household name Taylor Wimpey has opted to include the "Aquawiser" grey water recycling system at a large housing development in Kent. The scheme will be offering a mix of houses and apartments Aquaco's grey water system. Grey Water Systems involve the collection of bath water ...

Increased Support for Drinking Recycled Water

by IWA Publishing  (Apr. 5, 2012)

As the discussion of recycled water in the media has increased — a significant change has occurred in people's opinions on drinking recycled water. There has been a convincing increase in support for drinking recycled water.The greater ...

GIS Streamlines Recycled Water Management

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)  (Oct. 1, 2006)

This article discusses a three-year plan at the South Bay Water Recycling (SBWR) program to implement a geographic information system (GIS) program. The system is being used to help manage more than 100 miles of pipe serving the California cities of Milpitas, Santa Clara, and San Jose. GIS will help SBWR staff maximize the distribution of recycled ...

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