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Environmental Aspects of Zoonotic Diseases

by IWA Publishing

Environmental Aspects of Zoonotic Diseases provides a definitive description, commentary and research needs of environmental aspects related to zoonotic diseases.;

Beyond Tropical Deforestation

by Earthprint Ltd

Against a backdrop of climate change the known interactions between forest cover and climate have prompted widespread condemnation of forest losses. But does the irreversible destruction of forests and their biodiversity mask a wide range of other changes? This book provides thought provoking answers to that and other questions such as: What is ...;

Tropical Deforestation and Species Extinction

by Springer

Most animal and plant species inhabit tropical forests. Hence the interest in the effects of tropical forest clearance on biological diversity. The book provides a conservationist's perception of how fast tropical forests are being lost and what the consequences are for biological diversity. ;

World Forests from Deforestation to Transition?

by Springer

This book addresses global and subnational issues concerning the world's forests, societies, and environment from an independent and non-governmental point of view. Cooperation on a global scale is not only commendable, it is essential if solutions to the problems facing the world's forests are to be found. To achieve this, modern science ...;

Compilation of Agrinews videos (2005-2007) / Compilation des videos Agriflash (2005-2007)

by Earthprint Ltd

This compilation contains the following Agrinews videos: 1) Cashew nut, artemisia, compost; 2) Wheat rust, purifying water, keep chicken health; 3) Wamis-net, botanic clinics, striga; 4)Banana, anthurium, practical guide: duck raising; 5) Gluten free, bamboo, goat rearing; 6) Mango kernel, aguide for exporters, the bird flu; 7) Banana leaves, ...;

Tropical Forests and Climate

by Springer

Tropical forests affect climate, and the removal of the forests will change climate. Or not? This book discusses basic questions on how far, if at all, tropical deforestation leads to climatic change. The question of this uncertainty is particularly addressed. One important consequence of the uncertainties of whether deforestation affects ...;

Tenure in REDD: Start-point or afterthought?

by Earthprint Ltd

As new mechanisms for ‘reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation’ (REDD) are being negotiated in international climate change talks, resource tenure must be given greater attention. Tenure over land and trees – the systems of rights, rules, institutions and processes regulating their access and use – will affect the extent to ...;

Legal Frameworks for REDD: Design and Implementation at the National Level

by Earthprint Ltd

This publication identifies and analyzes critical issues in the formulation and implementation of national and sub-national legal frameworks for REDD activities. It is based on substantive findings from four national case studies (Brazil, Cameroon, Guyana and Papua New Guinea) chosen for their varying geographies, forest cover and deforestation ...;

Sustainable Forestry Challenges for Developing Countries

by Springer

This volume addresses the acute challenges of sustainable forestry with emphasis on the developing countries. Sustainability is analyzed from its diametrically opposite deforestation point of view. A multilevel approach is adopted to take into account that the causes of deforestation occur at the local, national and international levels. ...;

Modelling Environmental Dynamics

by Springer

Modelling environmental dynamics is critical to understanding and predicting the evolution of the environment in response to the large number of influences including urbanisation, climate change and deforestation. Simulation and modelling provide support for decision making in environmental management. The first chapter introduces terminology and ...;

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