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How Recycling Plastic Helps To Save The Environment And Natural Resources

by Challenger Handling Limited  (Jul. 8, 2015)

We all have recycling boxes that sit next to our wheelie bins and often there is a public recycling point in a car-park nearby.  Some of us have become recycling experts and recycle almost 100% of their household waste, while the vast majority of us are just beginning to get involved in recycling.  Budget cuts have resulted in household ...

Detecting Mercury in Water

by Arizona Instrument LLC  (Aug. 11, 2015)

Determination of Mercury (Hg) in Water by Hand-Held, Portable Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence SpectrometryWater is the most familiar and most abundant compound on Earth, making up 71% of its surface area.[1]It is a vital component for all known forms of life and is the aquatic habitat for thousands of species of microalgae, fish and shellfish. [2] ...

Why international aid for water, sanitation and hygiene is still a critical source of finance for many countries

by DelAgua Group  (Jul. 13, 2015)

This new WaterAid report, based on analysis by Development Initiatives, shows that for many low-income, Least Developed Countries and fragile states, ...

Short Showers Replace Deep Baths: Drought Conditions Changing the Way Society Thinks About Water Infrastructure

by Pure Technologies  (Aug. 2, 2015)

While proactive water conservation is a smart way for consumers to react to climate change, the crisis puts increased pressure on water utilities to better manage their resources and pipeline networks. Change is in the air. One only needs to check the daily news to understand why climate change, drought and water infrastructure have become ...

Water resources

by IWA Publishing  (Jul. 21, 2011)

Water resources are sources of water that are useful or potentially useful to humans. Uses of water include agricultural, industrial, ...

Food industry needs to step up on responsible groundwater use

by Ceres  (Aug. 25, 2015)

Californians are all too familiar with what happens when water is not treated as the precious resource it is. But most of us are unaware of the enormous power we have through our day-to-day purchases, social media campaigns and petition drives to push food companies to take more responsibility in protecting global water supplies. Food production, ...

UK offshore load factors accelerate on tech breakthroughs: 10-year study

by Wind Energy Update - part of the FC Business Intelligence Ltd group  (Aug. 4, 2015)

UK offshore load factors accelerate on tech breakthroughs: 10-year study The Crown Estate’s Offshore Wind Operational report 2015 shows there has been a gradual increase in the load factor for the UK fleet since 2004 on the back of more productive wind turbines, wind farms being built at windier sites and improved plant availability. The ...

Hazardous waste and not, Baioni-Dicatech system

by Baioni Crushing Plants Spa  (Aug. 4, 2015)

The identification, characterization and restoration of contaminated areas now represent a big environmental issue, both at European and national level. In the major industrialized countries the issue of contaminated land has come out in all its gravity in the late seventies when, against a widespread awakening of environmental consciousness, ...

4 Steps to Reducing Aviation’s Carbon Footprint

by Intelex Technologies Inc.  (Jul. 30, 2015)

We live in an increasingly hyper-mobile society with over three billion passengers being carried by the world’s airlines in 2013, and an estimated 31% growth in passenger demand by 2017.  This accounts for hundreds of millions of tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, greatly impacting global warming, climate change, and ...

Water Resources: An Evolving Landscape

by International Water Resources Association (IWRA)  (Jul. 14, 2014)

This chapter presents the history of thinking on water resources and how it has evolved over time. It analyzes paradigms proposed by the international community during the last half century in light of their decisive influence on the content (though not the implementation) of water policies in virtually all developed and developing countries. ...

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