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Water resources

by IWA Publishing  (Jul. 21, 2011)

Water resources are sources of water that are useful or potentially useful to humans. Uses of water include agricultural, industrial, ...

Sustainability best practice manual development – Case Study

by Antea Group - USA  (Nov. 18, 2015)

Challenge: The Brewers Association, a nonprofit membership organization with over 1,400 organization members and 50,000 individual members required assistance in developing and launching its first association-wide sustainability initiative: compiling three craft brewing industry sustainability manuals and accompanying online resources. These ...

Simple guides will help businesses save money and energy

by GLOBE Foundation  (Nov. 4, 2015)

Zero Waste Scotland has launched two new, easy-to-use guides to help businesses to improve their bottom line figures, just by following some simple energy-saving tips. The Resource Efficient Scotland Myth Busters and ...

Groundwater: Low-flow Purging and Sampling

by Geotech  (Nov. 24, 2015)

Significant timesavings, improved sample process integrity, quality assurance and minimal quantities of potentially contaminated purge water to manage - are attractive as the focus on groundwater quality sharpens and economics demand best cost-benefit based methods Water has become a vitally important resource.  Maintaining its quality and ...

Constructed Wetlands for Domestic Wastewater Treatment and its Reuse in Irrigation

by IWA Publishing  (Nov. 8, 2015)

Introduction This project focuses on South Europe, the region important for tourism and agricultural production, both activities with high water demand. Mentioned region is already experiencing problems with water scarcity and the situation is expected to worsen according to the international prognosis (Angelakis et al, 1999). Climate change could ...

Determining the viability of a waste-to-energy plant in Africa

by Aurecon Group Brand (Pte) Ltd.  (Nov. 9, 2015)

Nick Mannie, Aurecon’s waste expert, was invited to deliver a keynote presentation at the African Waste Week conference in early September at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. Mannie discussed the development and execution of robust feasibility plans to determine the  ...

New study assesses the global volume and distribution of “modern” groundwater

by Ensia  (Nov. 16, 2015)

Groundwater has long been an important resource for spraying, drinking water, energy production and more, but getting a clear picture of how much is available and being recharged over time has been a challenge. Now an international group of hydrologists led by Tom Gleeson, engineering professor at the ...

Developing Decentralised Distributed Generation in Africa

by Clarke Energy  (Oct. 27, 2015)

Many countries in the developed world created power generation networks based upon large centralised power generation stations with significant investment in power transmission and distribution networks. From the African context this has not happened yet there is a huge need to increase power generation capacity. The thought of addressing this ...

Water Resource Information System

by Isodaq Technology  (Aug. 21, 2012)

Bristol Water (BW) approached HL to replace an obsolete water database used to help update water resource situations reports. HL was successful with its tender which included building a new water resource information system around the HydroLog4 time-series database combined with the Open Database Toolkit. The Water Resource Planning Manager, ...

Water Resources: An Evolving Landscape

by International Water Resources Association (IWRA)  (Jul. 14, 2014)

This chapter presents the history of thinking on water resources and how it has evolved over time. It analyzes paradigms proposed by the international community during the last half century in light of their decisive influence on the content (though not the implementation) of water policies in virtually all developed and developing countries. ...

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