Tortilla Manufacturer Wastewater Case Study

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TSS Drops from 1,883 ppm to 14 ppm

This facility manufactures corn tortillas using a solution of Lye to peel the skin from the corn and soften the corn.

The pH of the sample was received at 13.80 indicating a high basic solution.

To minimize operating costs, CO2 was used to drop the pH down to 8.0 instead of using the traditional acid.

The high pH water required about 5 minutes of sparging with the CO2 in order to drop the pH. Floccin 1105 was added at a dosage of 2 grams/1,000 ml and the water quality is shown below.

The wastewater required about 3 minutes of intense mixing to obtain this water clarity. The untreated suspended solids was measured at 1,833 ppm and the treated sample was at 14 ppm.

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