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Essential Environment 34th Edition A Comprehensive Guide to UK and EU Environmental Protection Legislation

by Environmental Technology Publications Ltd

ILM Publications has published the 34th Edition of Essential Environment in partnership with Environmental Protection UK. Essential Environment (formerly the Pollution Control Handbook) is the comprehensive guide to UK and EU environmental protection legislation. Written in clear, simple language, the 2012 Essential Environment handbook cuts ...;

Mathematical Theory of Oil and Gas Recovery

by Springer

This book comprises a new mathematical study of multiphase multicomponent flows in heterogeneous porous media. The goal is to develop analytical models of the recovery processes from heterogeneous reservoirs based on the exact analytical solutions of equations of flow in porous media. The analytical models developed describe chemical and hot ...;

Carbon Dioxide Recovery and Utilization

by Springer

Carbon Dioxide Recovery and Utilization is a complete and informative resource on the carbon dioxide sources and market at the European Union level, with reference to the world situation. The book covers the following themes: - Sources of carbon dioxide and their purity, - Market of carbon dioxide and its uses, - Separation techniques of carbon ...;

A Comparison of Models for Predicting Landfill Methane Recovery (1998)

by The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)

This report compared the output of existing landfill methane models to actual field data obtained from 18 US long-term LFG collection & recovery projects; discusses the advantages & limitations of four types of landfill methane models: a zero-order, simple first order, modified first order & multi-phase first order mode; demonstrates these four ...;

Landfill Gas Operation & Maintenance - Manual of Practice (1997)

by The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)

This manual of practice – intended to be a source of information for both the inexperienced and the experienced landfill gas system operator – highlights practices and procedures for the operation and maintenance of landfill gas collection and control systems. Overall, provides a deeper understanding of LFG control and recovery.;

25th Landfill Gas Symposium Proceedings (2002)

by The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)

At the 25th LFG Symposium, sessions focused on the following issues: How are we doing?- U.S. and global data on LFG utilization; LFG markets: old and new!; LFG engines- ask the experts!; Siloxanes and microturbines: operational experiences; Field measurements of emmissions, percent recovery and migration; LFG oxidation: bio-strategies for ...;

Produced Water Market : Opportunities in the Oil, Shale and Gas Sectors in North America

by Global Water Intelligence - GWI

The oil industry produces 2.5 times more water than oil. By 2025 it will be producing 5 times more water than oil. Handling produced water is a tremendous growth market, but the real opportunity is in treatment. Recycling produced water turns a hazardous waste into a valuable asset. The potential is fantastic, especially when you include the water ...;

API RP 51 Standard for Exploration & Production

by American Petroleum Institute (API)

1 ScopeThis standard provides environmentally sound practices for domestic onshore oil and gas production operations. It is intended to be applicable to contractors as well as operators. Facilities within the scope of this document include all production facilities, including produced water handling facilities. Offshore and arctic areas are beyond ...;

Geomechanics and Fluidodynamics

by Springer

This monograph is based on subsurface hydrodynamics and applied geomechanics and puts it in a unifying framework. It focuses on the understanding of physical and mechanical properties of geomaterials by presenting mathematical models of deformation and fracture with related experiments. Borehole stability and water, gas and oil reservoir ...;

Thermophotovoltaic Generation of Electricity

by Springer

The conference included various aspects of thermophotovoltaics, including systems, emitters, and cells. Key papers also dealt with TPV modules, recovery of high-temperature industrial waste heat, stand-alone gas furnaces, and military applications. TPV operates on the same physical principles as photovoltaics. However, it uses infrared radiation ...;

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