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ECSMGE CONFERENCE 2015: Managing the Clogging of Groundwater Wells

by Geoquip Water Solutions  (Sep. 13, 2015)

This is the poster or summary of a paper being presented at the XVI ECSMGE  - European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering - in Edinburgh from 13th to 17th September 2015. Groundwater wells are common to many civil engineering projects and their operational performance can play a crucial role. The wells ...

Maintenance of Wells Includes Redevelopment

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)  (Nov. 1, 1985)

The length of a well´s life is determined by how often and how effectively it is redeveloped and maintained. This article discusses the process of well development and how the efficiency of a well is improved. Topics covered include: determining water level, charting performance, well development, and monitoring the progress of redevelopment ...

Operation and Maintenance of Wells

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)  (Mar. 1, 1974)

Incrustation and corrosion are common problems encountered in wells. A chemical analysis of the water should indicate the type of incrustation that might occur and the rate at which it may be expected to be deposited in the vicinity of the well. Impediments in the well can occur several ways including incrustation from precipitation of carbonates ...

Well Field Maintenance Avoids Crises

by American Water Works Association (AWWA)  (Apr. 1, 1976)

Regular maintenance is essential to the operation of wells. Each well field management program should be tailored to its particular system and contain the following basic steps: establish a physical framework for the collection; organization and evaluation of important information; initiate a data collection and surveillance program; develop an ...

Inflatable Packers for the Water Well Developments and Maintenance

by Replacement Inflatable Packers & Elements Pty Ltd  (Aug. 3, 2010)

Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements manufacture inflatable packers for the water well, borehole development and maintenance, including high pressure inflatable packers for hydro fracturing and block caving ...

KSB - H2O collaboration project: Reduce costs and improve quality of industrial wastewater treatment

by H2O GmbH  (Dec. 1, 2014)

A Clearcat evaporator at KSB in La Roche Chalais (France) for the treatment of industrial wastewater on site. The KSB factory at La Roche Chalais (24), a subsidiary of Germany's KSB AG, manufactures AMRI brand butterfly valves. These valves are used in the construction, industrial, water, and electric power generation sectors. The production of ...

5 Steps to Better Job Safety Analysis

by Intelex Technologies Inc.  (Sep. 9, 2015)

We live in a world of acronym fatigue. This something we’re not immune to in the world of health and safety either. HSE, EHS, MOC, WCB and JSA. It seems that for health and safety professionals, not a day goes by without an acronym filled conversation. Let’s focus on one of the acronyms that may sometimes get overlooks. JSA – or ...

5 Reasons Why SaaS is Changing EHS Software

by Intelex Technologies Inc.  (Sep. 15, 2015)

What is SaaS? Software as a service (SaaS) is transforming how organizations of all shapes and sizes are deploying and using software (including EHS software). The IT research firm, Gartner defines SaaS as “software that is owned, delivered and managed remotely by one or more providers. The provider delivers software based on one set of ...

4 Ways that EHS Can Help Redefine the Role of IT

by Intelex Technologies Inc.  (Sep. 22, 2015)

Aaron Levie, CEO of Box.net has said that “Enterprise software used to be about making existing work more efficient. Now the opportunity for software is to transform the work itself” While business transformation led by technology is impacting all of us, there is no department feeling this more than the Information Technology (IT) ...

BioLargo’s “Lowest Cost - Highest Impact” Clean Water Technology Positioned To Save Maritime Operators Billions

by Biolargo, Inc.  (Sep. 9, 2015)

Beginning this year and continuing over the next 5 years, the International MaritimeOrganization and the U.S. Coast Guard are requiring an estimated 65,000 ships over 400 gross tons to be fitted with approved Ballast Water Treatment Systems, “BWTS”. ...

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