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Water resources

by IWA Publishing  (Jul. 21, 2011)

Water resources are sources of water that are useful or potentially useful to humans. Uses of water include agricultural, industrial, ...

Water Resource Information System

by Isodaq Technology  (Aug. 21, 2012)

Bristol Water (BW) approached HL to replace an obsolete water database used to help update water resource situations reports. HL was successful with its tender which included building a new water resource information system around the HydroLog4 time-series database combined with the Open Database Toolkit. The Water Resource Planning Manager, ...

Water resources management

by IWA Publishing  (Jan. 25, 2012)

Managing regional or national water resources demands the integration of patterns and processes of both natural and social systems. This is essential to achieve the optimum interaction of man and nature since every aspect of water use and disposal impinges on ecosystems to a greater or lesser extent. Sustainability is the key issue: how can ...

Integrating water resources management

by IWA Publishing  (Dec. 6, 2011)

The intention of this book is to showcase some of the most interesting aspects of IWRM in relation to the development and adoption of strategies and methodologies. Other related publications provide additional insights, see for example, the STRIVER website (www.striver.no) and the edited collection by Gooch and ...

Sustainable water resources governance

by IWA Publishing  (Dec. 5, 2011)

Sustainability – whatever its structure and its terminology – has become the concept that indicates how natural resources should be used and developed. It is however an enigmatic concept that is often accused of lacking substance and meaning.  Nevertheless it has become increasingly embedded in the legal arrangements for the way ...

Water Resources Management and Modeling

by IWA Publishing  (Jul. 25, 2012)

Hydrology is the science that deals with the processes governing the depletion and replenishment of water resources of the earth's land areas. The purpose of this book is to put together recent developments on hydrology and water resources engineering. First section covers surface water modeling and second section deals with groundwater modeling. ...

Better Resources Management - Resources Management

by IWA Publishing  (Mar. 5, 2012)

Water is the primary medium through which climate change will impact people, ecosystems and economies. Water resources management should therefore be an early focus for adaptation to climate change. It does not hold all of the answers to adaptation; a broad range of responses will be needed. But water is both part of the problem and an important ...

Case study - Groundwater resource exploration

by ZZ Resistivity Imaging Pty. Ltd.  (Jul. 9, 2013)

Case 1 Crosshole survey to find aquifer zone This crosshole survey was configured to find aquifer zones. As the figure below shows, only seven and 14 electrodes were used in the left and right borehole respectively due to site constraints. With a special data acquisition arrangement, 2,500 data points were collected within 10 minutes. The data ...

Trends in integrated water resources management research: a literature review

by IWA Publishing  (Jul. 15, 2013)

The integrated water resources management (IWRM) paradigm has emerged as the main guiding framework for water resources development and management. Since the IWRM approach started to gain prominence with the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Summit and the Dublin Conference, developing and developed countries worldwide have adopted and transposed the tools and ...

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