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ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems: A Complete Implementation Guide

by Specialty Technical Publishers

The Pilot Guide to ISO 9001 offers sound, expert advice on updating or implementing your own quality management system (QMS) to meet the requirements of the latest revision of the ISO 9001 Standard. Whether you need to update your QMS from the 1994 to the ISO 9001: 2000 Standard or want to become certified for the first time, this hands-on Guide ...;

Workplace Violence Prevention: A Practical Guide

by Specialty Technical Publishers

Employers can reduce the likelihood of workplace violence through the implementation of effective prevention programs. These will reduce the possibility of violence as well as minimize the personal and organizational suffering caused when violence does occur.Minimize RiskLearn how to manage the risks associated with workplace violence. Don't be ...;

OSHA Compliance: A Simplified National Guide

by Specialty Technical Publishers

Make compliance with worker protection regulatory requirements easy to understand with this must-have publication. Use it to identify compliance issues that already apply to your workplace or anticipate those that are likely to make their way into your regulatory agenda. Information is presented in question-and-answer format to allow you to easily ...;

OSHA Auditing: Federal Compliance Guide – Facilities

by Specialty Technical Publishers

Take the initiative in avoiding safety and health violations: this definitive tool will enable you to assess your facility's compliance with OSHA's general safety and health regulations of 29 CFR 1910. Field-tested and used by professionals, the step-by-step approach is perfect for novice auditors while still providing concise directives for the ...;

OSHA State Differences Summary (all 50 states)

by Specialty Technical Publishers

Designed to complement the electronic versions of OSHA Auditing: Federal Compliance Guide: Facilities and OSHA Compliance: A Simplified National Guide, OSHA State Differences Summary is an expertly compiled summary of each state's health and safety regulatory requirements as compared to OSHA's national standards. Additional state programs or ...;

International Environmental Health & Safety Audit Protocols

by Specialty Technical Publishers

Understand the subtleties of maintaining operations overseas with this country-specific reference series. Protocols are available in English for over 40 countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Newly developed protocols are now available for: · Bahamas · Barbados · Belize · Bermuda · Cayman Islands · El Salvador · Guatemala ...;

Cal/OSHA: Compliance and Auditing

by Specialty Technical Publishers

The dual approach of this publication offers an innovative way to meet the requirements of Cal/OSHA's General Industry Safety Orders.First, easy-to-follow question-and-answer sequences prompt you to compare your operations with carefully tailored summaries of the requirements in order to identify many compliance answers and highlight remaining ...;

OSHA Auditing: Federal Compliance Guide – Construction

by Specialty Technical Publishers

This comprehensive Guide provides protocols for thoroughly identifying the regulatory compliance challenges facing every construction site in the U.S., according to 29 CFR 1926. The numerous procedural checklists with guide notes for the auditor are proven to be a thorough and time-saving resource. Conduct your own safety and health audit now to ...;

Site Auditing: Environmental Assessment of Property

by Specialty Technical Publishers

If you are involved in evaluating the environmental liabilities associated with real property transactions, this should be your first and only reference. Site Auditing will allow you to manage and reduce the costs associated with the liability for site clean-up under CERCLA and RCRA Corrective Action guidelines. Detailed flow charts and extensive ...;

Canadian Environmental Law Guide

by Specialty Technical Publishers

As concern for the environment has increased in Canada, federal and provincial governments have moved to introduce laws and regulations to control activities that were previously unregulated. This leaves businesses in the position of having to respond to new environmental compliance regulations.Canadian Environmental Law outlines the laws and ...;

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