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Acid Rain - Deposition to Recovery

by Springer

Acid rain is still with us. Although it is a problem that people have worked diligently to solve, there are still many problem areas throughout the world. In reality the focus of acid rain research has shifted, and this book adds new vision to the topic. It contains papers, selected from Acid Rain 2005, the 7th International Conference on Acid ...;

Environmental Hydrogeology

by IWA Publishing

Emphasizes actual engineering problems that the authors encountered and solved. Contains a glossary, conversion tables, and mathematical models of selected case studies. Covers surface water hydrology, groundwater hydrology, and the design of wells. Discusses relationships between environmental impacts and hydrogeological systems. Describes the ...;

Impact of Acid Rain and Deposition on Aquatic Biological Systems

by ASTM International

This volume will help you to get the hard data needed to assess damage to fish and invertebrates. A source for understanding lake/stream acidification processes and aquatic biological effects, such as stream and lake productivity, diversity, and measurement techniques.;

Sampling and Analysis of Rain

by ASTM International

9 papers describe processes leading to acidic precipitation; techniques used to collect and analyze rain; and quality assurance programs currently used by major acid precipitation measurement networks.;

Acid in the Environment

by Springer

This book is the result of a conference held biannually at the Goodwin-Niering Center for Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies at Connecticut College. It uses an interdisciplinary approach to focus on important ecological impacts of acid deposition, the transboundary nature of the pollutants that cause acid rain, and domestic and ...;

Allowance Trading and SO2 Hot Spots- Good News From the Acid Rain Program Report

by Environmental Law Institute (ELI)

This article, which originally appeared in the May 21, 2000, issue of Environment Reporter, examines data from the first four years of the Acid Rain Program as to the effects of trading on localized pollution levels. These indicate that the effects of trading have been minimal in regards to hot spots, and likely even positive. On a regional level, ...;

Implementing an Emissions Cap and Allowance Trading System for Greenhouse Gases: Lessons from the Acid Rain Program Report

by Environmental Law Institute (ELI)

This report discusses specific lessons learned from the Acid Rain Program, contained in Title IV of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 (CAAA), that apply to an emissions cap and allowance trading system for greenhouse gases (GHGs). Chapter II discusses the basic design features in applying an emissions cap and allowance trading system to ...;

Atmospheric Analysis

by ASTM International

Volume 11.07 provides standardized methods, practices, guides, and terminology pertaining to air quality in outdoor, indoor, and workplace environments. Analytes include inorganic compounds (e.g., lead, mercury, beryllium, various sulfur and nitrogen compounds), organic compounds (e.g., formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, pesticides, and ...;

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