The Pressure´s On - PRV Stations Curb Insurance Rates

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This article discusses a situation in Hillsboro, Oregon, where numerous high-tech firms were experiencing a gradual reduction in service pressure over time. Engineers with the city´s water department decided the best long-term solution was to create a separate, higher-pressure zone in the industrial area. To create the high-pressure zone, they identified six locations for installation of pressure-reducing valve (PRV) stations. PRVs are valves that automatically reduce a higher inlet pressure to a steady, lower downstream pressure, regardless of changing flow rates or varying inlet pressure. During the preliminary design stage, the consultant determined that two of the six proposed PRV stations could be eliminated simply by closing and locking existing valves. The resulting design created a high-pressure loop that surrounds customers in the designated high-pressure zone. Safe conditions, continuous flow and installation problems are discussed along with smooth startup procedures.

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