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Endocrine Disrupters in Wastewater and Sludge Treatment Processes

by IWA Publishing

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) have been shown to produce changes in the endocrine system of organisms that lead to increases in cancers and abnormalities in reproductive structure and function. Recent research has highlighted the existence of hormonally active compounds in sewage and industrial effluents and their potential for recycling ...;

Endocrine Disruptors Part II

by Springer

The field of endocrine disruption or endocrine active compounds (EACs), which is just emerging and still controversial, is comprehensively covered by leading experts in Volume 3, Subvolumes L (Part I) and M (the present volume, Part II). The major classes of endocrine active chemicals are discussed, as well as methods for their detection and their ...;

Handbook of Water Purity and Quality

by IWA Publishing

This work provides those involved in water purification research and administration with a comprehensive resource of methods for analyzing water to assure its safety from contaminants, both natural and human caused. The book first provides an overview of major water-related issues in developing and developed countries, followed by a review of ...;

Chemistry of Ozone in Water and Wastewater Treatment - From Basic Principles to Applications

by IWA Publishing

Even though ozone has been applied for a long time for disinfection and oxidation in water treatment, there is lack of critical information related to transformation of organic compounds. This has become more important in recent years, because there is considerable concern about the formation of potentially harmful degradation products as well as ...;

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

by RSC Publishing

Long-term environmental effects of chemical exposure have long been of concern and, more recently, chemicals which cause changes to the sexual development of exposed organisms have been identified. It is thought that low-level exposure to a wide range of chemicals may be affecting endocrine function, leading to a reduction in fertility and an ...;

Handbook of Water Analysis, Second Edition

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

Extensively revised and updated, Handbook of Water Analysis, Second Edition provides current analytical techniques for detecting compounds in water samples. Maintaining the detailed and accessible style of the original, this edition demonstrates water sampling and preservation methods by enumerating different ways to measure chemical and ...;

Biosensors for the Environmental Monitoring of Aquatic Systems

by Springer

There is an increasing need for effective methods of estimating the risks caused by the large number of pollutants released into the environment by human activities. This volume provides an overview of biosensors as a key tool for the environmental monitoring of aquatic systems. Biosensor technology is based on a specific biological recognition ...;

Endocrine Disrupters

by Springer

During recent decades, millions of tonnes of man-made chemicals have been produced and released into the environment, with very little safety testing. Many of these chemical substances have been found to interfere with the endocrine system and modulate its function. This book not only overviews the effects of endocrine/disrupting substances ...;

Bioaccumulation New Aspects and Developments

by Springer

The bioaccumulation of endocrine disruptors, persistent organic chemicals and other compounds of high environmental impact has become of increasing interest in most recent environmental research, risk analysis and toxicology. This volume gives an up-to-date overview and introduces the reader to the new concept of 'internal effect concentration' ...;

Alternatives To Animal Testing

by RSC Publishing

Animal experimentation has long been a controversial issue with impassioned arguments on both sides of the debate. Increasingly it has become more expedient and feasible to develop new methods that avoid the use of animals. There is agreement on both sides that reduction and refinement of experiments on animals should be an important goal for the ...;

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